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Families covered: Swainson of High House (Hawkshead), Swainson of Skipton, Swaynson of Staynforth

BLG1863 reports that "The name is Danish. In the Confessor's time, it was written Sweynsen; but under the Normans, it became Fitz-Swain, and ultimately, in more English times, Swainson."
Roger Swaynson of Staynforth, Yorkshire (d 1610)
m. (05.1581) Anne Swaynson
1. Robert Swaynson of Staynforth (b 1589)
  m. (1615) Mary Bainbrigg
  A. Lawrence Swainson of Langcliffe (b 1624, d 1711)
  m. Margaret Armistead
  i. Thomas Swainson (b 1664, d 1733)
a. Mary Swainson
  m. John Lister of Settle
  ii. John Swainson of Skipton (b 1667, d 05.03.1744, 4th son?)
  m. (11.05.1698) Mary Grandorge (dau of Christopher Grandorge of Earby & Steeton, sister ofRev. John)
  BLG1952 gives Mary's surname as Braind'Orge but, through repeated reference, BLG1863 is clear that it was Grandorge.
  a. Thomas Swainson 'of Stockport' (b 02.01.1700)
  m. Catherine Wilson (dau of Matthew Wilson of Eshton Hall)
  (1) John Swainson (b 31.03.1728)
  m. Caroline Swainson (dau of Lawrence Swainson of Otley by Judith) @@ below
  (A)+ issue - Lawrence Thomas (b 05.08.1755, dsp 05.07.1786), 6 daughters
  (2) Anna Maria Swainson
m1. William Baynes of Mewith Head
  m2. Thomas Heelis of Halton
  (3) Elizabeth Swainson
  b. John Swainson 'of Skipton' (b 05.11.1706)
  m. (30.10.1734) Anne Wilson (dau of Matthew Wilson of Eshton Hall)
  (1) Anne Swainson
  m. Thomas Tindal of Skipton
  (2)+ other issue - John (b 06.11.1735, dsp), Mary
  c. Christopher Swainson (b 29.01/06.1714, d 26.02.1755, vicar of Giggleswick then rector of Staveley)
  m. (29.12.1736/03.09.1736) Elizabeth Lister (dau of Anthony Lister of Giggleswick/Newsome)
  (1) John Swainson of Preston (b 1746, d 17.02.1800)
  m. Susannah Inman (dau of Charles Inman of Jamaica)
  (A) Christopher Swainson (b 12.07.1775, d 12.1854, rector of Wistanstow, vicar of Clun) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Low (dau of Thomas Low of Preston)
  (B) Charles Swainson of Cooper Hill, Lancashire (b 06.07.1780, d 02.05.1866) had issue
) m. Catherine Bradshaw (widow of _ Warbreck)
  (C) Anthony Swainson of Liverpool (b 19.03.1782, d 21.08.1865) had issue
  m. (09.05.1811) Mary Clay (dau of Thomas Clay)
  (D) John Swainson of Halton Hall, Lancashire (b 27.06.1784, d 14.11.1867) had issue
  m. (31.03.1812) Elizabeth Susannah Tatham (d 18.04.1882, dau of Edward Tatham of Hipping Hall/Kirkby Lonsdale)
  (E) Mary Swainson
  m. William Birley of Kirkham
  (F) Elizabeth Swainson
  m. Edward Birley
  (G) Lucy Swainson
m. Thomas Petty of Well House
  (2)+ other issue - Anthony (dsp 05.06.1784, vicar in Lancashire), Mary, Jane
  iii. Lawrence Swainson of Otley (b 1681, d 1735)
  m. Judith
  a. Thomas Swainson (b 10.03.1718, dsp bur 047.12.1775, vicar of Bourne)
  b. Elizabeth Swainson
  m. Walter Priest (vicar of Skipton)
  c. Caroline Swainson
  m. John Swainson (son of Thomas & Catherine) @@ above
  iv. Anne Swainson
  m. _ Geldart
  v.+ 2 sons + 1 daughter
  B.+ 2 daughters



Christopher Swainson of High House, Hawkshead, Lancashire (d 1722)
m. (1692) Agnes Sawrey (b 1660, d 1703, dau/heir of Henry Sawley of High House, widow of William Jackson of Elterwater)
1. John Swainson of High House
  m1. (1721) Margaret Kirkby
  A. James Swainson of High House (d 1805)
  m. Sarah
  i. Isaac Swainson (b 1781, d unm 1803)
  ii. Mary Swainson of High House (b 1764, d 1831)
  m. Thomas Cowper of Saltcoats (b 1745, d 1818)
  a. John Swainson Cowper, later Cowper-Essex of High House & Oldfields in Acton (b 1796, d 1878) had issue
  m. Alice Wilson (d 1875, dau of William Wilson of Yealand)
  b. Margaret Cowper (b 1793, d 1851)
  m. John Hezekiah Essex of Acton (dsp 1848)
m2. (1743) Lidia Towers (d 1777, dau of John Towers, widow of Edward Park)
  B. John Swainson of Soho & Twickenham (dsp 1812, MD & botanist)
  m. Mary (b c1736, d 1806)
2. Henry Swainson (b 1698, a 1777)
  m. (1727) Hannah Lindale
  A. John Timothy Swainson (b 1732?, d 1780)
  m. Elizabeth Waldby (b 1730, d 1782, dau/heir of William Waldby of Beverley by Elizabeth, dau of Walter Strickland of Boynton)
  i. John Timothy Swainson of Liverpool & Hoylake (b 1756, d 1814)
  m1. ??
  m2. (1786) Frances Stanway (b 1769, d 1792, dau of Thomas Stanway of Shipbrooke)
  a. William Swainson (b 1789, d 1862 in Wellington, New Zealand, naturalist) had issue
  m1. (1823) Mary Parkes (b 1794, d 1835, dau of John Parkes of Warwick)
  m2. (1840) Ann Grasby (d 1868, dau of Joseph Grasby of Bawtry)
  m3. (1793) Betty Hammerton (d 1854)
  b. other issue issue in Jamaica & USA

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1863 ('Swainson of Shropshire and Lancashire'), BLG1952 ('Swainson formerly of Wistanstow')
(2) For lower section : 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 2 (September 1907), 'Swainson: Cowper: Cowper-Essex', p28+)
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