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Families covered: Skrymshire of Aqualate, Skrymshire of Batheley, Skrimshire of Johnson, Skrymshire of Norbury, Skrimshire of North Dighton, Skrymshire of Orslow

We think it very likely that the family shown in the main body of this page was closely connected to that shown in the top section but we hold back from showing an actual connection between them as such would be wildly speculative. Accordingly, we are breaking one of our basic rules in providing the following section as there is no sure link between any person in it and anyone else in the database. However, not to do so would risk us losing sight of a prospective extension of the main body.
William Skrymshire of South Muskham, Nottinghamshire (a 1417)
1. William Skrymshire of South Muskham (a 1438)
  A/B. William Skrymshire of South Muskham (a 1463)
  i. Richard Skrymshire of South Muskham (a 1503)
  B/A. Robert Skrymshire of Batheley in Muskham (a 1426, 1464)
  m. Agnes White
  i. John Skrymshire of Batheley (d 1519-20)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Roger Skrymshire of Batheley (a 1544)
  (1) Roger Skrymshire
  (A) Hugh Skrymshire of Batheley (a 1632)
  m. Alice Ludlow or Ludlam of Saxondale
  (i) Roger Skrymshire of Batheley (d 1661)
  m. Frances Coleby (dau of Edward Coleby of Muskham Holme)
  (a)+ issue (a 1662) - William (b c1654), Edward
  (ii) Elizabeth Skrymshire
  m. William Irish of Normanton
  (iii)+ other issue - Hugh of Muskham, Anne
  b. Joane Skrymshire



