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Families covered: Strachan of Strachan (Strathecan of Strathecan), Strachan of Thornton

(1) I have been looking for a good source on this family for some years and suddenly I found 3 - 'Memorials' (identified more fully below), 'MGC', and the web site at patrickspeople.co.uk. To save time I have based the following on the web site, checked it against MGC (and TCB), but only test-checked against 'Memorials'. TCB (vol 2, 'Strachan or Straquhan of Thornton', p285) mentions 'Memorials' and refers to 'Her. and Gen., viii, pp.302-307)', which we have not yet seen, "where it is (not very favourably) reviewed." Some of the following may therefore yet be reviewed in due course. patrickspeople.co.uk provides quite a number of continuations that do not appear in 'Memorials', sometimes referring to various church records, other times referring to the IGI. We ignore BEB1841 which contains an entry on the family which does not look as though it is reliable.
(2) The name of this family has been spelt in many different ways over the centuries. After a few generations we settle with 'Strachan' but it is likely that the variations of spelling have caused occasional confusion, even with names like 'Strang' which may not immediately be thought of as similar. MGC starts with Valdevus de Strachan or Stratheycan, who "appears to be" about 1160, father of John (temp Alexander II who r. 1214-1249). patrickspeople.co.uk starts with ...
Waldeve de Strathecan (b c1185)
1. Ranulf de Strathecan (d c1278)
  A. John de Strathecan (b c1255)
  i. John de Strathecan
  Macfarlane suggests that the first of Thornton was Sir James whose eldest son was Duncan, father of Cristiana who m. Sir Malcolm Fleeming of Biggar (sic).
m. Agatha or Agneta (dau/heir of Valentine de Thornton)
  a. Donald de Strathecan
  m. Annabell
  (1) Christian de Strathecan
m.(??) _ Fleming
  (2) Isabel de Strathecan --
  m. Sir David Fleming of Biggar --
  b. Sir John Strathecan or Strachan of Thornton & Monboddo (d 1390)
  (1) Alexander Strachan of Thornton (d 1429)
  m. Margaret Hay (dau of John Hay of Tullibody by Margaret Stewart)
  (A) Duncan Strachan of Monboddo
(B) Alexander Strachan of Thornton (d 1460)
  m. Margaret Rose (dau of John Rose or Ross of Kilravock by Isabel Cheyne)
  (i) John Strachan of Thornton (d 05.03.1487)
  m1. Margaret Straiton (dau of _ Straiton of Lauriston, son of Sir Alexander of Lauriston)
(a) David Strachan of Thornton ( (b 1445, dsp 1521)
  m. Marion (probably not Margaret) Hay (dau of William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll by Beatrice Douglas)
  (b) John Strachan of Thornton
m. Margaret Durham (dau of Thomas Durham of Grange)
  ((1)) Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton (b 1490, d 1550) - continued below
  m1. Margaret Hay (dau of _ Hay of Dalgelly)
  m2. Isabel Falconer (dau of Sir George Falconer of Halkerton)
  (c) William Strachan of Monboddo (b c1460)
  m. Margaret Ramsay (dau of John Ramsay, Lord Bothwell)
  (d) George Strachan of Lesmurdie
  m. Johanna Leslie (dau of Alexander Leslie)
(e) Andrew (or Alexander) Strachan of Tibbertie (b c1470)
  m. Gilles Arbuthnot (dau of Robert Arbuthnot)
  m2. Janet Ross of Auchlossan
  (ii) Elizabeth Strachan
  m. David Barclay of Mathers
  ii. Thomas de Strathecan of Knock
  iii. Alexander de Strathecan of Auchintoly (a 1365)
  m. Christian Maule (dau of Sir Henry Maule of Panmure)
  iv. Adam de Strathecan of Glenkindie
  m. Marieta (dau of Sir John of Strathbogie)
  v. John de Strathecan of Ledynturk (b c1310)



Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton (b 1490, d 1550) - continued above
m1. Margaret Hay (dau of _ Hay of Dalgelly) mentioned by MGC but not by the patrickspeople site
MGC suggests that Alexander's 2nd wife was Isobell, dau of David Falconer of Halkerton. We follow the patrickspeople site in showing her a generation earlier.
m2. Isabel Falconer (dau of Sir George Falconer of Halkerton by Elizabeth Erskine)
1. Sir John Strachan of Thornton (b c1516, d 20.08.1587)
  The patrickspeople site identifies Sir John's wife as Margaret Levingstoun. MGC identifies her as follows, providing a note which reports a source identifying John's wife as Margaret Liston (which others may have interpreted as Livingston or Levingstoun) and adds "She seems to be only a 2d wife. - But 'tis possible that by the Error of the transcriber it may be Liston instead of Erskine."
m. Margaret Erskine (dau of John Erskine of Dun by Margaret Ruthven)
  MGC shows John's successor as another John with a 2nd son Alexander of Goggisley (whose heir(ess) was married to John Midelton of Cadham) and a 3rd son who was ancestor of the Strachans of Phesdo etc.. John is then shown as father (by Isobell, dau of Alexander Livingston of Dunnipace by Jean, dau of Robert, 2nd Lord Elphinstone) of Alexander (1st Bart) who m. Sara Douglas. TCB shows MGC to be wrong and, as it refers to work by Sir J. Balfour Paul and the patrickspeople site refers to Paul's work TSP (which we have also referred to) and is consistent with TCB, we follow that site.
  A. Alexander Strachan of Thornton (d 05.1601)
  m1. Isobel Keith (dau of William Keith, Master of Marischal, by Elizabeth Hay)
i. Robert Strachan of Thornton (dvp before 03.1597)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 2, 'Strachan or Straquhan of Thornton', p285+).
  m. (04/5.04.1586) Sarah Douglas (dau of William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus, by Egidia Graham)
a. Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton, 1st Bart (b c1588, d 1648)
  m1. (mcrt 19.01.1605) Margaret Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay of Balcarres, Lord Menmuir, by Marion Guthrie)
  (1) John Strachan (d before 01.08.1635)
  (A) James Strachan of Fettercairn
  (2) (Sir) Alexander Strachan (of Thornton, 2nd Bart) (dsp)
  patrickspeople shows Alexander (d 1659, Colonel) as the 2nd Bart but TCB reports that he "is generally said to have (succeeded) ... but there is no record of his having done so", notes that he is often confused with Colonel Archibald Strachan (who d 1652), and reports that he is not mentioned in his father's will (dated 15.05.1657) and so had probably dvpsp. TCB refers to a kinsman who claimed the baronetcy but "The relationship, however, is so distant, and the pedigree so uncertain that the right of such assumption seems extremely doubtful."
  m. Elizabeth Douglas shown by patrickspeople as dau of William Douglas of Glenbervie, 10th Earl of Angus, but ???
  (3)+ other issue - George (d before 01.08.1635), Margaret, Elizabeth
m2. (after 0.1623) Margaret Ogilvy (dau of John Oglvy, 5th Lord of Airlie (by Jean Forbes), widow of George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal)
  b. Margaret Strachan
  ii. John Strachan (b c1565, d before 1625, minister of Kincardine)
  m1. Catherine Straiton
  m2. Isabel Symmer (dau of John Symmer of Bratherishe)
  a. Robert Strachan (bpt 03.01.1608, d before 20.11.1645, 2nd son)
  m. (09.1628) Jean Forbes (dau of Rev. John Forbes of Alford (son of William of Corse by Elizabeth Strachan) by Christian, dau of George Barclay of Mathers by Mary Erskine)
  (1) Jean Strachan (bpt 13.02.1630)
  m. John Strachan (minister of Oyne)
(2) Margrat (Margaret) Strachan (bpt 01.06.1637)
  m. (15.06.1657) James Syme (son of James by Helen Hervie)
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt 15.02.1631), Robert (bpt 18.04.1634, d young?), William (bpt 18.11.1639), Alexander (bpt 21.07.1642), Robert (bpt 20.11.1645), Helen (bpt 18.09.1644)
  b. John Strachan (b c1610, a 1670, Captain)
  m. Isabel Hay (dau of son of William Hay of Delgaty by Beatrix)
  c. Katherine Strachan
  m. Alexander Strachan (minister of Garioch & Fetternear)
  d. Isabel Strachan
  m. James Forbes of Cloak (son of William of Balfluig by Margaret Coutts)
  e. Jean Strachan
m. Adam Forbes (son of John of Brux by Isabell Gordon)
  f.+ other issue - Alexander of Dalhaikie
  iii. George Strachan
  a.+ issue - John, Thomas
  iv. Elizabeth Strachan possible duplication here ??
  m. William Forbes of Corse (d 1596)
  v. Magdalene Strachan
  m1/2. William Rait of Hallgreen
m2/1. (06.07.1582) George Symmer of Balzordie
  vi. Jean Strachan
  m. David Tulloch of Odmainstoun
  vii. Katharine Strachan
  The wife of Robert Middleton of Caldame, and mother of the 1st Earl of Middleton, is shown by some as a Katherine of this generation.
  m2. Anne Mercer (dau of _ Mercer of Meikleover, widow of James Learmonth of Balcomie, m3. Sir James Gordon of Lesmoir)
  B. Elizabeth Strachan
  m. James Skene of Westercorse & Ramore (son of James by Janet Lumsden)
C. Sara Strachan possibly fits here?
  m. Andrew Arbuthnot, 2nd of Fiddes (d 07.04.1626)
2. Thomas Strachan (monk)
3. Elizabeth Strachan mentioned by the patrickspeople site but not by MGC
  m. Andrew Arbuthnot of Pitcarles (b c1497, d 08.1570, son of Robert of that ilk)
4. Margaret Strachan
  m1. William Ramsay of Balmain (son of Sir John, Lord Bothwell)
  m2. (Alexander) Ugston of that ilk (a 1567) mentioned by MGC but not by the patrickspeople site
5. Jean Strachan
  m. Henry Graham of Morphie
6. Helen Strachan mentioned by the patrickspeople site but not by MGC
  m. John Forbes of Echt (d 1601)
7. daughter mentioned by MGCbut not by the patrickspeople site
  m. _ Wood of Balbegno

Main source(s):
(1) patrickspeople.co.uk which is to be praised for the work done, including the naming of its sources (which sometimes includes other web sites)
(2) 'Memorials of the Scottish Families of Strachan and Wise' by Rev. Charles Rogers (1877), available on archive.org
(3) MGC (vol II, p265+)
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