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Families covered: Tempest of Bolling, Tempest of Bracewell, Tempest of Tong Hall

Sir John Tempest of Bracewell, Sheriff of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (a 1455)
m. Alice Sherburne (dau of Sir Robert Sherburne of Stonyburst)
1. Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell
  m. Margaret Pilkington (dau of John Pilkington)
  A. Sir Richard Tempest of Bracewell (a 09.1513)
  m. Rosamund Bolling (dau/heir of Tristram Bolling of Bolling Hall)
i. Sir Thomas Tempest of Barropar & Bracewell, Sheriff of Yorkshire (dsp)
  m1. Margaret Bosville (dau/heir of William Bosville of Chevit)
  m2. Margaret Tempest (dau of Sir Thomas Tempest, "his grete Uncle") @@ below
  ii. John Tempest of Bracewell, Sheriff of Yorkshire(dsp)
  m. Anne Lenthall (dau of William Lenthall of Henley, widow of Sir Thomas Tempest/Smith, m3. George Smyth of co. Durham)
  iii. Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell & Bolling
  m. Beatrix Bradford (dau/heir of John Bradford of The Heath)
  a. Richard Tempest of Bracewell (dsp 1570-1)
  m1. Hellen (dsps before 1578, dau of Lord Scroope)
  m2. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth of Elmsall)
b. Robert Tempest of Bracewell (a 1585)
  Commoners identified Robert's wife as Ann, dau of Richard Pigot of Derbyshire, but Visitation identified her as ...
  m. Ann Pigott (dau of Bartholomew Pigott of Oxfordshire)
  (1) Sir Richard Tempest of Bracewell & Bolling (b c1575, a 1612)
  m. Elizabeth Rodes (dau of Justice (Sir Francis) Rodes or Rhodes of Woodthorpe)
  (A) Richard Tempest of Bracewell & Bolling (d 30.11.1657, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Clifton (dau of Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton)
  (i) Elizabeth Tempest
  m. John South
(B) Troth Tempest
  m. (Sir) Thomas Tempest of Stella (d 08.1641)
  (C) Frances Tempest (b c1601, a 1612)
  m1. John Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston
  m2. John Ward
  c. daughter probably of this generation
  m. James Tempest of Rayne
  e. Rosamund Tempest probably of this generation
  m. Anthony Franke of Alwoodley
  f. Margaret Tempest probably of this generation
  m. Gregory Waterhouse of Syddal & Halifax (bur 19.10.1589)
  g. Beatrix Tempest probably of this generation
  m. (c1546) Alexander Rushworth (a 1584)
  h. Elizabeth Tempest possibly of this generation
  m. Stephen Pudsey of Arnforth (a 1563)
  iv. Tristram Tempest of Brightwistle (7th son)
  m. Alice (not Joan) Methley (dau/heir of Alexander Methley)
  a. John Tempest
  m. _ Skeres (dau/heir of Thomas Skeres of Burghwallis)
  (1) Thomas Tempest (eldest son)
  b. Richard Tempest of Hage
  m. _ Atherton (dau of _ Atherton of Harewood)
(1) Cotton Tempest
  c.+ other issue - Avery, Francis
  v. Henry Tempest of Tong Hall (d 1591)
  m. Ellinor Mirfield (dau/heir of Christopher Mirfield of Tong Hall)
  a. Richard Tempest of Tong Hall (d 1607)
  m. Dorothy (probably not Elizabeth) Savile (dau/heir of Thomas Savile of Overthorpe)
  (1) Richard Tempest of Tong Hall (b c1577, d 1613)
  m. Alice Mauleverer (dau of William Mauleverer of Arnecliffe)
  (A) John Tempest of Tong Hall (b c1603, d 1623)
  m. (1620) Katherine Duckenfield (dau of Robert Duckenfield of Duckenfield)
(i) Henry Tempest of Tong Hall (d 1657)
  m. Mary Bushall (dau of Nicholas Bushall or Bushell of Bagden Hall)
  (a) Sir John Tempest, 1st Bart of Tong Hall (d 23.06.1693, 3rd son)
  m. (01.1664/5) Henrietta Cholmley (dau of Sir Henry Cholmley of Newton Grange by dau of 1st Earl of Cumberland)
