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Families covered: Sempill of Beltrees, Sempill of Bruntschiells, Sempill of Sempill

Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord (b c1505, d before 17.01.1575-6)
As shown below, Robert had many children. Some are known to have been by his wife Isabel, some by his mistress Elizabeth, but the mother of others is uncertain. They are thought to have been by either Isabel or Elizabeth but TSP and other sources are not clear.
m1. Isabel Hamilton (dau (sb sister?) of Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar)
1. Robert Sempill, Master of Sempill (b c1522, dvp before 16.12.1569)
  m1. (mcrt 27.05.1543) Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1522, dau of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran)
  m2. (before 30.04.1569) Barbara Preston (dau of Archibald Preston of Valleyfield)
  A. Robert Sempill, 4th Lord (b c1567, d 25.03.1611)
  m1. (mcrt 11.09.1583) Agnes Montgomery (dau of Hugh Montgomery, 2rd Earl of Eglinton)
  i. Hugh Sempill, 5th Lord (d 19.11.1639)
  m1. (mcrt 07.11.1611) Anne Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Abercorn)
a. Marian Sempill
  m. (mcrt 04.05.1636) Sir George Preston, 1st Bart of Valleyfield
  b. Anne Sempill (d 1651)
  m. _ Hamilton
  m2. (mcrt 27.11.1620) Elizabeth Hay (dau of Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll)
  c. Francis Sempill, 6th Lord (dsp 03.11.1644)
  m. (mcrt 25.03.1640) Isabel Seton (dau of George Seton, 2rd Earl of Winton)
d. William Sempill (dsp before 1644)
  e. Robert Sempill, 7th Lord (d 01.1675)
  m. Ann Douglas (dau of James Douglas, 1st Lord Mordlington)
  (1) Robert Sempill, Master of Sempill (b c1655, dvpsp c1672)
  (2) Francis Sempill, 8th Lord (b c1660, dsp 04.04.1684, youngest son)
  m. (30.04.1681) Grissel Primrose (b 19.09.1661, d 22.06.1723, dau of Sir Archibald Primrose, Bart of Carrington)
  (3) Anne Sempill, (9th) Baroness Sempill (d 1695)
  m. (mcrt 09.08.1675) Francis Abercromby of Fetterneir, Lord Glasfoord (b 1654, d 11.1703)
  Their children took on the name Sempill. Three of their sons became Lord Sempill in succession.
  (4) Jean Sempill
  m. Alexander Sinclair of Roslin
  (5)+ other issue -James (b c1655, dvp), Elizabeth
  f. Archibald Sempill of Dykehead (b c1636)
  (1) Robert Sempill, Lord Sempill (b 1672, d 1737)
  m. Elizabeth ??
  (A) Francis Sempill (d 09.12.1748)
m. (?) Mary Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Seaforth)
  (2)+ other issue - Anna, Jean
  g. James Sempill (b c1637, a 1669)
  h. Elizabeth Sempill
  m. William Douglas, 2nd Lord Mordington (bpt 27.09.1626, a 02.1677)
  i. Jean Sempill
  m. (mcrt 13.5.1668) William Menzies of Pitfoddles
ii. Anne Sempill (d 12.1631)
  m. (mcrt 08.06.1603) Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk (d 12.01.1660)
  iii. Barbara Sempill
  m. (before 19.01.1610) Sir Coll Lamont of Inneryne
  iv. Grisel Sempill
  m. John Logan of Raiss
  v. Jean Sempill (d 05.1626)
  m. (04.1612) John Brisbane of Bishopstoun
  vi.+ other issue - William (d before 11.06.1618), James (a 11.06.1618)
  m2. (mcrt 31.08.1604) Joanna Everard (d 14.06.1638, dau of Levimus Everard of Mechlin)
  viii. Sir William Sempill of Letterkenny
  m. Anne Stewart (dau of Sir William Stewart, Bart of Ramelton)
  a. Francelina (or Catherine) Sempill
  m. Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart of Castle Hamilton
2. Andrew Sempill
  m. (before 30.11.1565) Margaret Stirling (dau of George Stirling of Craigbernard)
A. William Sempill of Bruntschiells (a 1589)
  i. Hew Sempill (a 1618)
  B. James Sempill of Millbank (a 1603)
  m. Sibella Glen (dau of ?? Glen of Barr)
3. James Sempill (a 1542)
4. John Sempill of Bruntschiells (dsp before 15.02.1587-8)
  ## John is shown as m. (06.03.1564-5) Mary (b c1541, d 1579), dau of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord) but that appears to be duplication with John of Beltries just below.
