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Families covered: Sotheby (Sowtheby) of Birdshall (Birdsall), Sotheby of Bishop Wilton, Sotheby of Pocklington, Sotheby of Sewardstone

BLG1952 starts with the following John but notes that his father was of Lincolnshire.
John Sotheby of Pocklington, Yorkshire
1. John Sotheby of Pocklington
  m. _ Elwood of Seaton
  A. Roger (or Robert) Sotheby of Pocklington the first mentioned by the Visitations
  m. _ Mennell of Hawnby
i. John Sotheby of Pocklington
  m. Jane Hawcliffe (dau/coheir of Sir William Hawcliffe of Grimthorpe)
  a. Roger Sotheby of Pocklington
  m. Eleanor Constable (dau of Sir William Constable of Hatfield)
  (1) Margaret Sotheby (a 1575)
  m. William Hungate of Saxton
  b. Robert Sotheby 'of Pocklington' of Byrdshall Hall, Yorkshire (d 31.07.1594) the first mentioned by FMG
  m1. Grace Vavasour (dau of John (not Marmaduke) Vavasour of Weston)
  (1) Thomas Sotheby of Birdshall (Birdsal or Byrdshall Hall)
  m. Isabel Bird (dau of Anthony Bird of Newcastle, widow of Francis Thorpe of Birdshall)
(A) Robert Sotheby of Birdsal (b c1579, d 16.11.1626)
  m. Catherine Payler (dau of William Payler of York)
  (i) Robert Sotheby or Sowtheby of Birdsall (b c1603, d 24.12.1636)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, Sowtheby of Birdsall).
  m. Jane Moseley (dau of _ Moseley, alderman of York)
(a) Robert Sotheby or Sowtheby of Birdsall (b c1630, a 09.1666)
  m. Elizabeth Lister (dau of John Lister of Lynton)
  ((1)) Thomas Sotheby, Sowtheby or Southby of Birdsall (b c1656)
  m1. Anne Pegge (dau of Edward Pegge of Beauchief Abbey)
  m2. (06.07.1693) Antonina Wickham (bur 14.01.1737, dau of Tobias Wickham, Dean of York)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Southeby or Southby (bpt 20.07.1694, d 25.04.1752)
  m. Thomas Willoughby (d 02.12.1742, son of 1st Baron Middleton)
  ((B)) Antonina Southeby (bur 07.09.1695)
  ((2)) Jane Sotheby (b c1652)
  m. _ Stacy
  ((3)) Elizabeth Sotheby (b c1654)
  m. _ Plaxton
  ((4)) Frances Sotheby (b c1660)
m. _ Ellerker
  ((5))+ other issue - Robert (b c1658), Fidelia/Faith (d young)
  (b) Thomas Sotheby (dsp)
  (c) Jane Sotheby
  m. Henry Tophan
  (d) Isabell or Mabel Sotheby
  m. John Place
  (ii) Henry Sotheby (youngest son?)
  m. Aice Buckton (dau of Simon Buckton of York)
  (a) Mary Sotheby
m. William Redman, Lord Mayor of York (d 29.12.1728)
  ((1)) daughter
  m. _ Staveley
  ((2))+ other issue - Felix (d unm 1726), John
  (b)+ other issue (all d young?) - Robert, Thomas, Henry, Moseley, Watkinson, Ann
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1612) - John (d young?), Thomas, William, John, Isabel, Elizabeth
  (B) Mary Sotheby
  m1. William Hungate of Watton
  m2. Thomas Heblethwaite (d 1647, m1. Ann Hilyard)
  (2) Robert Sotheby in Worcestershire (dsp)
  (3) Marmaduke Sotheby in York
m. Isabel Newton (dau of John Newton of Yorkshire)
  (A) Mary Sotheby
  m. _ Herbert of Belthorpe
(B)+ other issue - Grace, Margaret
  (4) Roger Sotheby of Pocklington (a 1612)
  m. Elizabeth Hungate (dau of Robert Hungate, son of ?? of Saxton)
  (A) Robert Sotheby (b c1593)
  m. Jane Constable (dau of Sir Philip Constable)
(i)+ issue - Marmaduke, Henry, Robert
  (B) Isabell Sotheby
  m. John Bishop of Pocklington
  (C) Jane Sotheby
  m. John Talbot of Thornton (d 1659)
  (D)+ other issue - William, John, Grace
  (5) Agnes Sotheby
  m. William Daniel of Beswick
  (6) Mary Sotheby
  m. Barney Wood of Kilnwick
  (7) Anne Sotheby
  m. (16.10.1586) William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe
  (8) Grace Sotheby
m. Seth Holme of Huntington
  (9) Bridget Sotheby
  m. Gervase Lee of Southwell
  Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Southeby) identifies Robert's 2nd wife as Elsabeth, dau of Richard Smethley, but FMG identifies her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Smethley (dau of Anthony Smethley of Brantingham)
  c. Thomas Sotheby of Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire
  m. Mary Hall (dau of (Robert) Hall, Lord Mayor of York)
  (1) Thomas Sotheby of Bishop Wilton (d 1605)
  m. _ Bloy
  (A) Thomas Sotheby (Rev., eldest son)
  m. Katherine Dandy (d 13.09.1624, dau of Thomas Dandy of Combes)
(i) James Sotheby of Hackney (Middlesex), later of Sewardstone (Essex) (d 1685, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Goodling
  (a) James Sotheby
  m. Anne Robinson
  ((1)) William Sotheby (Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Sloane (dau of William Sloane of Stoneham)
  ((A)) William Sotheby of Sewardstone (b 1757, d 1833, author & translator)
m. Mary Isted (dau of Ambrose Isted of Ecton by Anne, sister/coheir of Sir Charles Buck, Bart of Hanby)
  ((i)) Charles Sotheby (d 01.1854, Admiral) had issue
  m1. (15.02.1819) Jane Hamilton (d 12.09.1820, dau of 7th Baron Belhaven & Stenton)
  m2. (1830) Mary Anne Sotheby (d 1881, dau of Admiral Thomas Sotheby, cousin)
  ((ii))+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
  ((B)) Thomas Sotheby (Admiral)
  m1. Sarah Anstey (dau of Christopher Anstey of Trumpington)
  ((i)) Sarah Sotheby (dsp)
  m. Rev. Armytage Gaussen (d 1857, son of Samuel Robert of Meesden)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Sotheby (d 1839)
  m. (1829) Charles Thomas Thruston of Pennal Tower (d 1858, captain)
m2. (1806) Mary Anne Bourke (d 24.03.1830, dau of 3rd Earl of Mayo, Archbishop of Tuam)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas Hans, Sir Edward Southwell, Mary Anne, Charlotte, Catherine Sophia
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp)
  (ii)+ 7 sons and 5 daughters
  (2)+ other issue - James, Ralph, Leonard
  d. William Sotheby, Lord Mayor of York
  m1/2. _ Wentworth (dau of _ Wentworth of Elmsall)
  (1)+ issue - Robert, William, Grace, Isabel
  BLG1952 reports that Mayor William's "branch appears to have become extinct after two generations."
  m2/1. Ann Hall (dau of Robert Hall, Lord Mayor of York)
  e. Isabel Sotheby probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Appleyard, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of York (d by 1580)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Sotheby of Ecton') with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Sotheby of Pocklington &c.'), FMG (vol 3, MS404-5, 'Sotheby-Hungate', p953+)
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