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Families covered: Thompson of Bradfield, Thompson of Elsham, Thompson of Haversham

Collins reports that "Of this family which came out of the North, and settled in Lincolnshire" was ...
Robert Thompson (a temp Henry VIII who d 1547)
1. Maurice Thompson of Cheshunt or Cheston, Hertfordshire
  m. Catherine Hervey
  A. Robert Thompson of Wootton, Hertfordshire (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of John Halshead or Fleet of Watton (Wootton))
i. Maurice Thompson of Haversham (bur 1671)
  Collins identifies Maurice's wife as Ellen, daughter of John Owen "a descendant of the ancient family of the Owens in Pembrokeshire" but TCP (Haversham) names her as ...
  m. Dorothy (or Ellen) Vaux (d c1673, dau of John Vaux of Pembrokeshire)
  a. Sir John Thompson, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, 1st Bart, 1st Lord of Haversham (b c1648, d 01.11.1710)
  m1. (14.07.1668) Frances Annesley (b c1648, d 03.03.1704/5, dau of Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey)
  (1) Maurice Thompson, 2nd Lord of Haversham (b 1675, d 11.04.1745)
  m1. Elizabeth Smith (d 21.02.1711/2, dau/heir of John (not Christopher) Smith of Hertfordshire)
(A) Elizabeth Thompson
  m. (1724) John Carter of Weston Colville
  (i) Elizabeth Carter
  m. _ Hall of Wratten Park (General)
  (a) John Hall of Weston Colville
(b) Elizabeth Anne Hall
  m. John Morse of Sprowston Hall
  (B) Anne Thompson (dsp 1737)
  m. Richard Reynolds (son of Richard, Bishop of London)
  m2. (16.08.1737) Elizabeth Annesley (d 05.11.1772, dau of Richard Annesley, 3rd Lord Altham)
  (2) George Thompson (dsp)
(3) Helen Thompson
  m. Thomas Gregory (rector of Tudding or Toddington)
  (A) John Wentworth Nanzianzen Gregory
  (i) Frances Annesley Gregory
  m. (1772) Robert Austen of Shalford
  (4) Elizabeth Thompson
  m. Joseph Grange or George
  (5) Mary Thompson (d 22.01.1718)
  m. (06.01.1701-2) Arthur Annesley, 5th Earl of Anglesey (dsp 01.04.1737)
  (6) Frances Thompson
  m. (1705) Thomas Armstrong (b 1661, d 07.01.1747-8)
  (7) Martha Thompson (d 09.02.1715)
  m. (28.04.1704) Sir John Every, Bart of Eggington
(8) Catherine Thompson
  m. _ White
  (9) Dorothy Thompson
  m. _ Beckford (captain)
  (10) Althamia Thompson (d 22.10.1745)
  m. (Matthew) Priaux (Priaulx) of Bristol
  m2. (10.05.1709) Martha ?? (b 1647, bur 13.03.1724, widow of _ Grahame)
b. Robert Thompson of Culpho probably of this generation
  (1) Susannah Thompson (d 07.07.1742)
  m. (07.08.1683) Sir Robert Dukinfield, 1st Bart of Dukinfield (b c1642, d 06.11.1729)
  c. Catherine Thompson
  m. Sir John Wittewronge of Rothamstead
  d. daughter
  m. _ Oldfield
  e. Martha Thompson
  m. Nicholas Correllis (Corsellis) of London
  f. Elizabeth Thompson
m. Sir Joseph Alston, Bart of Chelsea (d 14.03.1688-9)
  ii. George Thompson (b 1607, a 1650, Colonel, MP)
  a. son (dsp)
  iii. Sir William Thompson of Osterley and Bradfield (b 1612, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Warner (dau of Samuel Warner, son of John, son of Robert of Ratcliff)
  a. Sir Samuel Thompson of Bradfield
  m. Mary Buller (dau of George Buller, son of Sir Richard of Shillingham)
  (1) William Thompson of Bradfield
  (A) ?? Thompson
  (i)+ issue - William of Bradfield, Maurice
  (2) Thomas Thompson (d 1722, 5th son)
  (A) Thomas Thompson
  (3)+ 3 sons and 5 daughters
  b. Elizabeth Thompson
  m. (1664) Sir Thomas Hooke, Bart
  iv. Robert Thompson of Elsham (b 1621, Major)
  a. William Thompson of Elsham
  (1) ?? Thompson
  (A)+ issue - William of Elsham, Robert
  b. Joseph Thompson
  (1) Joseph Thompson of Nonsuch Park
  c. Frances Thompson
  d. Mary Thompson
  m. Thomas Wheatley
  e. Elizabeth Thompson
  m. Stamp Brookshank of Hackney
  v. Elizabeth Thompson
  m. _ Stokes (parson of Wootton)
  a.+ issue - John, George, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, Ellen
  v1.+ other issue - Patrick (b 1611, dsp), 2 daughters

Main source(s): Collins (1741, vol 4, Thompson, Lord Haversham) with support from BE1883 (Thompson of Haversham), BEB1841 (Thompson of Haversham), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Thompson, Baron Haversham, and Baronet', p188)
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