Sir William Skrimshire or Skrymsher of North Dighton, Yorkshire
1. William Skrimsher
  Visitation (1614) shows William as dsp but Visitation (1583) shows the (unnamed) eldest son as having ...
  A. William Skrimshere of Muschampe (Nottinghamshire) & North DIghton (Yorkshire)
  i. Maulde Skrimshere (heir)
  m. _ Marshall
2. Thomas Skrimshere or Skrymshire of Northbury, Staffordshire
  m. Mary Swinshed (dau/heir of William Swinshed of Swinshed (Swynshead of Swynshead))
A. John Skrymshire of Northbury or Norbury
  Visitation (1614) identifies John's wife Dorothy Talbot as dau of Sir John Talbot of Grafton but adds a note to show that Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Talbot III) shows her a generation later, being ...
  m. Dorothy Talbot (dau of Sir John Talbot of Salwarpe (son of Sir John of Grafton) by ?? Sherington)
  i. Thomas Skrymshire or Skrimshire of Aqualate, Staffordshire (a 1583)
  m1. Alice Starkey (dau of James Starkey of Darley)
a. Sir Thomas Skrymshire or Skrimshire of Aqualate (b c1576, d c1632)
  m. Ann Sneyd (dau of Ralph Sneyd of Bradwell)
  (1) Gerard Skrymshire of Aqualate (b c1605, d c1665, 2nd son)
  m1. Catherine Sands (dau of Sir Edwin Sands or Sandys)
  (A) Edwyn Skrymshire 'of Aqualate' (b c1633, a 1680)
  m. (1659, sp?) Joyce Awbrey (dau of William Awbrey (not Avery) of Bishop's Grendon)
  (B) Mary Skrymshire
m1. Nicholas Acton of Bockleton
  m2. Sir Timothy Baldwyn (dsp, Master in Chancery)
  (C) Lettice Skrymshire
  m. John Taylor of Rodeton (son of Creswell of Marston)
  m2. Anne Faldo of Warwickshire (widow of _ Marriot)
  (2) Mary Skrymshire
  m. Richard Walsh (or Welsh, not West) of Stockton
(3) Anne Skrymshire (bpt 01.09.1605, bur 28.01.1690-1)
  m. George Brown of Shredicote
  (4) Margaret Skrymshire
  m. Francis Camberford of Bradley
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Ralph (b c1599, a 1614, dvp), John
  b. Elizabeth Scrymshire who apparently married ...
  m. Francis Roos of Laxton
c.+ other issue - James (d unm), Dorothy, Lucy
  m2. Martha Fowler (dau of Brian Fowler of St. Thomas)
  f. John Scrymshire of Orslow, Staffordshire (b c1593, a 04.1663)
  m. Jane Littleton (d c1672, dau of Walter Littleton of Badnall, brother of Sir Edward of Pillaton Hall)
  (1) Walter Skrymshire 'of Shuston Farm' (b c1615, a 1680)
  m1. Margaret Muchell (dau of Thomas Muchell of Somerford)
  (A) Mary Skrymshire (b c1653)
  m. John Young of Charnes
  (B) Hannah Skrymshire
  m. Edward Aston of Willaston (vicar of Gnosall)
  (C) Sarah Skrymshire (d by 1740)
  m. (18.10.1678) Walter Jennings (d by 1724, rector of Church Eaton)
  (i) Elizabeth Jennings (b 1679-80, dsp 14.05.1770)
  m. John Jervis of Darlaston
  (ii) Mary Jennings
  m. Abraham Bracebridge of Atherstone
  m2. Mary Fouk (a 1680, dau of Thomas Fouk of Brewood)
  (2) Richard Skrymshire of Brocton Grange, Staffordshire (b c1623, a 1680)
  m. Elizabeth Comberford (a 1680, dau of Francis Comberford of Bradley)
  (A)+ issue - Walter (b c1661), John, Francis, Mary (b c1673)
  (3) Jane Skrymshire
  m. Thomas Broadhurst of Lilleshull
(4) Eleanor Skrymshire
  m. Francis Pigot (brother of Thomas of Chetwyn)
  ii. James Skrymshire of Norbury (a 1614)
  Visitation (1583) shows James as m. Elizabeth, dau of Robert Collyar of Darleston, and his brother Richard as m. Margaret, dau of John Poole of Wirrall, but Visitation (1664-1700) shows that it was James who m. Margaret Poole. The Harleian editor for Visitation (1614) supports the view that it was Richard who m. Margaret Poole and shows that James married as follows.
m1/2. Elizabeth Coleire (dau of Robert Coleire (or Collyar or Collier) of Darlaston)
  m2/1. Eleanor Hocknall (dau of ?? Hocknall of Hocknall)
  a. John Skrymshire of Norbury (b c1600, d 24-5.03.1665)
m1. Alice Leigh (dau of Sir Francis Leigh of Newnham)
  (1) John Skrymshire (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Bagot (a 1680, dau of Sir Hervey Bagot of Blithfield)
  (A) Sir Charles Skrymshire of Norbury (b c1654, d 03.1708-9)
  m1. Hesther Taylor (bur 17.10.1694, dau/heir of George Taylor of Darwent Hall (Durant Hall) & Chesterfield)
  (i) Elizabeth Skrymshire
  m. Thomas Boothby of Tooley Park
  Norbury Manor passed into the Boothby family, members of which assumed the name Skrymsher.
  (ii) Hester Skrymshire (dsp 07.04.1706)
  m. Sir Eusebius Buswell, Bart
  (iii) Eleanor Skrymshire (dsp)
  m. Acton Baldwyn of Aqualate (son of Charles by Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Acton of Bockleton by Mary, sister/coheir of Edwin Skrymshire of Aqualate)
  m2. Frances Noel (dau of Sir William Noel, Bart)
  (B) Eleanor Skrymshire
  m. _ Chamberlain of Stonythorp
  (C)+ other issue - Rupert (not Robert, d c1675), Elizabeth (a 1680), Mary (a 1680)
  m2. Elizabeth Watkins of Hodnet
  (2) Thomas Skrymshire (d unm)
  (3) Elizabeth Skrymshire
  m. Edward Blayney of Greginog
  m3. Margaret Shelley (dau of John Shelley, m2. _ Venables of Cheshire)
  (4) Eleanor Skrymshire
  m. _ Church in Draton
(5)+ other issue - James (b c1659, a 1680), Charles, Dorothy, Catherine
  b. Charles Skrymshire (d c1676)
  m. ?? (sister of Viscount Brounker?)
  (1)+ 1/2 daughter(s)
  c. Gerard Skrymshire of Wood Eaves in High Offley (b c1618, d 02.10.1700)
  m. Catherine (b 1650-1, d 27.07.1725)
(1) Charles Skrymshire of Wood Eaves
  (2) Hester Skrymshire
  m. Thomas Boothby of Tooley Park
  (3) Elizabeth Skrymshire (d infant)
  (4) Mary Skrymshire
  m. John Bromfield of Midgebrook (a 1728)
  d. Dorothy Skrymshire
  m. Francis Forster of Watling Street
  e. Eleanor Skrymshire
  m. Thomas Crompton of Stone
  f. Catherine Skrymshire
  m. John Elyot of Ridware
g. Sarah Skrymshire
  m. _ Bowyer
  h. Elizabeth Skrymshire
  m. _ Risley of Lancashire
  i. Grisild Skrymshire
  m. Ralph Green of Offley Park
  j. Martha Skrymshire
  m. Francis Coleire or Collier of Stone
  iii. Richard Skrymshire
  m. Margaret Poole (dau of John Poole of Wirrall)
  iv. Anne Skrymshire probably of this generation
  m. Edward Barbour of Flashbrook (Flotesbrook) (a 1553)
B. Thomas Skrimshere or Skrymsher of Johnson, Staffordshire
  m. ?? Talbot (natural dau of Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton by Elizabeth Wynter)
  i. Thomas Skrymshire or Skrimshire of Johnson
  Visitation (1583) shows Thomas m. Elizabeth, dau of William Wyrley, with unnamed issue. Visitation (1664-1700) shows him as m. Dorothy Gatacre, mother of Thomas (m. Margaret Midlemore). Visitation (1614+1663-4, Skrymshire of Johnson) starts with the Thomas who m. Dorothy Gatacre with a note added by the Harleian editor to suggest that he was son of the Thomas who m. Elizabeth Wyrley. We follow this last view which shows that Visitation (1664+1670) missed out this generation.
  m. Elizabeth Wyrley (dau of William Wyrley of Hamstede)
  a. Thomas Skrymshire of Johnson
  m. Dorothy Gatacre (dau of Francis Gatacre of Gatacre)
  (1) Thomas Skrymshire of Johnson
  m. Margaret Middlemore (dau of Robert Middlemore of Edgbaston)
  (A) Thomas Skrymshire of Johnson (d 1657)
  m. Jane Taylor (dau of Humphrey Taylor of Worcestershire)
  (i) Thomas Scrymshire (b c1643, a 1680)
  m. Mary Green (dau of William Green of New House, Suggenhill in Eccleshall)
  (a) Charles Scrymshire (b c1679)
  (ii) John Skrymshire in Eccleshall
  (B) William Skrymshire
  (2) Mary (not Margaret) Skrymshire
  m1. Hugh Lyddyate
  m2. John Linacre
  (3) Elizabeth Skrymshire
  m. John Broughton of Whittington
  (4) Dorothy Skrymshire
  m. Robert Moseley

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662, Skrymshire of Bathley)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Skrimshire of Norbury, Aqualate and Johnson), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Skrimshire - various), Visitation (King, Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Skrymshire)
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