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Families covered: Silverton of Blaydon (Bladon), Silvertop of Minster Acre (Minsteracres), Silvertop of Stella
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Hodgson starts with 2 probable brothers who we how as sons of ...
_ Silvertop (possibly brother of Margaret & Mary)
1. William Silvertop of Blaydon and/or Stella in Ryton, co Durham (d 27.05.1682)
  m. Ann Galley
  A. Albert Silvertop of Stella (b 16.02.1667, bur 14.02.1738-9)
  m. (23.05.1703) Mary Dunn (d 06.1756, dau of Joseph Dunn of Blaydon)
i. George Silvertop of Minster Acres (Minsteracres), Northumberland (b 22.02.1705)
  m1. Bridget Whittingham (a 04.1758, dau of Henry Whittingham of Whittingham Hall)
  a. John Silvertop of Minster Acres (b 1748, d 26.12.1801)
  m. (15.06.1772) Catherine Lawson (b c1746, d 26.10.1832, dau of Sir Henry Lawson, Bart of Brough Hall, by Anastasia, dau of Thomas Maire of Lartington Hall)
(1) George Silvertop of Minster Acres, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 06.01.1774-5, d unm 20.02.1849)
  (2) Henry Thomas Maire Silvertop, later Witham of Cliffe (and/or Lartington), Sheriff of Durham (b 28.05.1779, d 28.11.1784, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (30.12.1800) Elizabeth Witham (d 15.11.1847, dau of Thomas Witham of Headlam, niece/heir of William Witham of Cliffe)
  (3)+ other issue - John (b 03.08.1777, d 19.04.1793), Charles (b 16.01.1781, d 10.06.1839, Colonel), Mary (b 31.03.1776, bur 30.08.1786)
  b. Mary Silvertop (d 14.05.1773)
m. (1754) Sir Thomas Haggerston, Bart
  c. Winifred Silvertop (d 12.08.1780)
  m. (1762) John Wright of Kelvedon
  d.+ other issue - Albert (bur 06.02.1737/8), George (bur 19.02.1746/7), Charles (bur 23.04.1750)
  m2. (19.01.1785) Jane Selby (b c1732, dsp 10.12.1808, widow of William Ormston of Hendersyde then Michael Pearson of Matfen)
  ii. Joseph Silvertop of Gateshead (b 21.05.1708, bur 16.05.1758)
  m. (c05.1739) Mary Whittingham (d 29.06.1767, dau of Henry Whittingham of Whittingham Hall)
  a. Elizabeth Silvertop (a 1782)
  m. (13.01.1773) Joseph Dunn of Bladon
  b.+ other issue - Albert (bur 17.06.1746), Bridget (d unm 17.06.1790)
  iii. Dorothy Silvertop
  m. James Gibson of Stagshaw Close
  iv.+ other issue - Albert of Stella then Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b c1703, d unm 31.10.1790), Mary (bur 23.09.1777), Eleanor (d 30.06.1781), Anne (d unm bur 27.12.1764), Jane (nun?)
  B. William Silvertop of Blyth, Northumberland (d 1722)
  m. Ann?) Dunn of Blaydon (bur 07.04.1706?)
  i. Isabel Silvertop
  m. (c04.1723) George Surtees of Gateshead
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (a 1722, d 1764-5), William (bur 25.12.1705), Albert (bur 18.01.1705/6), Ann (bur 02.02.1705/6)
2. Robert Silvertop of Blaydon (bur 15.04.1703)
  A.+ issue - Mary (bpt 13.07.1684), Elizabeth (bpt 04.11.1688)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Silverton of Minsteracres'), Commoners (vol III, 'Silvertop of Minster Acres', p300+), 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Sikvertop (Witham and Englefield) of Minsteracres', p215+)
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