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Families covered: Sydenham of Chelworthy, Sydenham of Orchard, Sydenham of Sydenham

John de Sydenham (a 1225)
m. heiress of Kitsford
1. William de Sydenham
  m. Joan (dau of William de Gothayre)
  A. Roger de Sydenham of Sydenham (a 1342)
  i. John de Sydenham of Sydenham
  a. daughter
  m. (Cave ?)
ii. Richard de Sydenham of Combe Sydenham (a 1388, d 1402-3, Judge)
  m. Joan Delingrige (dau of Robert Delingrige of Bromfield)
  a. Henry de Sydenham
  m. Margery Whitton (dau of John Whitton of Whitton)
  An unusual thing about this family is that, a few times over the next few generations, they had children who grew to adulthood who shared the same name.
  (1) John Sydenham
  m. Joan Sturton (dau of John Sturton of Brimpton)
  (A) Walter Sydenham of Brimpton
  m. Margaret Harcourt (dau of Sir Robert Harcourt)
(B) Alexander Sydenham (d before 19.10.1523)
  m. Agnes (widow of Popham)
  (i) John Sydenham of Leigh
  (a) John Sydenham (dsp)
  (b) Alexander Sydenham of Luxborough
  m. Anne Sydenham (dau of Sir John Sydenham of Brimpton)
  This marriage was reported under the entry in BEB1844 for Anne but not under the entry for Alexander. It is therefore not certain that Anne was mother of ...
  ((1)) Elizabeth Sydenham (bur 07.12.1595)
m. Sir John Pointz of Iron Acton, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b c1560, bur 29.11.1633)
  (ii) Silvester Sydenham
  (a) (Eleanor) Sydenham
  Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, 'Sidenham') shows an unnamed daughter as m. "Edw. Winter" by whom she was mother of Jane who m. Sir George Rogers of Cannington. This appears to be Eleanor who married ...
  m. Edmund Wynter of Cliffe
  (iii) John Sydenham of Chelworthy
  The following comes partly from Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, Sidenham).
  m. heiress of Herme
(a) George Sydenham of Chelworthy
  m. Mary Warre (dau of Thomas Warre of Hestercombe)
  ((1)) Richard Sydenham of Chelworthy
  This generation was omitted by Visitation so there is some uncertainty as to the allocation of children between Richard and his son Henry.
  m. Elizabeth Hall (dau of _ Hall of Henwick)
  ((A)) Henry Sydenham of Chelworthy (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Walrond (dau of Humphrey Walrond of Sea)
  ((i)) Sir Humphrey Sydenham of Chelworthy (b c1614)
  ((a)) Anne Sydenham
  m. Roger Sydenham of Lee
  ((b)) (Elizabeth or Joyce) Sydenham
  m. (Richard) Fowke
((c)) daughter
  m. _ Burgh
  ((ii))+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Henry (dsp), Henry (dsp), Jane (dsp), Elizabeth (b c1616), Mary (b c1617)
  ((B))+ other issue - Hopton (priest), Sir Edward, Sir Francis, Richard, Mary, Elizabeth, Ursula, Catherine
((2)) William Sydenham (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Core (dau of Henry Core of London)
  ((3))+ other issue - Humphrey, George
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Phillip, Walter, Michael
  (C) Richard Sydenham of Aller
  m. Jane Cambray of co. Denbigh
  (D) Joan Sydenham
  m. John St. Barbe of Ashington (a 1460)
(E) Alice Sydenham
  m. John Buller of Lillesdon
  (F)+ other issue - Walter of Ashbrittle, Henry, George (bur 1523, Archdeacon of Salisbury, Chaplain to Kings Henry VII & VIII)
  (2) John Sydenham of Orchard
  m. Margaret Popham of Alfacton
  (A) John Sydenham of Orchard
  m. _ Cambon (dau of John Cambon of Merton)
  (i) John Sydenham of Orchard
  m. Elizabeth Hody (dau of Sir William Hody)
  (a) Alianore or Elizabeth Sydenham, heiress of Orchard
m. Sir John Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham and Felbrigg
  (b) Anne Sydenham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Brydges of Cornbury and Keinsham Abbey, Sheriff (d 14.11.1559)
  (ii) Philippa Sydenham possibly of this generation
  m. Nicholas Dennis of Orleigh
  (B) Joane Sydenham possibly of this generation
  m. John Giffard or Gifford of Halsbury
  b. Simon de Sydenham, Bishop of Chichester
  c. Joan de Sydenham
  m. Thomas Bratton of Bratton
  B. Simon de Sydenham
  m. Marsilla Hillary (dau of John Hillary of Badtalton)
  i. Simon de Sydenham
  a. Hugh de Sydenham (a temp Richard II 1377-1399)
  m. Joan (heiress of William Polleswell or Pouleshill of Pouleshill)
(1) Roger or Robert de Sydenham
  m. Alice Helyer (dau of Roger Helyer of Chobrugh)
  (A) Robert de Sydenham
  (i) Robert Sydenham (dsp c1437)
  (B) John Sydenham of Indecote
  m. Agnes (heiress of Chubworth)
  (i) John Sydenham of Culmstock
  m. heiress of Collyn of Culmstock
  (a) Edmund Sydenham of Combe
  m. Joan Combe (dau of Walter Combe of Combe)
  (b) Thomas Sydenham
  (c) John Sydenham (rector of Brushford)
  (ii) John Sydenham (a 1474)
  m. Alianore of Treborough
  (2) Mary Sydenham
  m. Roger Bolton of Bolterscombe
  ii. Margery Sydenham
  m. John de Radyngton
  iii. Christina Sydenham
  C. William de Sydenham (dsp)
2. Richard de Sydenham

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Sydenham of Brimpton)
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