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Families covered: Tenison of Carrickfergus, Tenison of Lough Bawn (Loughbawn), Tenison of Norwich, Tenison of Thomastown

Although BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan) shows a clear connection between Richard, Bishop of Meath, and Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, BLG1886 (Tenison of Loughbawn), which covers the line of the Bishop of Meath, merely notes that "This family claims to derive from the same stock as that of the celebrated divine, Thomas (the Archbishop)" whilst BLGI1912 identifies the Bishop's father as "a Kinsman of Archbishop Tenison". We are in effect following BIFR1976 which reports that Thomas, father of Bishop Richard, was "apparently 2nd cousin" of the Archbishop. That places the connection between the 2 lines a generation earlier than that shown in BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan).
?? Tenison
1. Philip Tenison (d 1660, Archdeacon of Norwich)
  BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan) suggests that Philip had 2 sons, Thomas (father of Bishop Richard) and John. Wikipedia ("Thomas Tenison Archbishop of Canterbury" & "Edward Tenison Bishop of Ossory) suggests that, apart from Thomas's (unnamed) father, Philip had 2 sons as shown.
  A. John Tenison (rector of Topcroft)
  m. Mary Dawson (dau of Thomas Dawson of Cottenham)
  i. William Tenison (Archdeacon of Norwich)
  BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan) suggests that (the) elder brother of Archbishop Thomas was William who, by _ Mileham, was father of Edward, Bishop of Ossory. Provisionally we follow Wikipedia which indicates that the husband of (Margaret) Mileham and father of Bishop Edward was Joseph, uncle rather than brother of the Archbishop.
  ii. Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 29.09.1636, dsp 14.12.1715)
  m. Anne Lowe (dau of Richard Lowe)
  iii. Margaret Tenison
  m. _ Serle of Cambridgeshire (justice)
  iv. Anne Tenison
  m. Sir George Page
  B. Joseph Tenison of Norwich
  m. Margaret Mileham (dau of Edward Mileham of Burlingham)
  i. Edward Tenison, Bishop of Ossory (bpt 03.04.1673, d 1735)
  BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan), which identifies her Edward's wife as Edward's 1st cousin, provides the following.
  m. Anne Serle
  a. Thomas Tenison (b 1700, d 1742, Archdeacon of Carmarthen, Rector of Chiddingston, Chancellor of Oxford)
  m1. (sps?) _ Potter (dau of (John) Potter, Bishop of Oxford, later Archbishop of Canterbury)
  m2. (1738) Margaret Smith of Nottingham (heiress)
  (1) Thomas Tenison of Kilkeasy (b 1739, d 1788, to Ireland)
  m. Elizabeth Hayden (dau of William Hayden of Croan by dau of Charles Alley (rector of Castlecomer & Gowran) son of the Archdeacon of York)
  (A) Thomas Tenison (d 1823)
  m. Mary Blackmore (dau of Major _ Blackmore)
  (B) Joseph Tenison of Donoughmore Glebe
  m. (1793) Mary O'Brien (dau of Rev. Martyn Lucius O'Brien)
  (i) Thomas Joseph Tenison of Portnelligan (d 23.03.1873) had issue
  m. (11.1831) Margaret Cross (d 23.01.1861, dau of Alexander Cross)
  (ii) Ellen Tenison
  m. John Collins of co. Galway
  (iii) Henrietta Tenison
  m. James Woods of London
  (iv)+ 5 daughters
  (C) Anne Tenison
  m. William Lane (vicar general of Lismore & Waterford, recorder of Waterford)
  (D) Mary Tenison
  m1. Joseph Cuffe of Charleston
  m2. Joseph Hayden of Greenville
  (E) Margaret Tenison
  m. Trevor Lennigan
  (2) Henrietta St. Eloy Tenison (d unm)
  b. Henrietta Tenison
  m. _ St. Eloy of Canterbury
  c.+ 4 daughters
  ii. other issue (dvpsp)
  C. Edward Tenison of Lambeth (dsp?)
2. ?? Tenison
  A. ?? Tenison
i. Thomas Tenison of Carrickfergus (a 1645, 1682, Major, to Ulster)
  Thomas is the first given by BLG1886 (Tenison of Loughbawn), BLGI1912 & BIFR1976 which (between them) provide the following.
  a. Richard Tenison, Bishop of Meath (b 1642, d 29.07.1708)
  m1. ??
(1) Henry Tenison of Dillonstown, co. Louth (b 1666, d 1709)
  m. (1695) Ann Moore (b 1676, d 10.01.1708, dau of Thomas Moore of Croghan, sister of 1st Baron Tullamore)
  (A) Thomas Tenison (b c1706, d 1779, judge, 2nd son)
  m. (06.07.1732) Dorothy Upton (dau of Thomas Upton, uncle of 1st Baron Templetown)
  (i) Richard Tenison of Thomastown, co. Louth (b 1734, d 1759)
  partner unknown
  (a) Elizabeth Tenison
  m1. (1773) Henry Bellingham of Castle Bellingham (d 08.09.1800, Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Rev. W. Cotymoor
  (ii) Thomas Tenison (bpt 20.03.1736, dsp, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Norton
(iii)+ other issue (d infant) - Henry (bpt 17.01.1735), Sarah (bpt 04.09.1433)
  (B) Mary Tenison (b 1699, d 1785)
  m. (14.07.1722) Nicholas Coddington of Drogheda (d 11.1737)
  (C)+ other issue - Richard (b 1704, d 1709), Elizabeth (b 1697), Anne (b 1700, d unm 1722)
  m2. Anne Norbury (d 1696, dau of John Norbury)
  (2) Richard Tenison of Thomastown & Laugh Bawn, Sheriff of oc. Monaghan (b 1684, d 29.11.1725)
  m. (c1705) Margaret Barton (dau/heir of William Barton of Carrick Castle, m2. Rev. Patrick Delany)
  (A) William Tenison of Thomastown & Laugh Bawn 'of Philipstown' (dsp 1728)
  m. (1727) Maria Townley of Melefont
  (B) Elizabeth Tenison (dsp)
  m. (16.12.1731) Robert Rochfort, 1st Earl of Belvedere (b 1708, d 1774)
  (C) Margaret Tenison (d unm 1742)
  (3) John Tenison (b 1686, dsp 1725)
  (4) Norbury Tenison of Carrickmacross, co. Monaghan (b 10.06.1691)
  BLG1886 shows Norbury's wife as Elizabeth, sister of John Fitch, and reports that, apart from William, they had 2 daus: Anne (Mrs. Mews) and Mrs. Fitch. We follow BLGI1912 & BIFR1976 in showing as follows.
