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Families covered: Thelwall of Bathafarn Park, Thelwall of Llanbedr, Thelwall of Nantclwyd, Thelwall of Plas Coch, Thelwall of Plas Einion

John Thelwall of Bathafarn Park, Llandbedr
m. Margaret (dau of John ap David ap Meredydd, of Bach y Graig)
1. John Wynne Thelwall of Bathafarn Park (b c1528, d 29.10.1586)
  m. Jane Griffith (b c1525, d 12.12.1585, dau of Thomss Griffith of Pant Llongde)
  A. John Thelwall of Bathafarn Park (d 1630)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Robert ap John Wynn, of Bryn Cynwrig)
i. John Thelwall of Bathafarn Park & Plas Coch (b c1585, d 1664)
  m. Jane Morgan (dau of Edward Morgan of Gwylgre aka Golden Grove)
  a. John Thelwall of Gray's Inn & Plas Coch
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Wynn (dau of Sir John Wynn of Gwydir, Bart)
  m2. Anne Davies (dau of Robert Davies of Gwysanan)
  (1) Mary Thelwall of Bathafrn Park
  m. Robert Price of Rhiwlas (son of Roger)
  (2) JaneThelwall (bur 20.11.1749) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Whyte of Friars (bur 18.09.1728)
(3)+ other issue - John, Anne
  b. Eubule Thelwall of Gray's Inn & Nantclwyd
  m. Mary Parry (dau/heir of William Parry of Pont y Gol or Nantclwyd)
  (1) William Thelwall of Nantclwyd
(A) Eubule Thelwall of Nantclwyd
  (i) Martha Thelwall of Nantclwyd
  m. Andrew Kendrick of Woore Manor & Plas Cerniogau
  (ii) Dorothy Thelwall (bur 30.04.1745) probably of this generation
  m. John Puleston (b 1694, bur 27.12.1737)
  (2) Eubule Thelwall
  m. (Susan) Puleston (dau of ?? Puleston of Emral)
  (A) Mary Thelwall probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Puleston of Emral (dsp 1734)
  (3) Mary Thelwall
  m. John Lloyd of Rhiwaedog
  (4) Dorothy Thelwall
  m. Edward Thelwall of Ruthin
  (5) Jane Thelwall (d 23.02.1711-2)
  m. Humphrey Jones of Plas yn Ddol & Craflwyn
  (6) Anne Thelwall
m. Thomas Roberts of Llanrhudd (d 07.06.1708)
  (A) Eubule Roberts of Llanrhaiadr Hall (b 1704-5, d 07.04.1765)
  m. Mary Massie (d 1770, dau of John Massie of Coddington)
  (7)+ other issue - Orlando, Bevis
  c. Catherine Thelwall
  m. John Wynn of Copa'r Goleuni
  d. Dorothy Thelwall
  m. John Griffith of Bloxham
  e. Jane Thelwall (d 1684)
  m. John Dolben of Segrwyd (son of William)
  f. Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. Charles Salusbury of Pool Park (son of William of Rug)
  g. Mary Thelwall
  m. Pierce Conwy of Rhuddlan
  h. Martha Thelwall
  m. Peter Williams of Plas Onn
i. Judith Thelwall
  m. Eubule Hughes of Disserth
  j. Sarah Thelwall
  m. Rowland White of Ruthin
  k. Hester Thelwall
  m. Mathew Pryse of Park
  l.+ other issue (d young) - 10 sons and 2 daughters
  ii. Ambrose Thelwall of Cefn Coch (youngest son)
  The following comes from 'A Memoir of Gabriel Goodman' by Rev. Richard Newcome (1825, Appendix S).
