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Families covered: Stourton of Little Langford, Stourtoun of Stourton

TCP Stourton) refers to a pedigree of this family that commences with Botolph and says that it "was long ago disposed of by Round." The pedigree we show comes from BP1934 (Mowbray) and is assumed to be the one that is deemed by TCP to be insecure down to the Sir William who was alive in 1325.
Botulph de Stourton (a c1070)
m. Anne (dau of Godwin, Earl of Wessex and Kent)
1. Sir Robert de Stourton
  Collins reports that Robert's father was Sir Ralph (de) Stourton who "when William the Conqueror entered into the West, was among those who broke down the Sea-Walls of the Severn".
  A. Sir William de Stourton
  i. Sir Michael de Stourton
  m. Mary Mauduit (dau of John, Lord Mauduit)
a. Sir John Stourton (dvp)
  BP1934 suggests that Sir John's wife, Gracia, was daughter of Thomas, Lord Hungerford. However, as was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (APH, 19.03.06), the dates for any such Grace Hungerford do not match with Sir John's likely dates. Collins identifies John's wife merely as ...
  m. Grace
  (1) Eudo Stourton (dvp)
  (2) Sir Ralph Stourton of Stourton (a 1291)
m. Alice Berkeley (dau of Thomas, Lord Berkeley)
  (A) Edward / Eudo Stourton (dvp)
  (B) Sir William Stourton of Stourton (a 1325)
  TCP reports that this William may well have been son of Ralph and that from this William "thereafter the pedigree is clear", although (as noted) there are some queries regarding some of the wives.
  m. Joan Vernon (dau of Sir Richard Vernon of Horningham) named by TCP as just Joan
  (i) Sir John Stourton of Stourton, Sheriff of Dorset and Somerset (a 1381)
  TCP identifies John's wives as Lettice (probably mother of William) and Alice.
  m1. Catherine Beaumont (dau of Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord)
(a) Sir William Stourton of Stourton (d 1413)
  m. (before 1398) Elizabeth Moyne (dau of John Moyne (le Moigne) of Maddington)
  ((1)) Sir John Stourton, Sheriff of Wiltshire then Gloucestershire, 1st Lord (b c1399, d 25.11.1462)
  m. Margery Wadham (dau of Sir John Wadham of Merefield by Joan Wrottesley)
  ((A)) William Stourton, 2nd Lord (b c1432, d 18.02.1477-8)
  m. Margaret Chidiock (dau of Sir John Chidiock)
  ((i)) John Stourton, 3rd Lord (b c1453, d 06.10.1485)
  m. Catherine Berkeley (dau of Sir Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone)
  ((a)) Francis Stourton, 4th Lord (d infant 18.02.1487)
((b)) Anna Stourton (d unm)
  ((ii)) William Stourton, 5th Lord (b c1457, dsp 17.02.1523)
  m1. Catherine de la Pole (dau of John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk)
  m2. Thomasine Wrottesley (dau of Sir Walter Wrottesley)
  ((iii)) Edward Stourton, 6th Lord (b c1462, d 13.12.1535)
  m. Agnes Fauntleroy (dau of John Fauntleroy of Marsh)
  ((a)) Peter Stourton (dvpsp)
  ((b)) William Stourton, 7th Lord (b c1505, d 16.09.1548)
  m. Elizabeth Dudley (dau of Edmund Dudley)
  ((c)) Roger Stourton of Ruston (dsp)
  m. Joan Bures
  ((d)) Christopher Stourton of Little Langford
  m. Elizabeth Dennis
  (((1))) Thomas Stourton
  (((2))) Edmund Stourton of Horningsham
  m. Anne Lewis (dau of Francis Lewis)
(((A)))+ 5 daughters
  (((3))) Christopher Stourton of Little Langford
  (((A))) Hercules Stourton (b 1589)
  (((4))) Jane Stourton
  m. William Driver of Limehouse
(((5))) Dorothy Stourton
  m1. Robert Bures
  m2. John Kryle
  ((e)) Mary Stourton (d unm)
  ((iv)) Katherine Stourton
  m1. Sir William Berkeley of Beverston
  m2. Henry de Grey, 7th Lord of Codnor (dspl 1495-6)
  m3. William de la Pole
  ((v)) Margaret Stourton
  m. James Chudleigh of Ashton
  ((vi)) Alice Stourton
  m. John Philpot
  ((vii)) Amy Stourton
  m. Sir Henry Rogers of Bryanstone
((viii))+ other issue - Ralph, John (d 1506), Richard, Edith, Elizabeth, Alianor
  ((B)) Sir Reginald Stourton
  m. Margaret (widow of Sir Alexander Holy of Bowen)
  ((i)) daughter
  m. Oliver Carmilow
  ((C)) Margaret Stourton
  m. Sir George Darrell of Littlecote
  ((D)) Joan Stourton
  m. Richard Warre of Hestercomb (dsp 1482-3)
  ((E))+ other issue (dsp) - John, Nicholas
  ((2)) Margaret Stourton
  m. William Carent or Carant of Toomer
  m2. Joan Basset (dau of Ralph, Lord Basset)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  (b) John Stourton
  This John is identified by various web sites as 'of Preston' with the following family, though we are concerned that there may have been confusion with his father.
  m. Jane Basset
((1)) John Stourton of Preston Plucknett (d 1439)
  The following is partly supported by CTG (vol 1, 1834, p409 (in Addenda)) which, compared with the web sites we saw when we first prepared this page, shows an additional daughter (Joan) by an additional (1dy) wife. CTG named none of the wives.
  m1. ??
  ((A)) Joan Stourton
  m. John Sidenham of Brimpton
  m2. Joan Banastre (dau of William Banaster of Wheathill)
  ((B)) Cecily Stourton
  m1. John Hill of Spaxton (d 1434)
  m2. Sir Thomas Keriell (d 1460)
  m3. Katherine Payne (dau of Thomas Payne of Paynshay, relict of William Daubeney, 9th Lord)
  ((C)) Alice Stourton
  m1. William Daubeney of South Ingleby, '5th/9th Lord' (b 1424, d 02.01.1460/1)
  m2. Robert Hill of Houndston & Talaton (d 08.09.1493)
  (c) Edith Stourton (d 13.06.1441) H
  m1. John de Beauchamp, 3rd Lord of Bletsho (d by 1413) H
  m2. Sir Robert Shottesbrooke
  ((1)) Eleanor Shottesbrooke (d before 11.1487)
  m. Sir John Cheney of Shurland, Isle of Sheppey (d before 11.1487)
  (d)+ other issue - Roger, Richard, Edmund, Margaret (nun), Anastasia ( nun)
  (ii) Robert Stourton (prior at Bruton)
  (iii) Roger Stourton of Horningsham (a 1373)
  m. Alice
  (a) John Stourton (dsp)
  (iv) Mary Stourton, a nun
  b. Guy Stourton
2. Galfridus de Stourton

Main source(s): BP1934 (Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton) with some support from Collins (1741, Stourton)
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