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Families covered: Sinclair of Berriedale, Sinclair of Caithness, Sinclair of Freswick, Sinclair of Mey, Sinclair of Ratter

John Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Caithness (d Somersdale 18.05.1529)
m. Elizabeth Sutherland (dau of William Sutherland of Duffus)
1. William Sinclair (dvp)
2. George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness (d 09.09.1582)
  m. Elizabeth Graham (d before 1576, dau of William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose)
A. John Sinclair, Master of Caithness (dvp 1577-8)
  m. (1567, div 1575) Jean Hepburn (b 1540, d before 1599, dau of Partick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell)
  i. George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness (b 1566, d 02.1642-3)
  m. (after 29.07.1585) Jean Gordon (a 12.1615, dau of George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly)
  a. William Sinclair, Lord Berriedale (dvp)
  m. Mary/Margaret Sinclair (dau of James, Master of Sinclair)
  (1) John Sinclair, Master of Berriedale (d 09.1639)
  m. (by 10.1634) Jean Mackenzie (dau of Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth)
  (A) George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness (dsp 05.1676)
m. (22.09.1657) Mary Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, Marquess of Argyll)
  b. Francis Sinclair of Keiss and Northfield
  m. Elizabeth Fraser (dau of Andrew, Lord Fraser)
  (1) George Sinclair, 7th Earl of Caithness (d unm 1698)
  (2) Jane Sinclair
  m. Sir James Sinclair, 3rd Bart of Mey
  c. John Sinclair (d 1632, Lt. Colonel)
  d. Elizabeth Sinclair
m. (1621) George Lindsay, 14th Earl of Crawford (d 1633)
  e. Isabel Sinclair
  m. (1636) John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay (b c1612, a 1680)
  p. (??) Barbara Mearns (possibly of the family of Mearns of Occumster)
  f. Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke (a 1624)
  m. Margaret Williamson
  g. John Sinclair
  ii. James Sinclair of Murchil (Murkle) (a 1613)
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney)
  iii. Sir John Sinclair of Greenland & Ratter (d before 12.1622)
  The following is supported by 'The Sinclairs of Greenland and Ratter' within 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, p44+).
  m. Janet Sutherland ("probably of the Sutherlands of Forse")
a. William Sinclair of Ratter (dvpsp c1618)
  b. Alexander Sinclair of Ratter (dsp before 01.1623)
  c. John Sinclair of Ratter (dsp before 12.1624)
  d. James Sinclair of Ratter
  m. Janet Bruce (dau of William Bruce of Stanstill)
  (1) William Sinclair of Ratter (d after 04.05.1663)
m1. (mcrt 24.03.1642) Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Ulbster)
  (A) John Sinclair of Ratter (d 1714)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Sir William Sinclair, 2nd Bart of Mey)
  (i) John Sinclair of Ratter (d 03.12.1733)
m. Janet Sinclair (dau of Patrick Sinclair of Southdun)
  (a) John Sinclair of Ratter (d unm 1734)
  (b) William Sinclair, 10th Earl of Caithness (b 1727, d 29.11.1779)
  William inherited the title from his kinsman, Alexander Sinclair, 9th Earl of Caithness.
  m. Barbara Sinclair (d 20.02.1793, dau of John Sinclair of Scotscalder)
  ((1)) John Sinclair, 11th Earl of Caithness (d unm 08.04.1789, Lt. Colonel)
  John was succeeded by James Sinclair, 7th Bart of Mey.
