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Families covered: Teasdale in/of Slaley, Teasdale of Steel Hall, Teasdale of Whitwell Grange

George Teasdale in Slaley (a 1570)
1. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley (d by 1663)
2. Gerard Teasdale (d before 14.10.1652)
  A.+ issue (a 1652) - Thomas, John, Agnes, Jane
3. Richard Teasdale in Slaley (bur 01.03.1635/6) probably of this generation
  A. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley (d c12.1636)
  m. Frances
  i. Nicholas Teasdale of Slaley (a 1636)
  ii. Richard Teasdale of Slaley (a 1686)
  m. ?? (26.09.1656) Mary Salmon
  iii. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley (a 12.1669)
  a. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley & Steel Hall (bur 12.04.1721)
  On p360, Thomas is identified as "probably afterwards of Steel-hall" and is the first shown on p374.
  m1. (20.05.1650-1) Elizabeth Rowland of Dotland
m2. Anne (bur 08.1724)
  (1) Samuel Teasdale of Steel Hall (bpt 15.10.1665, bur 24.06.1728)
  m. Margaret Blackburn (bur 24.10.1724)
  (A) Thomas Teasdale of Newcastle & Steel Hall (dvpsp before 17.01.1723/4)
  m. Esther Varey (dau of William Varey of Newcastle, m2. Lancelot Allgood of the Riding) ## see here ##
  (B) Samuel Teasdale of Steel Hall (d before 10.10.1729)
  (C) Elizabeth Teasdale
  m. (29.12.1709) George White of Humshaugh
  (i) Teasdale White
  (D) Jane Teasdale (bur 20.12.1728)
  m. Thomas Caward of Hexham
  (i) Margaret Caward
  m. Charles Rockett of Newcastle
  (ii) Jane Caward
  m. Thomas Hutchinson of Newcastle
  (iii) Ann Caward
  m. Thomas Salmon of Hexham
  (E) Mary Teasdale (dsp)
m. (30.01.1728/9) Wilkinson Kirsopp of Hexham
  (F) Anne Teasdale
  m. John Shackleton of Gateshead
  (i)+ issue - William of Newcastle, Roger of London, Samuel, Margaret, Eleanor, Jane
  (G)+ other issue (d infant)
  (2) Mary Teasdale
  m. George Mowbray of Allenheads
  b. Richard Teasdale of Slaley (d by 1685)
  m. Mary (a 03.1684)
  (1)+ issue (a 05.1686) - Richard, Frances, Susan, Sarah, Elizabeth
  c.+ other issue - Joseph, Dorothy, Mary
  vi.+ other issue - Cuthbert (possib;y the Cuthbert of Dalton who had issue), John, Elizabeth
4. Margaret Teasdale
  m. _ Chatt
5.+ other issue - John (a 1652), Lancelot (d before 1652), Jane (a 1652)



Presumably closely connected to the above family was the following Thomas. We should not really show his family as we have not proven his connection to either the above family or to another in the database. Nevertheless ...
Thomas Teasdale of Combhill in Slaley (b c1683, d 07.12.1771)
m. Thomason (b c1696, d 06.03.1733/4)
1. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley (bpt 26.12.1726, bur 14.05.1820)
  m. (24.05.1759) Mary Carr (b 1739-40, d 20.01.1824)
  A. John Teasdale of Slaley (bpt 23.03.1765, d 24.07.1834)
  m. (10.05.1792) Elizabeth Martindale (dau of John Martindale)
  i. Thomas Teasdale of Slaley (bpt 23.09.1792, d 23.03.1879) had issue
  m. Sarah Carr of Newcastle (b 1805-6, d 21.04.1897)
  ii. John Teasdale of Slaley (bpt 05.05.1796, d 11.07.1883)
  m. Anne (a 1841)
  iii. Richard Teasdale (bpt 27.02.1805, dsp 02.08.1839, youngest son)
  m. Agnes (b 1806-7, d 08.06.1868)
  iv. Sarah Teasdale (bpt 02.03.1792, d 29.06.1824)
  m. Robert James
  v.+ other issue - William (bpt 29.04.1799, d unm 10.06.1839), Thomason (bpt 06.06.1801, d 07.06.1825)
  B. Mary Teasdale (bpt 21.11.1773)
  m. (05.09.1793) Richard Close (sub-curate of Slaley, vicar of Hunstanworth)
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 24.03.1768, d 18.06.1841), William (bpt 11.04.1771, d 31.08.1841), Thomason (bpt 26.06.1761, bur 11.05.1763), Susanna (bpt 28.12.1763, bur 11.05.1764), Susanna (bpt 08.12.1776, d 23.10.1851)
2. Richard Teasdale of Slaley (bpt 08.02.1733/4, d 26.03.1822)
  m. (c04.1768) Margaret (possibly Lee of Edmonsbytes)
  A. William Teasdale of Alnwick (bpt 11.05.1783, d 01.12.1831) had issue
  m1. Mary Henderson (b c1790, d 12.12.1813, dau of Edward Henderson of Newton-by-the-Sea)
  m2. Hannah Dixon (b c1785, bur 07.02.1871, dau of Rev. (George?) Dixon of Norham)
  B. Elizabeth Teasdale (bpt 28.12.1770, a 1821)
  m. (28.10.1792) John Bell of Slaley (d by 1821)
  C. Thomason Teasdale (bpt 22.10.1780, d before 1821)
  m. (30.06.1804) John Chatt of Dotland then Eddysbridge
  D. Margaert Teasdale (bpt 27.04.1788, a 1821)
  m. (09.11.1811) George Vicars of Stanhope
  E.+ other issue - Thomas of Slaley (bpt 10.03.1769, d 13.12.1842), Fewster (bpt 03.04.1773), John (bpt 03.04.1773, d 12.01.1842), Richard (bpt 03.12.1775, d 22.08.1837), JNoseph (bpt 26.04.1778, bur 24.10.1819), Margaret (bpt 03.09.1786, bur 24.03.1787)
3.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.07.1723,. d infant), Thomason (bpt 18.07.1723)



Hodgson reports that "The following pedigree is that of a junior line of the famikly which settled in the parish of STandrop apparently in connection with lead mining".
?? Teasdale
1. Abraham Teasdale of Dalton in Hexhamshire (bur 04.03.1748/9)
m. Margaret (Hunter)?
2. Isaac Teasdale of Staindrop & Whitwell Grange, co. Durham (d before 28.06.1739)
  m. Janet Middleton (dau/coheir of Thomas Middleton of Cleatham)
  A. Cuthbert Teasdale of Whitwell Grange
  B. Middleton Teasdale of Whitwell Grange (d before 28.12.1758)
  m. (30.10.1750) Anne Bacon (dau of John Bacon of Newbrough, m2. Henry Wastell)
  i. Middleton Teasdale of Whitwell Grange (d unm after 06.03.1806)
3. Jacob Teasdale
4. Thomas Teasdale of Durham
  A. Jane Teasdale
  m. _ Ridley

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