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Families covered: Tempest of Broughton

William Tempest of Broughton (d before 07.1490)
m1. (c1437) Johanna Metcalfe (dau of James Metcalfe of Nappa)
1. John Tempest (dvp before 1490)
  m. Agnes Banastre (dau of Richard Banastre)
  A. Roger Tempest of Broughton (d before 11.1537)
  m1. (c1499) Anne Carre (dau of Robert Carre)
BLG1952 reports that Roger was ward of Henry, Lord Clifford (presumably the 10th Lord Clifford), and identifies Anne's mother as Margaret, daughter of Henry, Lord Clifford. The name of the second Lord Clifford must be wrong as the dates do not match for any Lord Henry Clifford to have been Anne's grandfather. We show Anne as granddaughter of Thomas, 8th Lord, which is consistent with Commoners.
  i. Robert Tempest (d young)
  ii. Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 1500, d 14.08.1549)
  m1. (c1525) Agnes Lister (d before 1542, dau of William Lister of Midhope)
  a. Henry Tempest of Broughton (b 1527, d 17.02.1604/5)
  m. (c1543) Isabel Percy (natural dau of Sir Ingram Percy)
(1) Sir Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 1553, d 30.09.1625)
  m1. (1573) Anne Eltofts (dau of Edmund Eltofts of Farnhill)
  (A) Anne Tempest
  m. Henry Yonge or Young of Hebden
(B) Frances Tempest
  m. Simon Blackey of Blackey
  (C) Isabel Tempest
  m. Francis Malham of Elslake
  (D) Maud Tempest
  m. Michael Shaw
  (E)+ other issue - Robert (d young), Jane (d unm)
m2. (10.1591) Catherine Lawson (d 12.1648, dau of Henry Lawson of Nesome or Nesham or Neesham)
  (G) Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 1593, d 1651, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m1. (1612) Susan Oglethorpe (d 1628, dau of William Oglethorpe of Roundhay Grange)
  (i) Sir Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 1617, dsp 11.03.1671/2)
  m. (03.1653/4) Anne Gascoigne (d 1684, dau of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 2nd Bart of Barnbow)
(ii) Thomas Tempest of Roundhay Grange (d 24.06.1697, 3rd son)
  m. (1653) Anne Scrope (d 1692, dau/heir of Henry Scrope of Danby)
  (a) Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 09.04.1654, d 10.04.1742)
  m. (1687) Elizabeth Fermor (d 29.12.1738, dau of Richard Fermor of Tusmore)
((1)) Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 14.10.1689, d 12.08.1771)
  m. (04.1714) Elizabeth Lawson (d 19.12.1732, dau of Sir Henry Lawson, 2nd Bart of Brough)
  ((A)) Stephen Walter Tempest of Broughton (b 23.05.1719, d 09.09.1784)
m. (21.12.1748) Frances Olive Meynell (d 04/14.09.1795, dau of George Meynell of Aldborough and West Dalton)
  ((i)) Stephen Tempest of Broughton, Coleby and Rowston (b 01.05.1756, d 28.11.1824, 2nd son)
  m. (01.05.1787-9) Elizabeth Blundell (d 30.04.1845, dau of Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell)
  ((a)) Sir Charles Robert Tempest, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Bart of Broughton (b 21.04.1794, d unm 08.12.1865)
  ((b)) Henry Tempest of Heaton (b 18.10.1795, d 25.03.1860) had issue
  m. (06.07.1829) Jemima Trafford (d 17.01.1883, dau of Sir Thomas Joseph de Trafford, 1st Bart of Trafford Park)
  ((c)) Walter Joseph Tempest (b 07.05.1801, dsp 02.05.1868)
  m. (01.10.1826) Mariane Sargent (d 20.07.1885, dau of James Sargent of Florence)
  ((d)) Catherine Mary Tempest (b 06.10.1802, d 06.03.1836)
m. (25.07.1825) John Nicholas Coulthurst of Gargrave House (d 1862)
  ((e))+ other issue - Stephen (b 08.02.1790, dsp 20.01.1822), Henry (b 29.06.1791, d 02.1795), John (b 12.03.1798, dsp 18.10.1831), Thomas Peter (b 11.03.1808, d 19.10.1861, Reverend), Elizabeth (b 24.12.1792, d 07.06.1802), Anna Maria of Ackworth Grange (b 18.07.1797, d unm 08.08.1854), Frances Barbara (b 08.03.1800, d 18.01.1853, nun), Monica Clara (b 24.06.1806, d unm 26.11.1860)
  ((ii)) Richard Tempest (b 30.10.1759, dsp 14.08.1792, 5th son)
  m. Martha Heywood (dau of John Heywood of Manchester)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Tempest
  m. (21.09.1773) John Trafford of Croston, later of Trafford (d 29.10.1815)
  ((iv)) Clementina Tempest (d 21.07.1821)
  m. Nicholas Peppard, later Blundell of Crosby (d 1795)
  ((v)) Frances Tempest (d 10.07.1824)
  m. Thomas Wright (son of John of Kelvedon)
  ((v))+ other issue - Roger (b 06.03.1752, dvp 01.07.1765), George (b 08.07.1757, d unm 03.09.1779), Charles (b 03.09.1758), Mary (d 1798, nun)