  m. (07.12.1709) Elizabeth Eccleston (d before 21.05.1772, dau of William Eccleston of Drumshallon by Rose, dau of Capt. James Brabazon)
  (A) William Tenison of Priorland (co. Louth) & Lough Bawn (co. Monaghan) (b 1715, d 02.04.1750)
  m. Margaret Woods (dau of John Woods of Lisanisk, m2. William Richards of Coolderry)
  (i) William Barton Tenison of Lough Bawn, Sheriff (b 08.01.1743-4, d 1818)
  m1. (1765) Charity Noble (dau of Adam Noble of Longfield)
  (a) Anne Tenison (b 1768)
  m. (c1800) William Finch
  (b) Dorothy Tenison (b 30.08.1771, dsp)
  m. John Spitall of Douglas, Isle of Man
(c)+ other issue (d infant)
  m2. Margaret Cosnahan (dau of Michael Cosnahan of Ballybrewery)
  (d) William Barton Tenison of Lough Bawn, Sheriff (b 07.07.1784, d 01.03.1840, Captain) had issue
  m. (13.01.1803) Isabella Cosnahan (d 22.08.1856, dau of John Cosnahan of the Isle of Man, cousin)
  (e) Barton Tenison of Douglas (b 1793, d 1848, Major) had issue
  m. Emily Byne (dau of Capt. George Byne)
  (f) Elizabeth Tenison
  m. Robert Cochran of Strabane
  (g) Margaret Tenison (d 08.11.1864)
  m. (1819) Richard Murray (d 1843, Colonel, son of Lord Henry)
(h)+ other issue - Thomas (b 28.07.1785, d 14.06.1876), Henry (b/d 07.1789), Michael (b 1791, d unm 1853
  (ii)+ other issue (d infant) - Elizabeth, Anne, Charity
  (B) Anne Tenison (d 1750)
  m. (c1734) William Fitch of Ballymackney (d 1738)
  (5) Thomas Tenison of Maryborough (Queen's Co.) & Finglas (co. Dublin), Sheriff of co. Louth (b 1692, d 04.05.1764, Captain)
  m. (before 1730) Alice Mosse (d 17.08.1775, dau of Rev. William Mosse of Maryborough)
  (A) Thomas Tenison, Sheriff of co. Leitrim & Drumkirk (b c1730, d 05.04.1808)
  m. (30.05.1758) Mary Anne Degennes (d 1764, dau of Col. John Daniel Degennes of Portarlington)
(i) Thomas Tenison of Caslte Tenison (later called Kilronan Castle), Sheriff (b c1759, d 1835, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (1803) Frances Anne King (d 05.1812, dau of Edward, 1st Earl of Kingston)
  m2. (07.07.1815) Mary Anne Goore (d 1842, dau of Lt. Col. Goore of Golder's Hill, Scrutton & Hanswell)
  (B) Anne Tenison
  m. (1754) James Edwards of Old Court (d 1780, Sheriff, Lt. Col).
  (i) Tenison Edwards 'of Old Court'
  m. Charity Barrington (dau of John Barrington)
(a) Annabella Edwards (b 1791, d 18.09.1868)
  m. (11.05.1808) Henry Harstonge Pery, 'Viscount Glentworth' (dvp, son of Earl of Limerick)
  (ii)+ other issue
  (C) Mary Jane Tenison (d 16.02.1795)
  m. (1759) Richard Henry Roper (d 11.1810, son of 8th Baron Teynham)
  (6) William Tenison of Finglas, co. Dublin (b 1696, d 01.1758)
  m. Harriet Percy (dau of Robert Percy of Dublin)
  (A)+ issue - Richard, Harriet, Elizabeth, Anne
  (7) Elizabeth Tenison
  m. (1705/6) Michael Cole of Derry (brother of Arthur, 1st Lord Ranlagh)
  (8) Maria Tenison
  m. Samuel Raymond
  b. William Tenison of Carrickfergus (a 1682)
  (1)+ issue - William (d 1750, Lt. Colonel), Richard (a 1705)
  c. Robert Tenison of Carrickfergus (a 1682)
  (1) Robert Tenison of Trim, co. Meath (dsp)
  m. Anne
  (2) Dudley Tenison (b c1669, dsp by 1719)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Tenison), BLG1886 (Tenison of Loughbawn), BLGI1912 (Tenison of Loguhbawn) with input from BLG1886 (Tenison of Portnelligan) as reported above
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