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Families covered: Sinclair of Houss, Sinclair of Scalloway

William Sinclair of Houss (d 1539)
m. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Dunbeath)
1. Magnus Sinclair of Houss (d 1557)
  m. Janet Keith (dau of William Keith)
2. Lawrence Sinclair of Norbister
  Grant is confusing at this point because he shows a Lawrence (undesignated) as son of William of Houss and then, without confirming that he was that Lawrence, shows an entry for Lawrence of Sandes, brother of Lawrence of Norbister. We presume that both Lawrence of Norbister & Lawrence of Sandes were sons of William of Houss.
  m. Marion Katell
  A. James Sinclair of Norbister & Houss
  i. Margaret Sinclair
  m. Robert Tulloch in Warbister
  a.+ issue - Arthur, John, Grizel
  ii. Catherine Sinclair
m. ??
  a. Andrew Thomasson
3. Lawrence Sinclair of Sandes & Houss (burgess of Kirkwall)
  m. Janet Strang
  A. Arthur Sinclair of Aith (d c1617)
  m. (1577) Margaret Colville
  i. Laurence Sinclair of Houss (a 1588, 1632)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair (d 02.1634)
a. Arthur Sinclair of Houss (d 15.11.1667)
  m. Barbara Barclay (dau of Arthur Barclay of Boghills)
  (1) Arthur Sinclair (d young)
  (2) Grizel Sinclair
  m. Arthur Sinclair @@ just below
  b.+ other issue - John, George, Laurence, Grizel, Margaret, Barbara, Elizabeth, Helen, Anna
  ii. James Sinclair of Scalloway
  m1. Margaret Sinclair (dau of James Sinclair of Brew)
m2. Margaret Smelholme (dau of George Smelholme of Leith)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway & Houss (a 1678, 3rd son)
  m. Grizel Sinclair (dau/heir of Arthur Sinclair of Houss) @@ just above
  (1) Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway
  m. (a 1692) Katherine Bruce (dau of Laurence Bruce of Symbister)
(A) Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway (d 30.12.1705)
  (B) Barbara Sinclair
  m. James Mitchell of Girlesta
  (2) Charles Sinclair of Scalloway (d 03.07.1710)
m. Katherine Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce of Sumbrurgh)
  (A) Robert Sinclair of Scalloway (b 1702, d 03.01.1741, 2nd son)
  m1. (1721) Philadelphia Dalmahay (dau of Sir John Dalmahay of that ilk, Bart)
  (i) James Sinclair, last of Scalloway & Houss (b 16.08.1726, d unm 08.1762)
(ii) Ann Sinclair (b 1722, d 1757)
  m. (mcrt 19.01.1748) John Scott of Melby (who m1. Elizabeth Mitchell)
  (iii) Katherine Sinclair (d 27.08.1772)
  m. (1750) James Scott, later of Scalloway
  m2. (sp) Barbara Montgomery (dau of John Montgomery of Wrae, m2. Robet Sinclair of Quendale)
  (B)+ other issue - Arthur (d 11.1716), Laurence
  (3) Laurence Sinclair of Sandsound
(A)+ issue - John, Catherine
  (4) Margaret Sinclair
  m. Andrew Bruce (tutor of Muness)
  b. Margaret Sinclair (d 28.04.1646)
  m. Laurence Sinclair of Brugh
  c. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. (1646) William Bruce of Sumburgh
  d.+ other issue(d young) - George, John
  iii. William Sinclair (a 1615) probably the William who married ...
m. Mary Bruce
  iv. Margaret Sinclair
  m. Magnus Henderson of Buness
  v. Janet Sinclair
  B. Edward Sinclair of Scalloway (a 1580)
  m. Barbara Mowat
  C. David Sinclair of Hunton, Orkney
  i. John Sinclair
  ii. Christian Sinclair
  m. James Strang of Voesgarth
  D. James Sinclair of Mail (d 23.05.1622)
  m. Margaret Harcus
  i.+ issue - James of Mail, Hew of Mail, Michael, Edward, Thomas, Janet, Poll
  E. William Sinclair of Ustaness (d 12.1610)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair
  i. Laurence Sinclair of Ustaness
  a.+ issue - William (Captain), Robert
  F. Olave Sinclair of Norbie (d 04.1632)
  i. Laurence Sinclair in Suthahouse (a 1622) probably father of ...
  a. ?? Sinclair
  (1) Laurence Sinclair in Norbie
m. Ingagerth Waltersdaughter
  (A)+ issue including Walter
  ii. Henry Sinclair of Swenester (a 1622)
  a. John Sinclair
  (1) Henry Sinclair
  (A) Elizabdeth Sinclair (only surviving daughter)
  m. Thomas Robertson in Crawtoun, Sandness
  iii.+ other issue - Arthur, Robert, Daniel, Jerome
  G. Orsella Sinclair
  H. Janet Sinclair
  m. James Sinclair of Brew
4. Jean Sinclair
  m. Henry Sinclair of Hevera
5.+ other issue - Lawrence, Elizabeth

Main source(s): 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Sinclair of Houss, Aith and Scalloway', p257+)
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