  ((B)) Henry Tempest of London (b 21.07.1726, d 05.09.1764)
  m. (02.03.1758) Eleanor Jones
  ((i)) Stephen Tempest (d unm)
((C))+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 23.05.1715, nun), Anne (b 19.06.1716, d 21.04.1738, nun), Mary (prioress), Frances (d infant)
  ((2)) Thomas Tempest (b 1697, d 31.03.1763, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (1746) Mary Barnewall (dau of Col. George Barnewall of Braganstone)
  ((A)) Joseph Thomas Marie Tempest (b 1747, d 1797)
  m. Maria Frances de Feofre (dau of Amabel de Feofvre)
  ((i))+ issue - Henry (dspm), 2 daughters
  ((3))+ other issue - John (b 1694, d 22.02.1736/7, priest), Charles (b 1699, d 28.07.1768, priest), Richard (d young), Mary, Elizabeth, Frfances
  (b) Richard Tempest (d 1729)
  m. Margaret Green
  (c) Mary Tempest
  m1. William Hargreaves of Carleton
((1)) Elizabeth Hargreaves (d 11.1753, heir) apparently of this generation
  m. (c1696) Christopher Trappes of Carlton (b c1672, d 01.1747-8)
  m2. William Hardisty of Norwood
  (d) Catherine Tempest
  m. Stephen Anderton (brother of Sir Francis of Lostock)
  (e)+ other issue - Robert, Thomas, Ann, Susan
  (iii) Frances Tempest
  m. Thomas Aslaby or Aislaby of South Dalton
  (iv) Anne Tempest
  m. Richard Grymshaw of Clayton-de-la-Mares
  (v)+ other issue - William (d before 1665), Mary (d young), Catherine (d young), Elizabeth (nun), Mary (nun), Katherine (d young)
  m2. (1629, sp) Frances Gargrave (d 1662, dau of Sir Cotton Gargrave of Nostel)
  (H) Richard Tempest (4th son of this marriage)
  m. Elizabeth Grymshaw (dau of Nicholas Grymshaw of Clayton-de-la-Mares)
  (i)+ issue - Stephen, Richard, John, Robert, Katherine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Elizabeth
  (I) George Tempest
  m. Frances Saville (dau of Thomas Saville of Haigh, widow of William Basildon of Basildon)
  (i) Frances Tempest
  m. Sir William Langdale of Langthorpe
  (ii)+ issue - George (d young), John, Francis (abbot of Lambspring), Mary (d young)
(J) Robert Tempest (Captain)
  m. Thomasine (widow of Nicholas Michell)
  (K)+ other issue - Roger (d young), Thomas (d unm), James (d young), Henry (d young), John (Major)
  (2) Anne Tempest
  m1. William Burton of Willington
  m2. William Lambton of Stainton
  (3) Mary Tempest
  m. John Pulleyn of Scotton (a 1563)
  (4) Dorothy Tempest
  m. Edward Rede of Killinghall
  (5) Frances Tempest
  m. Oliver Breres of Bolland
  (6)+ other issue - Henry, George, 2 other sons
  b. Stephen Tempest (a 1555)
  m2. Anne Preston (d 1555, sister of Anthony Preston)
  c.+ other issue (d young)
  iii. Leonard Tempest
  Commoners shows Leonard 'of Rayne' and father rather than uncle of James of Rayne (below). We follow BLG1952.
  a. George Tempest mentioned by Commoners (as younger brother of James of Rayne) but not by BLG1952
  m. Jane Parker (dau of John Parker of Extwistle, m2. Edward Tempest of Yellison)
  (1) Ellen Tempest
  (2) Isabel Tempest
  m. Henry Butler
(3) daughter
  m. Arthur Tempest
  (4) Mary Tempest
  m. John Wayte (vicar of Gargrave)
  (5) Elizabeth Tempest
  m. Edmund Fleetwood (brother of Sir Paul)
  iv. John Tempest of The Rayne (d before 1534)
  m. Elizabeth Lister (dau of William Lister of Midhope)
  a. James Tempest of Rayne
  m. ?? Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell)
  (1) Bridget Tempest (d 1610)
  m. Thomas Parker of Browsholme (d 12.03.1634)
  (2) Lettice Tempest
  m. John Lacy
v. Anne Tempest
  m. Thomas Leigh (Legh) of Ishall (Isell)
  vi. Jane Tempest
  m. William Mydhope of More Hall (Midhope of Morehall)
  vii. Katherine Tempest
  m. Thomas Mawde
  viii. Margaret Tempest
  m. Henry Pudsey of Bolton
  m2. Elizabeth Huddleston (dau of William Huddleston)
  B. Edward Tempest ancestor of Tempest of Yellison
  m. Agnes Yellison (dau of _ Yellison of Yellison)
  C. Elizabeth Tempest
  m. John Dineley of Sillington
  D. Jane Tempest
  m. (1506) John Starkey of Simunderston (& Huntroyde)
  E.+ other issue - Christopher, Richard, John
2. Thomas Tempest of Marton had issue
m2. Elizabeth Catterall (dau of Richard Catterall of Catterall, m2. Nicholas Townley)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Tempest of Broughton), Commoners (vol I, Tempest of Broughton), with a little input/support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4 & 1584/5+1612 & Dugdale's 1666, Tempest of Broughton)
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