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Families covered: Seton of Abercorn, Seton of Monkmylne, Seton of Mounie, Seton of Pitmedden, Seton of Touch

James Seton of Touch, Stirlingshire (a 1563)
Douglas mentions only James's marriage to an unnamed daughter of Sir WIlliam Cranston, identifying her as mother of both John and Alexander. BP1934 reports that the sons had the following different mothers.
m1. Janet Cranstoun (dau of Sir William Cranstoun of that ilk)
1. John Seton of Touch (d c1622)
  m. Elizabeth Home (dau of Sir George Home of Wedderburn)
  A. James Seton of Touch (d c1626)
  m. Anne Stewart (dau of Sir Thomas Stewart of Grantully)
  i. James Seton of Touch (a 1630)
m. _ Stirling (dau of Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir)
  a. James Seton of Touch (a 1663)
  m. _ Stirling
  (1) Archibald Seton of Touch
  m. (mcrt 04.1721) Barbara Hunter (dau of Alexander Hunter of Muirhouse by Barbara, dau of Sir Thomas Moncrief, Bart)
(A) James Seton, last of Touch (d unm 1742)
  (B) Barbara Seton (d young)
  (C) Elizabeth Seton
  m1. (sp) Hugh Paterson (son/heir of Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn, Bart)
m2. Hugh Smith, later Seton of Touch (son/heir of Charles by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn by Katharine, dau of William, Marquis of Douglas)
  (2)+ other issue - George (dsp?), Lilias, Charlotte
  ii. Eupham Seton
  m1. Patrick Hamilton of Peel of Livingston
m2. William Crichton of Darnhaunch, 9th Lord of Sanquhar, 1st Earl of Dumfries (d 1642-3)
m2. Jean Edmonston (dau of ?? Edmonston of Ednam)
2. Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock (lord of Session as Lord Kilcreuch)
  m. Marion Maule (dau of William Maule of Glaster, son of Robert of Panmure)
  A. Alexander Seton of Kilcreuc & Graden h (a 1612)
  m. Margaret Cornwall (dau of Walter Cornwall of Bontard or Bonhard)
i. Sir Walter Seton, 1st Bart of Abercorn (d 20.02.1692)
  m. Christian Dundas (dau of George Dundas of Dundas)
  a. Sir Walter Seton, 2nd Bart of Abercorn (d 03.01.1708)
  m. (mcrt 06.09.1702) Euphemia Murray (dau of Sir Robert Murray of Priestfield)
  (1) Sir Henry Seton, 3rd Bart of Abercorn (d 1751)
  m. Barbara Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss, Bart of Bogie)
  (A) Sir Henry Seton of Culbeg, 4th Bart of Abercorn (d 29.06.1788)
  m. (1770) Margaret Hay (d 02.03.1809, dau of Alexander Hay of Drumelzier)
  (i) James Seton (dvpsp?) only son mentioned by Douglas
  (ii) Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.05.1772, d 04.02.1810)
  m. (20.05.1795) Lydia Blunt (d 23.02.1851, dau of Sir Charles William Blunt, 3rd Bart)
  (a) Sir Henry John Seton, 6th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.04.1796, d unm 21.07.1868)
  (b) Sir Charles Hay Seton, 7th Bart of Abercorn (b 14.11.1797, d 11.06.1869) had issue
  m. (19.05.1829) Caroline Hodges (d 17.11.1868, dau of Walter Parry Hodges)
  (c) Bruce Seton (b 25.0.1799, d 27.11.1876, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (17.06.1825, sp) Jane Elphinstone (dau of John Elphinstone)
m2. (1839) Emma Orton (d 25.09.1889)
  (d)+ other issue - James (b 02.10.1803, d unm 1834), Alexander (b 14.12.1805, d unm 1831), Anna Maria (d infant)
  (B)+ other issue - George, Alexander, Robert, Janet
  (2)+ other issue - George (dsp), Robert (dsp), Agnes (d unm)
  b. Christian Seton (dsp 1759)
  m. Henry Sinclair of Carlowrie
  c.+ other issue - Alexander of Hiltly, 2 daughters
Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
3. Margaret Seton
  m. (c1586) Robert Galbraith of Culcreuch



