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Families covered: Lords of Bamburgh, Earls of Northumberland/Bernicia, Lords of Raby, Swinton of Swinton
[A review on 11.03.04 produced no major changes other than in respect of the ancestry of Dolfin, lord of Raby (see below).]

Edulf (Eadwulf), under-king of Bernicia, 1st Lord of Bamburgh (d 912)
1. Alfred, 2nd Lord of Bamburgh (a 926)
  A. Oswulf, 3rd Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Northumbria (d 965)
  i. Waltheof, 4th Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia (a 1006)
  m. Judith ("daughter of the Earl of Champaign") mentioned in Commoners (vol 2, Nevile of Thorney)
  a. Uchtred, 5th Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (d 1016)
  m1. (div) Aecgfrida (dau of Aeldhun, Bishop of Durham)
(1) Aldred, Earl of Northumberland (d 1038)
  (A) Aelflaed EGHJRSWY
  m. Siward or Syward Bjornsson 'Digera', Earl of Northumberland (d 1055) EGHJRSWY
  (B)+ and other daughters
  m2. Sige (dau of Styr Ulfsson of York)
  (2) Edulf or Aedulf, Earl of Northumberland (d 1041)
  m. Sigera (dau of Kilvert)
(A) Oswulf, Earl of Northumberland (d 1067)
  (3) Gospatric
  (A) Uchtred
  (i) Dolfin
  BLG1952 says that this son Dolfin "may have been the same as Dolfin, Lord of Raby". Initially we followed that suggestion but further investigation shows that there is a general consensus that that Dolfin FitzUchtred was of the Dunkeld family which we show under Atholl1. We amended our database accordingly.
  (ii) Edulf/Aedulf 'Rus' probably father of ...
  (a) Liulf of Bamburgh, 1st of Swinton, Sheriff of Northumbria (d c1118)
  ((1)) Udard or Odard of Bamburgh, 2nd of Swinton, Sheriff of Northumbria (d c1132)
  ((A)) William of Bamburgh, 3rd of Swinton (dsp)
  ((B)) Adam, Sheriff of Northumbria (dsp ?)
((C)) John had issue (ancestor of family called Viscount)
  ((D)) Sir Ernulf 'Miles', 4th of Swinton (a 1166)
  ((i)) Cospatrick, 5th of Swinton (a 1177)
  ((a)) Alan de Swinton, 6th of Swinton
  ((b)) Hugh de Swinton, 1st of Aberbothenoth
  m3. Elgiva/Aelfgufu (dau of Ethelred II 'the Unready', King of England)
  (4) Edith/Aeldgyth GHJRSY
  m. Maldred of Atterdale, 'King of Cumbria' (d 1045) GHJRSY
  (5) Aeadwulf (d 1041)
  (6) Algitha / Aelgitha reported by BE1883 (Lumley) and BP1934 (Scarborough)
  m. Liulph de Lumley
  (7) son
  b. Edulf Cudel, Earl of Bernicia (d 1018) had issue
2. Uhtred

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Swinton of that ilk)
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