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Families covered: Trenchard of Cutteridge, Trenchard of Hordhill, Trenchard of Litchett Maltravers, Trenchard of Normington, Trenchard of Wolverton (Wolfeton)

Paganus Trenchard of Hordhill, Isle of Wight
1. William Trenchard (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  A. Robert Trenchard
  i. Henry Trenchard of Hordhill
  a. Sir Henry Trenchard
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Walerand)
  (1) John Trenchard of Hordhill
  (A) John Trenchard of Hordhill
  m. Margaret (a 1320)
  (i) Richard Trenchard of Hordhill (a 1329)
(a) Richard Trenchard (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272 (?))
  m. Margaret Damarell (dau/coheir of Sir William Damarell of Hinton)
  ((1)) John Trenchard
  m. Sibel Moleins (dau/heir of William Moleins (by Margaret, dau/coheir of Robert Coates of Fairoak), relict of William Walleis)
  ((A)) Richard Trenchard
  Visitation starts with Richard father of Henry father of Egidius father of the Henry who m. Cristian Mohun. We follow BLG1952 which omits that Egidius and note that BLG1952 shows an Egidius below as a distant cousin.
  m. Margaret (m2. Robert Dingle)
  ((i)) Baldwin Trenchard
  ((ii)) Henry Trenchard (a 1425)
  ((a)) Henry Trenchard of Hordhill (d c1476) - continued below
  m. Christiana Mohun (dau/heir of John Mohun)
  (B) Walerand Trenchard
  (i) Henry Trenchard of Schaldfline
  m. Eleanora
  (a) Henry Trenchard (d 1364-5)
  ((1)) Egidius (Giles)Trenchard
  ((A)) daughter
  m. John Depden
  (ii) John (aka Walerand) Trenchard
  (a) Richard Trenchard
  (2)+ other issue - Walerand, daughter
  b.+ other issue - Baldwin, William
  B.+ 2 sons



Henry Trenchard of Hordhill, later also of Ham Mohun & Wolfeton (d c1476) - continued above
m. Christiana Mohun (dau/heir of John Mohun of Ham Mohun by Joanna, dau/heir of John Jordan of Wolfeton)
1. Sir John Trenchard of Wolfeton (Dorset), Sheriff (a 1509)
  m1. Margarita Wyke (dsp, dau of John Wyke of Byndon)
  m2. Eleanor Philiole (dau of John Philiole or Fillioll of Woodland)
A. Sir Thomas Trenchard of Hordhill & Wolfeton or Wolverton
  m1. Elizabeth Strangeways (dau of Henry Strangeways)
  m2. Anna de la Lynde (dau of Thomas de la Lynde)
  i. Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton
  m. Eleanor Strangeways (dau of Sir Giles Strangeways of Ailesbury, m2. Thomas Carew, son of John of Anthony)
a. Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton or Wolverton
  m. Eleanora Horsey (dau of Sir John Horsey of Clifton)
  (1) Sir George Trenchard of Wolfeton or Wolverton
  m1. Anne Speke (dau of Sir George Speke of White Lackington)
  (A) Sir Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton (a 1640)
  m. Elizabeth Morgan (sister/coheir of Christopher Morgan, widow of _ Motford)
  (i) Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton
  m. Hannah Hanley (dau of Robert Hanley or Henley of Bramshill)
(a) Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton or Wolverton
  m. Anne Erle (dau of Thomas Erle of Charborough)
  ((1)) Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton (a 1701, MP, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Henning (d 1725, dau of Henry Henning of Pokeswell)
  ((A)) Mary Trenchard of Wolfeton (b 20.04.1694)
  m. George Trenchard @@ just below
  ((3)) Mary Trenchard (bur 02.09.1739)
  m. Thomas Turberville of Bere Regis
(b) Sir John Trenchard of Bloxwich (d 1694, Secretary of State, later Chief Justice of Chester)
  m. Phillippa Speke (dau of George Speke of White Lackington, m2. Daniel Sadler)
  ((1)) George Trenchard 'of Wolveton & Lytchett Maltravers'
  m. Mary Trenchard of Wolfeton (cousin) @@ just above
  ((A)) George Trenchard of Wolfeton (d 12.10.1763)
  m. Mary Serjeant
  ((i)) William Trenchard of Wolfeton or Wolverton
  m. (06.08.1790) Hester Amelia de Burgh (dau of John Smith de Burgh, 11th Earl of Clanricarde)
  ((ii)) George Trenchard (dsp 1808, rector of Lytchett Maltravers)
  m. (1795) Anna Maria Reeves (dau of Sir Thomas Reeves of Holeport)
  ((B)) Henrietta Trenchard (d 1787)
  m. Jocelyn Pickard of Lincoln's Inn & Bloxworth House (d 1789)
  ((C)) Mary Trenchard
  m. Richard Owen Cambridge of Whitminster
((D))+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John of Stourminster Marshal
  ((2)) Elizabeth Trenchard
  m. John Meech of Charminster
  ((3)) Mary Trenchard
  m. Thomas Arnold of Portsmouth
  ((4)) Anne Trenchard
  m. John Bromfield of Haywood
  ((5))+ 3 or 4 sons (dsp)
(c) Elizabeth Trenchard
  m1. John Ivery of Colhay (Every of Cothays) (dsp c1679)
  m2. William Joliffe (MP)
  (d) Anne Trenchard
  m. Walter Erle of Charborough
  (e) Mary Trenchard
  m. John Southby of Carswell
(ii) Anne Trenchard
  m. John Doddington (son of Sir William of Bremer)
  (iii) Elizabeth Trenchard
  m. Thomas Chafin (son/heir of Bampfylde of Chettle)
  (iv) Grace Trenchard
  m. William Poole (son of Sir John of Devon, Bart)
  (v) Bridget Trenchard who married ...
  m. (c1651, sp) Thomas Moore of Hawkchurch & Spargrove
(vi)+ other issue - George (b 1617, had issue), John (d unm), Christopher (d unm), Jane, Penelope, Mary
  (B) John Trenchard of Warmwell, Dorset
  m. Jane Rodney (dau of Sir John Rodney of Rodney Stoke)
  Visitation indicates that John, shown as 3rd son, dsp but BLG1952 shows children as follows ...