James Seton of Bourtie, 1st of Pitmedden
m. Margaret Rolland (dau of William Rolland)
1. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Pitmedden
  m. Beatrix Ogilvy (dau of Walter Ogilvy of Banff, 3rd of Dunlugus)
A. John Seton, 3rd of Pitmedden
  m. (1633) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir Samuel Johnstone, 1st Bart of Elphinstone)
  i. James Seton, 4th of Pitmedden (d 1667)
  ii. Sir Alexander Seton, 1st Bart of Pitmedden (d 1719)
  m. (1673) Margaret Lauder (d 19.10.1733, dau of William Lauder by Katharine, dau of Thomas Hunter of Hagburn)
  a. Sir William Seton, 2nd Bart of Pitmedden (bpt 06.03.1673, d 1744)
  m. (1702) Catherine Burnet (dau of Sir Thomas Burnet, 3rd Bart of Leys)
  (1) Sir Alexander Seton, 3rd Bart of Pitmedden (d unm 21.07.1750, Captain)
  (2) Sir William Seton, 4th Bart of Pitmedden (d unm 11.10.1774)
  (3) Thomas Seton (dsp, MD)
  m. _ Paterson (dau of Sir John Paterson)
  (4) Sir Archibald Seton, 5th Bart of Pitmedden (dsp 26.05.1775)
(5) Charles Seton
  (A) Sir William Seton, 6th Bart of Pitmedden (d 16.02.1818)
  m. (23.11.1775) Margaret Ligertwood (dau of James Ligertwood of Tillery)
  (i) James Seton (dvp 1814, Major) had issue
  m. Frances Coote (dau of Captain George Coote)
  (ii) Jane Seton
  m. Alexander Leslie of Glasgow
  (iii)+ other issue - William, Anne Maria
(6) Margaret Seton
  m. John Paterson (dvp by 1743)
  (7) Katherine Seton
  m. Rev. Forbes
  (8)+ other issue - Rachel, Mary
  b. George Seton of Mounie
  m1. Anne Gibson (dau (sister?) of Sir Alexander Gibson, Bart of Pentland)
  (1) Helen Seton
  m. (1730) Alexander Leslie, 7th of Warthill (d 1764)
(2)+ 2 sons (d unm)
  m2. Anne Leslie (dau of John Leslie of Tochar)
  (4) William Seton (d unm)
  (5) Margaret Seton of Mounie
  m. James Anderson of Cobenshaw, later Seton of Mounie
  (6)+ 4 daughters
  c. Elizabeth Seton
  m. (01.06.1693) Sir Alexander Wedderburn, Bart of Blackness (b 07.04.1672)
  d. Margaret Seton
  m. (10.08.1696) Sir John Lauder, 3rd Bart of Fountainhall (bpt 05.12.1669, d 02.1728)
  e. Anne Seton
  m. William Dick of Grange
  f.+ other issue - Alexander (physician), James (dsp), Thomas (MD), Isabel, Jean
  iii. Margaret Seton possibly of this generation
  m. David Dunbar of Kirkhill (b c1613, d 14.02.1691)
  B. Margaret Seton apparently of this generation
  m. James Buchan of Auchmacoy (d before 20.04.1661)
  C.+ 6 daughters



Alexander Seton (a 1501, Baillie of Tranent)
1. John Seton of Monkmylne
  A. John Seton of Monkmylne
  i. George Seton of Monkmylne
  a. John Seton of Monkmylne (a 1586)
  (1) John Seton of Monkmylne
  (A) Robert Seton of Monkmylne (a 1628)
  (i) Robert Seton of Monkmylne (a 1641)
  (a) Robert Seton of Monkmylne
  ((1)) Margaret Seton of Monkmylne
  m. William Robertson, later of Monkmylne

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