5. Grisel Sempill (d 10.1575)
  m1. (1532) William Wallace of Craigie
  m2. (before 10.03.1539-40, div before 21.02.1545-6) James Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse (d 1548, younger of Raploch)
  m3. (sp) Sir Patrick Learmonth of Dairsie (d by 1593, 'Provost for Life' of St. Andrews)
  p. John Hamilton, Bishop of Dunkeld, Archibishop of St Andrews (b 1511, d 07.04.1571)
6. Margaret Sempill (d 11.1580) --
  m1. (before 07.10.1545) David Hamilton, 2nd of Broomhill (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) --
  m2. (before 24.01.1553-4) John Whitefoord of Whitefoord
7. Giles Sempill mentioned by BP1870 (Preston)
  m. Archibald Preston, 2nd of Valleyfield
p/m2. Elizabeth Carlile (children legitimated 28.08.1546)
8. John Sempill of Beltries (b c1540, d 25.08.1579)
  The following is supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p277).
  m. (mcrt 03.03.1564-5) Mary Livingston (b c1541, d 1579, dau of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord) ## see possible duplication just above
  A. Sir James Sempill (b c1566, d 02.1625-6)
  m. Egidia Elphinstone (d 09.1618, dau of George Elphinstone of Blythswood)
i. Robert Sempill of Beltrees
  m. Mary Lyon (dau of Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar)
  a. Francis Sempill of Beltrees (d 03.1682)
m. (03.04.1655) Jane Campbell (a 03.1682, dau of (James?) Campbell of Ardkinglas)
  (1) Robert Sempill of Beltrees (bpt 11.04.1656)
  m. (c1670) Mary Pollok (dau of Sir Robert Pollok of that ilk)
  (A) Robert Sempill of Beltrees had issue
  m. (c1720) Elizabeth Cochrane (dau of James Cochrane, later Peebles)
  (2) James Sempill (bpt 18.05.1657)
b. Elizabeth Sempill
  m. Sir George Maxwell of Newark (d 1684)
  ii. Mary Sempill
  m. Sir Colin Campbell of Ardkinglas
  iii. Margaret Sempill
  m. (c1620) Walter Macfarlane, 16th of Arrochar (d 1664)
  iv+. other issue - George (d young), James (a 1646), William (b c1608)
  B.+ other issue - Arthur, John, Dorothie
9. Jean (or Janet ) Sempill (d 28.02.1592-3)
  m. James Ross, 4th Lord of Halkhead (d 02.04.1581)
10. Dorothea Sempill (d before 02.05.1600)
  m. (before 24.05.1567) Robert Montgomery, 6th of Skelmorlie
The following are thought rather than known to have been Robert (3rd Lord)'s children by Elizabeth Carlile but some may have been by Isabel Hamilton.
11. Grissel Sempill
  m. (mcrt 11.05.1565) John Blair of Blair (d 1609)
12. Marian Sempill (d 16.03.1591-2)
  m. Hugh Montgomery of Hazelhead
13. daughter
  m. William Fleming of Barochan
14. Elizabeth Sempill --
  m1. (c 1578) Robert Graham of Knockdolian --
  m2. (sp) Robert Lindsay of Balhall (d before 09.10.1596, of Edzell family)
15. Isobel Sempill
  m. James Hamilton of Kincavil
m2/m3. (?) Janet Leslie mentioned in 1594 as lawful mother of ...
16. Helen Sempill
partner unknown
17. William Sempill (b 1546, a 08.1582)
18. Gilbert Sempill
  m. (1593) Madia de Ledesma (dau of Don Juan de Ledesma)

Main source(s): TSP (Sempill), BP1934 (Sempill)
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