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Families covered: Thistlethwayte of Norman Park, Thistlethwayte of Southwick, Thistlethwayte (Thistlethwaite) of Winterslow

?? Thistlethwaite of Yorkshire
1. Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow, Wiltshire
  A. Robert Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (dsp before 24.04.1557)
  B. Giles (Egidius) Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (dsp before 24.10.1574)
C. John Thistlethwayte of Humberston, later of Winterslow (dsp before 16.11.1599)
  D. Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (d by 1623)
  m. Joan Moore of Winterslow
  i. Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (b 1584, d 20.01.1647)
  m. Dorothy Penruddocke (d 01.11.1657, dau of Sir Edward Penruddocke of Compton Chamberlayne)
  a. Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (b 14.07.1611, d 18.12.1670)
  m. Cecilia Hungerford (d 1637, dau of Sir Anthony Hungerford of Black Bourton and Farley)
(1) Alexander Thistlethwayte 'of Norman Court' (b 11.04.1636, d 20.01.1715)
  m. Catherine Chaldecot (d 26.02.1673-4, dau of Andrew Chaldecot of Whiteway)
  (A) Francis Thistlethwayte of Winterslow
  m. (1683) Mary Pelham (dau of Major Robert Pelham of Compton Vallance)
  (i) Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow (b 1686)
  m. (1717) Mary Whitehead (dau of Richard Whitehead of Norman Court, heiress of the family of Norton of Southwick)
  (a) Alexander Thistlethwayte of Winterslow
  m. (30.12.1741) Sarah Randall
  ((1))+ 3 daughters
(b) Francis Thistlethwayte, later Whitehead or Whithed of Southwick & Norman Court (b 1719, dspl 30.03.1751, MP)
  partner unknown ("his Italian mistress")
  ((1)) daughter
(c) Robert Thistlethwayte of Southwick & Norman Court (b 1720, d 25.03.1767, Rev.)
  m. Anne Bathurst (dau of Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park by Selina Shirley)
  ((1)) Robert Thistlethwayte of Southwick (b 1755, d 22.10.1802)
  m. (01.01.1788) Selina Frederick (dau of Sir Thomas Frederick, 3rd Bart)
  ((A)) Alexander Thistlethwayte (dvp 1801, 2nd son)
  m. (1801) Eliza Mary Bettesworth (d 09.11.1846, dau of Joseph Bettesworth)
((B)) Thomas Thistlethwayte of Southwick Park, Sheriff of Hampshire (b 14.09.1779, d 14.09.1850) had issue
  m1. (04.1803) Mary Anne Guitton (d 1821, dau of John Guitton of Little Park)
  m2. (1827) Tryphena Bathurst (d 18.10.1862, dau of Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich)
  ((C)) Henry Frederick Thistlethwayte had issue
  m. Mary Olive (dau of Charles Olive)
  ((D))+ other issue - Robert (dvp unm), Frederick (d 1807), Eliza (d unm 1837)
  ((2)) Alexander Thistlethwayte (d 16.03.1827, rector of West Tytherley and Broughton)
  ((3)) Selina or Anne Thistlethwayte (d 20.10.1798)
  m. (20.08.1777) Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield (b 10.11.1755, d 29.08.1815)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Thistlethwayte
  m. (1784) Arthur Stanhope (b 10.1752, d 24.08.1836)
  b.+ other issue - Francis (b c1618), Dorothy (b c1605), Maria (b c1606), Johanna (b c1608), Elizabeth (b c1613), Bridget (b c1614), Frances (b c1615), Anna (b c1616)
  E. Richard Thistlethwayte
  F. Margaret Thistlethwayte
  m. _ Batt
  G. Dorothy Thistlethwayte
  m. Simon Purdine
  H. Margery Thistlethwayte
  m. Thomas Oldfield
2. Richard Thistlethwaite
  A. Giles Thistlethwaite of Winterslow
  i. Robert Thistlethwaite (dsp)
  ii. Alexander Thistlethwaite of Winterslow
  m. Mary Lisle (dau of Thomas Lisle or Lisley of Wood Eaton, Isle of Wight)
  a. Peregrine Thistlethwaite of Winterslow
m. Maria Knight (dau of John Knight of Barsted)
  (1) Peregrine Thistlethwaite (b c1606)
  m. Dorothy Thistlethwaite (dau of Alexander Thistlethwaite)
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (b c1613), Francis (b c1617), John (b c1622)
  b. Alexander Thistlethwaite of London & Danbury
  m1. (sp) Maria Fillioll (dau of John Fillioll of Rayne)
  m2. Elizabeth Vachell (dau of John Vachell of Warfield)
  c. John Thistlethwaite
  m. Johanna Gray (relict of Richard Bowes of Humberston)
  d. Giles (Egidius) Thistlethwaite
  (1)+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1613), Robert (b c1622), Maria, Anna, Elizabeth, Lucy, Susan
  e. Thomas Thistlethwaite
  m. Mary (dau of Alexander Pascall of Badowe)
  f. Elizabeth Thistlethwaite
  m. Robert Kircher
  g. Mary Thistlethwaite
  m. William Gomelton of Wiltshire

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Borthwick-Norton (formerly Thistlethwayte) formerly of Southwick Park), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Thistlethwaite) with just a little support from Visitation (Essex, 1634, Thistlethwaite)
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