  m. Catherine Goodman (dau of Gabriel Goodman by Jane Goodman)
  a. Ambrose Thelwall
  m. Dorothy Lloyd of Estyn
  (1) Catherine Thelwall
  m. Peter Williams
  (A) Jane Williams
  m. Mawris Jones (son of Hugh in Dol in Edernion)
(2) Ann Thelwall
  m. _ Lewis
  (A)+ issue - Ambrose Thelwall, Ann (dsp)
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - Abmrose, Ggras, Elsbeth, Jane
  b. Jane Thelwall
  iii. Jane Thelwall
  m. Simon Parry of Pont y Gof
  iv. Mary Thelwall
  m. Edward Wynn of Llannefydd
  v. (Elizabeth) Thelwall
  m. Thomas Lloyd of Plas Einion
  vi. Barbara Thelwall
  m1. Thomas Lloyd of Llangwyfan
  m2. Robert Williams of Ruthin
vii. Dorothy Thelwall
  m. Harry Ashpool of Llandyrnog
  viii. Catherine Thelwall
  m. Thomas _ of Llandyrnog
  ix. Magdalene Thelwall
  m. John Lloyd of Llanynys
  x.+ other issue - Eubule, Anthony
  B. Robert Thelwall of Plas Einion (3rd son)
  m. Margaret (dau/coheir of Thomas ap Roger, of Plas Einion)
  i. John Thelwall of Plas Einion
  m. Mary Owen (dau of Thomas Owen of Llanfair Talhaiarn)
  ii. Hugh Thelwall
  iii. Ann Thelwall
  m. John Jones of Ruthin
  iv. Jane Thelwall
  m1. Robert James of Efenechtyd
  m2. John ap John Griffith, of Llanfwrong
C. Richard Thelwall of Llanbedr, co. Denbigh
  m. Margaret Lloyd (dau of John Lloyd of Plas Llanbedr)
  i. Edward Thelwall
  m. Jane Owen (dau /heir of Richard Owen ap Hugh ap Ieuan, of Coedana)
  a. Edward Thelwall of Llanbedr Hall
m. Anne Lloyd (dau of Sir Edward Lloyd of Berth Llwyd)
  (1) Simon Thelwall of Llanbedr Hall (b 1656)
  m. Mary Pennant (dau of Pyers Pennant of Bychton)
  (A) Edward Thelwall of Llanbedr Hall
  m. Laetitia Read (dau/coheir of John Read of Maesmawr)
  (i) Edward Thelwall of Llanbedr Hall (b 1711)
  m. Anne Lloyd (dau of Foulk Lloyd of Bryn Lluarth)
(a) Edward Thelwall, last of Llanbedr Hall (Rev.)
  m. Mary Elizabeth Baldwyn (d 15.06.1828, dau of Rev. John Baldwyn of Hoole)
  ((1)) Edward Thelwall (b 1781, d 1870?, rector of Llanbedr) had issue
  m. Sarah Buckle (dau of Lewis Buckle of Rogate Lodge)
  ((2)) Bevis Thelwall of Brynffynon had issue
  m. Mary Elizabeth Buckle (dau of Lewis Buckle of Rogate Lodge)
  ((3)) Marianne Thelwall (b 11.07.1785, d 01.03.1865) probably of this generation
  m. (03.1824) Thomas Bulkeley Hatchett, later Bulkeley-Owen of Tedsmore (b 16.07.1790, d 27.04.1867)
  ((4))+ other issue (dsp) - Miles John, Richard
  (2)+ 2 daughters
  ii. Simon Thelwall of Gray's Inn (b 1600-1)
  iii. Elizabeth Thelwall
  m. Piers Wynn of Leeswood
  iv. Jane Thelwall
  m. John Lloyd of Plas y Clawdd, Ruabon
  D. Thomas Thelwall (6th son)
i. Dorothy Thelwall
  m. Robert Davies of Ruthin
  E. Simon Thelwall (b c1561?, registrar of Bangor) had issue
  m. Ann Biggs of Essex
  F. Sir Bevis Thelwall
  m1. Elizabeth Allen
  m2. ?? (Mrs. Peryn of London)
  m3. Elizabeth (Mrs. Champion of London)
  This was possibly the Sir Bevis Thelwall of Llanrhydd who was father of Margaret though, if so, by which wife is not known.
  i. Margaret Thelwall possibly of this generation
  m. John Lloyd of Bodidris
  G. Catherine Thelwall
  m1. Lewis Lloyd of Llanarmon
  m2. Thomas Wynne of Dyffryn Aled
  H. Gwen Thelwall
  m. John Wynn of Llanferras
  I. Ann Thelwall
  m. David Wynn of Llangynhafal
  J. Lowry Thelwall
  m. Gruffydd Wynn (vicar of Nantmel)
  K.+ other issue - Edward, Sir Eubule of Oxford (b c1562, d unm 08.10.1630), Ambrose (b 1571, d 1663)
2. Gwen Thelwall
  m. Richard Warburton Holl
3. Jane Thelwall
  m. John ap Llewelyn ap Edward ap Gruffydd, of Garth Gynan
4. Dows Thelwall
  m. Rhys Wynn ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Twna, of Bodeugan

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Bathafarn Park & Plas Coch, p369)
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