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Families covered: Sutton of Holderness, Sutton of Leeds, Sutton of Sutton
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Sayer de Sutton (a 1150)
1. William de Sutton (a 1170)
  A. Amand de Sutton (a 1196)
  i. Sayer de Sutton (a 1245)
  a. Amand de Sutton (dvp)
  b. Sayer de Sutton (d 1270)
  m. Joan
  (1) Sayer de Sutton (d by 11.07.1290)
  m. Christiane wife of Sayer, presumed mother of ...
(A) John de Sutton, 1st Lord Sutton of Holderness (d by 24.09.1338)
  m. (27.08.1294) Constance Sampson (dau of John Sampson of York)
  (i) John de Sutton, 2nd Lord of Holderness (dsp 05.05.1356)
  m. (c06.1337) Aline de Well (d 05.10.1363)
  (ii) Thomas de Sutton of Branceholme or Bransholme Castle, 3rd Lord of Holderness (a 1379)
  TCP (Sutton) identifies Thomas's wife merely as Agnes but TCP (Bulmer) identifies her as ...
  m. Agnes de Hothom (dau of John de Hotham of Scorborough)
  (a) Constance de Sutton (d 09.06.1401)
m1. (by 1371) Piers de Mauley, 4th Lord (d 19/20.03.1382/3)
  m2. (before 12.1384) Sir John Godard
  ((1)) John Goddard (b 1386-7, dsp?)
  ((2)) Margaret Godard (d before 12.05.1432, coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (before 19.09.1398) Thomas Ughtred, 3rd Lord
  ((3)) Agnes Godard shown by some web sites as of this generation
  m. Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton (b c1384, d 1418)
  m3. Robert de Hilton of Swine this marriage not mentioned by TCP (Sutton)
  (b) Margery de Sutton (d 10.10.1391)
  m1. (c1371) Piers de Mauley (dvp before 03.1382/3)
  m2. William de Aldeburgh, 2nd Lord (dsp 20.08.1391)
  (c) Agnes de Sutton (d 24.11.1436)
  m1. Sir Ralph de Bulmer (b c18.04.1366, d 24.04.1406)
  m2. (before 29.10.1415) Sir Edmund Hastings of Roxby (d 09/13.12.1448)
  b. Beatrix Sutton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William St. Quintin of St. Quintin



The following family shares this page with the above for our convenience only. The first of the family to have settled in Leeds, "supposed to have come from Warter nr. Pocklington in the East Riding", was ...
Francis Sutton of Leeds
1. Joseph Sutton of Leeds & Little Woodhouse (b c1657, bur 29.09.1719)
  m1. Sarah Hagen of Burley (bur 04.1714)
  A. Joseph Sutton of Leeds (b c1680, d 25.08.1712)
  m. (24.11.1703) Phoebe Wadsworth (bur 07.09.1713, dau/coheir of John Wadsworth of Horbury by Phoebe Kirby)
  i. Joseph Sutton (b 09.10.1704, d 29.08.1765)
  m. (04.05.1727) Elizabeth Lupton or Lepton of Hunslet Lane
  a. John Sutton (b 05.02.1727-8, d 03.06.1767)
  m. Ann Brookes (d 09.05.1768, dau of Joseph Brookes of Elland)
  (1)+ issue - Joseph (b 12.10.1754, d 06.1762), John (b 19.12.1760), Mary (b 24.10.1756), Ann (b 27.04.1759)
  b. William Sutton of Sheffield (b 13.12.1729)
  m. (01-2, 1764) Martha Johnson
  (1) John Sutton (b 29.10.1765)
  c.+ other issue (d young) - Mary (b 05.01.1732), Elizabeth (b 05.01.1732)
  ii.+ other issue - John of Leicester (b 02.04.1708), Thpomas (b 13.03.1710, d 05.02.1711), Samuel (d infant)
  m2. (1717) ?? (widow of _ Hardcastle of Great Woodhouse)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 14.04.06) : TCP ('Sutton of Holderness')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 12.11.15) : FMG (vol 1, MS6, 'Sutton', p123)
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