  (i) Frances Trenchard
  m. John Bingham of Melcombe (Colonel)
  (ii) Grace Trenchard
  m. William Sydenham of Winford Eagle (Colonel)
(iii) Jane Trenchard
  m. John Sadler
  (iv) Katherine Trenchard probably of this generation
  m. James Frampton of Buckland Ripers (d 1631)
  (v)+ other issue (d unm) - John, Penelope, Elizabeth
  (C) Sir George Trenchard (dsp 1610)
  m1. Elizabeth Whitsan of Bristol
  m2. (1610) Penelope D'Arcy (dau/coheir of Thomas, Earl Rivers, m2. Sir John Gage, 1st Bart of Firle, m3. Sir William Harvey)
(D) Grace Trenchard
  m. Sir John Strangwayes of Melbury (b c1584, d 30.12.1666)
  (E) Elizabeth Trenchard
  m. John Browne (son/heir of Sir John of Frampton)
  (F) Anna Trenchard
  m. Nicholas Strangways (brother of Sir John)
  m2. Jane Bamfield (dau of Hugh Bamfield, widow of Thomas Chaffin of Folke)
  (G) Jane Trenchard
m. (1613) John Williams of Herrington
  (H) Dorothy Trenchard
  m. Henry Champernowne of Dartington (d 1656, son/heir of Arthur)
  (I) Arundell or Arundeld Trenchard
  m. John Freeke or Freake (dau of Sir Thomas of Sherston)
  ii. Richard Trenchard of Normington, Wiltshire
Commoners shows Richard as grandfather of the following William but BLG1952 shows him as father.
  a. William Trenchard of Normington (d by 1591)
  m. Jane Rodney (dau of Maurice Rodney of Rodney Stoke, sister/coheir of Sir George (not Sir John))
  Commoners shows that William & Jane had 4 sons - Francis of Normanton (d 06.11.1635) whose only child was Elizabeth (d infant); Edward of Mount Trenchard (dsp); John (shown below as his grandson, m. Anne Neville); and Henry of Cutteridge whom we show below. We follow BLG1952.
  (1) Francis Trenchard of Normington & Cutteridge (d by 1622)
  m. Mary Georges (dau of Sir Edward Georges of Wraxhall)
(A) John Trenchard of Mount Trenchard & Saltford, Somerset (d before 20.02.1651-4)
  m. Anne Nevile (dau/coheir of Edward Nevile of Keymell, widow of Sir Richard Southwell of Singland)
  (i) William Trenchard of Cutteridge (b 1639-40, d 22.08.1710)
  m. Ellen Norton (dau of Sir George Norton of Abbotsleigh)
  (a) John Trenchard of Cutteridge 'of Abbots Leigh' (b 1662, dsp 16.12.1723)
  m. Anne Blackett (dau of Sir William Blackett, 1st Bart of Wallington)
  (b) Anne Trenchard (dsp)
  m. Richard Baxter
  (c) Elizabeth Trenchard (d unm)
  (d) Frances Trenchard (bpt 05.03.1676)
  m. (1703) John Hippisley of Stanton
  Their 2nd son inherited from Frances's brother John and assumed the name Hippisley-Trenchard.
  (e) Ellen Trenchard (b c1687, d 1752)
  m. Henry Long of Melksham
(B) Frances Trenchard (d 1714) probably of this generation
  m1. (sp) John Tynte of Chelvey
  m2. Sir Edward Nevill (Baron of the Exchequer, Judge)
  (C)+ 3 sons
  (2) Henry Trenchard of Cutteridge (a 12.1661)
  m. Janes Towes of Wilts, Somerset
  (A)+ 7 children (d young)
iii.+ other issue - Egidius (dsp), Christopher (dsp), Editha
  B. Henry Trenchard of Wolveton
  m. Anne Russell (dau of James Russell of Berwick or Barwick, Dorset) possibly here?
  i. Thomas Trenchard of Lichett Maltravers, Dorset
  m. Avis Delalind (sister/coheir of George Delalind or de la Lynde of Clensto')
  a. Henry Trenchard of Litchet Maltrevers
  m. Margaret Drury (dau of Robert Drury of Hegelley)
  (1)+ issue - George, Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary
  b. Anne Trenchard
  m. Edward Lawrence (son/heir of Sir Oliver)
  c. Mary Trenchard
  m. Christopher Twynihoe of Dorset
  d. Anne Trenchard (2nd)
  m. Thomas Wish of Wormister
  e. Jane Trenchard
  m. Edmond Drury of Horton
  f. Elinor Trenchard
  m. George Cooke of Tidworth
  ii. Anne Trenchard possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Williams of Herringston (b 1509, d 1569)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Masters of Stanton Fitzwarren), Commoners (vol IV, Trenchard of Stanton) with some support from Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Trenchard)
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