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Families covered: St. Barbe of Bittern, St. Barbe of Hamble, St. Barbe of Lymington, St. Barbe of Ridgeway, St. Barbe of Whiteparish

William St. Barbe (d before 16.02.1562/3)
m1. Mary Little (dau of Robert Little of Bray)
1. Edward St. Barbe of Whiteparish, Wiltshire (d 1616)
  m. Christian Beswick (dau of William Beswick, alderman of London)
  A. Edward St. Barbe of Whiteparish (d 1642)
  m. Anne Kingswell (d 1674, dau of Richard Kingswell of Lisle)
  i. George St. Barbe (b 1622, d 1693)
  m. Elizabeth Poole
  a. George St. Barbe of Ridgeway, Hampshire (d 1720, 2nd son)
  m. Sarah
  (1) Edward St. Barbe (b 1710, dsp 1741)
  m. Eleanor Pelly
  (2) John St. Barbe of Ridgeway (b 1712, d 1762)
  m1. Olive Page (d 1745)
  (A) John St. Barbe (b 1741, d infant)
  m2. Etheldred Baskett (dau of Rev. Samuel Baskett of Shapwick)
  (B) Charles St. Barbe of Lymington, Hampshire (b 1750, d 1826, 4th son)
  m. Anne Hicks (dau of John Hicks of Efford)
  (i) Charles St. Barbe of Lymington (b 1776) had issue
  m. Mary Foster (dau of Rev. Thomas Foster of Tinwell)
(ii) John St. Barbe (b 1778)
  m. Elizabeth Thomas (dau of Joseph Griffith Thomas)
  (iii) Roger Frampton St. Barbe (b 1790, rector of Sudbrooke & Stockton, 4th son)
  m. Harriet Money (dau of Thomas Money of Lincoln)
  (iv) Samuel St. Barbe (6th son)
  m. Anne Neufville (dau of Jacob Neufville)
  (v) Etheldred St. Barbe
m. Sir James Duberley of Gaines Hall
  (vi) Anne St. Barbe
  m. Henry Combe of London
  (vii)+ other issue - George (b 1779, sp 1811), Edward (b 1794)
  (C) Kingsman Baskett St. Barbe of London (b 1752)
  m. Mary Adair (dau of James Adair, widow of George Newnham)
  (i) Kingsman St. Barbe (b 1783)
  (ii) Etheldred St. Barbe
  m. (1808) John Sladen of Ripple Court
  (iii) Mary St. Barbe
  m. Rev. Kingsman Foster of Dowsby
  (D) Sarah St. Barbe
  m1. John Douglas
  m2. John Hodgson of Buckden
  (E) Etheldred St. Barbe
  m. Frederick J. Browning (prebendary of Sarum)
  (F) Elizabeth St. Barbe (dsp 1802)
  m. James Steers of Tottenham
  (G)+ other issue - John (b 1748, d 1755), Samuel (b 1754, d unm 1813)
  b. Poole St. Barbe of Bittern, Hampshire (d 1744)
  m1. Eleanor Turner
  (1) George St. Barbe of Hamble, Hampshire (b 1699)
  m. Elizabeth Wyatt
  (A) Wyatt St. Barbe (b 1738, 2nd son)
  m. Lydia Clough
  (i) Wyatt St. Barbe (dsp)
  (ii) Lydia St. Barbe
  m. _ Tracy
  (B) Poole St. Barbe of Hamble (b 1748, d 1781, 5th son)
  m. Dorcas Trebbeck (dau of James Trebbeck of Tichfield)
  (i) Harriet St. Barbe
  m. Edward Guillaume of Botley
  (C) Eleanor St. Barbe (b 1736, dsp 1798)
  m. William Backhouse of London
  (D) Rachael St. Barbe (d 1816)
  m. Thomas Dibden
  (E)+ other issue - George (b 1735, dsp), Poole (b 1740, d young), William (b 1742, dsp1779), Henrietta (d infant)
  (2) Elizabeth St. Barbe (b 1697)
  m1. Theocharis Dadichi
  m2. _ Maclean
  m3. _ De Butts (Captain)
  m2. _ Harmesworth
  (3) Alexander St. Barbe of Bittern (b 1717, d 1775, 5th son)
  m. Eleanor Wyatt (widow of Thomas West)
  (A) John St. Barbe (b 1741, d 1816, Commander RN)
  m(2). Margaret Galbraith
  (i) Margaret St. Barbe (d 1805)
  m. Charles Bell of London
  (ii) Harriet St. Barbe
  m1. James Thompson of London
  m2. Pitney Martin of London
  (iii) Caroline St. Barbe
  m1. Edward Brown
  m2. _ Williams