  ((2)) Janet Sinclair (d 29.03.1806)
  m. (31.07.1784) James Trail of Hobbister
  ((3))+ other issue (d unm) - William (d New York 30.10.1776), James (d young), Alexander (d young), David (d young), Isabella
(c) Jacobina Sinclair (bpt 09.04.1717)
  (ii) William Sinclair of Freswick (d 1769)
  m. Katharine Sutherland (dau of George Sutherland of Forss or Forse)
  (a) John Sinclair of Freswick, Sheriff of Caithness (dsps 1784)
  m1. Margaret Dalrymple (dau of Sir John Dalrymple, 2nd Bart of Cousland)
  ((1))+ issue (dvpsp) - William, Kitty
  m2. Margaret Moray (dsp, dau of James Moray of Abercairney)
  (b) Elizabeth Sinclair
m. George Bean in Inverness
  (c) Jean Sinclair
  m. Alexander Sinclair of Barrock
  (iii) Barbara Sinclair
  m. John Sinclair of Forss
  (iv) Frances Sinclair
  m. (1728) James Sinclair of Latheron (d 1775)
(v) Margaret Sinclair
  m1. Alexander Sinclair of Brabster
  m2. Alexander Gibson (minister of Canisbay)
  (vi) Katharine Sinclair
  m. George Manson of Bridgend
  m2. Jean Cunynghame (dau of John Cunynghame of Brownill & Geis, relict of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron)
  (B) James Sinclair of Freswick (d unm before 11.11.1696)
  (C) Robert Sinclair (dsp before 1696)
  (D) David Sinclair of Freswick (dsp 1712)
  m1. (1696) Barbara Sinclair (dau of Sir William Sinclair, 2nd Bart of Mey)
  m2. (1702) Sophia Stewart (dau of Sir Archibald Stewart, Bart of Burray)
  (E) Janet Sinclair
  m. John Sinclair of Ulbster (son of Patrick)
  (F) Anne Sinclair
m1. (mcrt 01.03.1678) Robert Sinclair of Durran (d c1709)
  m2. John Campbell of Castlehill
  (2) John Sinclair (dsp)
  (3) Janet Sinclair
  m. Walter Bruce of Ham or Hain
  (4) Margaret Sinclair
  m. (1655) John Smith (son of Rev. William of Dunnet)
  (5) Elizabeth (Elspeth) Sinclair
m. (c1652) William (sb Robert?) Bruce of Stanstill ## see here ##
  e. Francis Sinclair (dspm)
  f. Thomas Sinclair (b after 1613)
  g. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. John Cunningham of Geise & Brownhill
  partner unknown
  h. George Sinclair
  iv. Marie Sinclair
  m. Sir John Home of Cowdenknows (d before 1629)
  B. William Sinclair of Mey (dvp unm)
  p. Margaret Mowat (dau of James Mowat of Balquholly)
  i. Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster (a 1607, d unm)
  ii. John Sinclair of Ulbster (a 1607)
  m1. Jean Chisholm (d 1614)
m2. Katherine Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney)
  iii. Margaret Sinclair possibly fits here
  m. Robert Innes, younger of Thursater & Brims
  C. George Sinclair of Mey (d 1616, Chancellor of Caithness)
  The following is supported by 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, p60+ & p83+).
  m. (before 1583) Margaret Forbes (b 14.10.1557, dau of William Forbes, 7th Lord)
  i. Sir William Sinclair of Mey and Canisbay (d c1643)
  m. (mcrt 23.04.1600) Katherine Ross (d 05.07.1603, dau of George Ross of Balnagown)
  ii. Sir John Sinclair of Geanies & Dunbeath (a 1631)
  m1/2. (before 31.7.1634) Christian Mowat (dau of Magnus Mowat of Balquholly)
  a. Margaret Sinclair
  m. Hugh Rose, 13th of Kilravock, Sheriff of Inverness (d 03.1649)
b.+ other issue - Gemma (d young), Christian (d unm)
  m2/1. Catherine Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord of Lovat)
  iii. Alexander Sinclair of Latheron (d before 1638, 4th son)
  m. Jean Cunninham (dau of John Cunningham of Lambrughton and Caprington)
  iv. Janet Sinclair
  m. Walter Innes of Inverbrackie
  v. Margaret Sinclair
  m. (1608/1618) Alexander Sinclair of Forss
vi. Barbara Sinclair
  m. (1610) Alexander Keith of Pittendrum
  vii. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. John (probably not William) Dunbar of Hempriggs
  viii.+ other issue - James (d young), Anne
  D. David Sinclair
  E. Barbara (Beatrix) Sinclair (b c1535, d c1573)
  m. (c1567, div 30.06.1572) Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland (b 1552, d 06.12.1594)
F. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m1. Alexander Sutherland, younger of Duffus (b 1554, dsp)
  m2. (div) Hugh Mackay of Farr (d 11.09.1614)
  G. Margaret Sinclair (d before 1604)
  m. (mcrt 13.10.1579) William Sutherland of Duffus (d 1616)
  H. Barbara Sinclair (d 07.1576)
  m. (05.1574) Alexander Innes of Innes (b c04.1553, dsp 01.1577-8)
  I. Agnes Sinclair (d 06.11.1619)
  m1. (c1574) Andrew Hay, 8th Earl of Erroll (d 08.10.1585)
  m2. (mcrt 1588) Alexander Gordon of Strathaven (d 01.1622)
  J. Janet Sinclair probably of this generation
  m. William Sinclair of Stemser (dvp)
  partner unknown
  K. Henry Sinclair (d c1614)
  i. ?? Sinclair possibly fits here
3. Janet Sinclair
  m. Alexander Ross of Balnagown (d 25.10.1592)
partner unknown
4. David Sinclair of Dun
  m. Margaret Calder, heiress of Dun
  A. John Sinclair of Dun
  m1. ??
  m2. Agatha Grote (probalby dau of Hugh Grote of Souldon)
  B. William Sinclair of Forss (d 1607)
  m. Janet Urquhart
  C. Christina Sinclair probably of this generation
  m. Iye Du Mackay of Farr (d 1572)
  D.+ other issue - Alexander, Henry, John (archdeacon of Caithness), George, David

Main source(s): TSP (Caithness), BP1934 (Caithness) with some support/input from BLG1952 (Alexander-Sinclair formerly of Freswick)
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