  ((1)) Henry Tempest of Newton Grange (dvp 1685, 2nd son)
  m. Alatea Thompson (dau of Sir Henry Thompson of Marston)
  ((A))+ 2 daughters (d unm)
  ((2)) Sir George Tempest, 2nd Bart of Tong Hall (d 1745)
  m. (19.10.1694) Anne Frank (d 1746, dau of Edward Frank of Campsal)
  ((A)) Sir Henry Tempest, 3rd Bart of Tong Hall (bpt 01.09.1696, d 03/9.11.1753)
  m. (31.08.1749) Maria Holmes (dau of Francis Holmes of Wigston)
  ((i)) Sir Henry Tempest, 4th Bart of Tong Hall & Thorpe House, Sheriff of Herefodshire (b 13.01.1753, dsp 29.01.1819)
m. (24.01.1791) Sarah Pritchard Lambert (dau of Henry Lambert of Hope End)
  ((B)) Nicholas Tempest (dsp 1756)
  m. Ellen Galley of Newcastle
  ((C)) John Tempest of Nottingham
  m. Elizabeth Scrimshire (dau of William Scrimshire of Cotgrave)
  ((i)) John Tempest (d unm 1786, Major)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Tempest of Tong Hall (d 09.1823)
  m. Thomas Plumbe of Aughton
  Their (surviving) son inherited Tong Hall and took the name Plumbe-Tempest.
((iii)) Anne Tempest (d 1811)
  m. Nathan Haines (vicar of Nottingham)
  ((a)) Nathan Tempest-Haines (dsp 1837)
  ((iv)) Henrietta Tempest (d unm 1823)
  ((D))+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  ((3)) Henrietta Tempest
  m. Ferdinando Latus of (the Beck in Millum in) Cumberland
  ((4)) other issue - Henry (a 09.1666, d young), Catherine (d unm)
(b) Mary Tempest
  m. William Rogers of Woodhouse
  (c)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Richard (d young), Richard (b c1647, a 1666), Nicholas (b c1649, a 1666), Percy (b c1653, a 1666), Catherine (d young), Dorothy (d young), Eleanor (d unm), Anabella
  (ii) John Tempest (d unm)
  (B)+ other issue - Henry (had issue), Christopher (had issue), Ellen, Elizabeth, Beatrix
  (2) Dorothy Tempest
  m. Michael Gledhill
  b. Beatrix Tempest
  m. William Thornton of Tyersall (b 1541, d 1578)
c. Margaret Tempest
  m. John Gascoigne of Thorpe on the Hill
  d.+ other issue - Walter, Robert, John (dsp)
  vi. Joan Tempest
  m. Sir Thomas Waterton of Walton
  vii. Anne Tempest
  m. John Lacy of Cromwelbotham
  viii. Beatrice Tempest
  m. William Gaskon or Gascoigne (son/heir of Sir William of Gawthorp)
  ix. Elsabeth Tempest
m. Sir Peter Frecheville (Freswell) of Staveley
  x. Alice Tempest probably of this generation
  m. Henry Grimshaw of Clayton (b 1467, d 1507)
  xi.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, George, Christopher
  B. Margaret Tempest probably of this generation
  m1. _ Dowtye of Drax, Yorkshire
  i. Elizabeth Dowtye
  m. William Eland of Carleton
  m2. John Eland of Carleton (d 1520)
2. Sir Thomas Tempest (a 1463)
  A. Margaret Tempest
  m. Sir Thomas Tempest of Bracewell @@ above
3. Alice Tempest
  m. Sir Thomas Talbot de Bashall (d 1498)
4. Anne Tempest
m. Sir Thomas Metham
5. Agnes Tempest
  m. (1442) William Calverley of Calverley
6. Maria Tempest
  m. John Sherburne
7. Isabel Tempest
  Shown as married to Laurence Hamerton of Hamerton and Wigglesworth but we suspect that this is a confusion with another Isabella.
8. Jane Tempest
  m. William Ratcliffe (of) Rillestone
9. Grace Tempest probably of this generation
  m. (1448) Richard Halsall of Halsall (d by 1471?)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Tempest of Broughton), Commoners (vol I, Plumbe-Tempest of Tong) with support from BEB1841 (Tempest of Tong) and a little input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563/4, Tempest), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Tempest of Bracewell and Tong)
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