  (iv) Frances St. Barbe
  m. John Mortimer
  (v) Anne St. Barbe
  m. Rev. Edward Allen
  (vi)+ other daughters (d unm) - Henrietta (d 1803), Dorinda (d 1807)
  (viii)+ sons (dvp) (some) possibly by 1st marriage
  (B) Alexander St. Barbe of Southampton (b 1743, d 1799)
  m. Christian Manbey (dau of James Manbey of Stratford)
  (i) Eleanor St. Barbe (d 1796)
  m. Rev. Lancelot G. Halton
  (ii) Elizabeth St. Barbe
  m. Charles Fielder of Bath
  (iii) Catharine St. Barbe
  m. James Randolph of Bath
  (iv) Christian St. Barbe (d 1806)
  m. Rev. C.H. White of Shalden
  (v)+ other issue - 2 sons (d young), Maria (d infant)
(C) Elizabeth St. Barbe
  m. John De Kewer of Hackney
  (D) Catharine St. Barbe (d 1794)
  m1. William Bignell
  m2. James Wilde of London
  (E) Harriet St. Barbe
  m. William Frampton of London
  (4) Anne St. Barbe (b 1720)
  m. John Janverin of Southampton
  (5) Catharine St. Barbe (b 1723)
  m1. (James) Oates (Lt. RN)
  m2. Edward Farmar (Captain)
  (6)+ other issue - Poole (b 1711, dsp), John (b 1713, dsp), Thomas (b 1715, dsp 1735), Sarah (d unm 1720)
  c. Anne St. Barbe
  m. Benjamin Bussey
  d. Mary St. Barbe
  m. William Spring of Derby
  e. Lucy St. Barbe
  m. Thomas Blyth of London
  f.+ other issue - Alexander (dvp bur 1692), Elizabeth (b 1682)
  ii. John St. Barbe of Salisbury (b 1622, bur 1661)
  m. Thomasine
  a. John St. Barbe of Salisbury (b 1648, d 1683)
  m. Mary
  (1) John St. Barbe of Alderbury, Wiltshire (b 1683)
  m. Mary Becket
  (A) Becket St. Barbe (d infant)
  (B) Henrietta Maria St. Barbe (d 1765)
  m1. John King (vicar of Romsey)
  m2. _ Godfrey of Romsey
  (C) Anne St. Barbe
  m. Stephen Kempshead
  (2) Mary St. Barbe (b 1682)
  m. Rev. Edward Lambert
  (3) Dorothy St. Barbe (b 1683)
  b. Francis St. Barbe of Salisbury (d 1684)
  m. Grace
  (1)+ issue - Francis (b 1675, vicar of Mylor & Mabe), John (b 1677), Gabriel (b 1679, bur 1730)
  iii. Henry St. Barbe of the Isle of Wight (d by 1683, 4th son)
  a. Edward St. Barbe
  iv. Edward St. Barbe of Whiteparish (b 1626, dsp 1671)
  m. Mary Mason (dau of Robert Mason, recorder of London, she m2. Anthony Hungerford of Black Bourton)
  v. Anna St. Barbe
  m. Edward Hooper
  vi.+ other issue - William (b 1624, dsp), Nathaniel (b 1629), Samuel (b 1630), Mary (b 1623)
  B. George St. Barbe (b 1593, a 1623)
  C. John St. Barbe
  m. (01.07.1613) Mary Sadler (dau of William Sadler)
  D. Robert St. Barbe
  i. Robert St. Barbe
E. William St. Barbe of London
  m. Susanna
  i.+ issue - William, Judith
  F. Anne St. Barbe
  m. Anthony Williamson of Eastbourne
  G. Mary St. Barbe
  m. John Payne of Pountin (Pounton or Dounton, Wiltshire)
2. Thomas St. Barbe of Whiteparish (d before 25.01.1610/1, 3rd son)
  A. (Elizabeth) St. Barbe
  m. Richard Warre of Hestercombe (b 1574)
3. Richard St. Barbe (6th son)
  A.+ issue - Nathaniel, John ,George, Abigail, Maria
4. Jane St. Barbe shown by Commoners as of 1st marriage, by Visitation as of 2nd marriage
  m. George Castell of Surrey
5.+ other issue - William (dsp 1619, rector of Eastnor), Samuel, George of the Close (Sarum), Sir Henry of Gray's Inn (d 1620)
m2. Elizabeth

Main source(s): Commoners (vol ii, St. Barbe of Lymington) with a little support from Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, St. Barbe)
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