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Families covered: Thacker of Repton, Tretherff of Tretherff (Trethurff of Trethurff), Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock)

Thomas Thacker of Hyghege (sic), Derbyshire (a 1538, servant to Henry VIII)
1. Gilbert Thacker of Repton, Derbyshire (d by 1562)
  m. Katherine Blackwell of Wendesley
  A. Gilbert Thacker of Repton
  m. Katherine Curzon (dau of Sir George Curzon of Croxall)
  i. Godfrey Thacker of Repton, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b c1582, d 1652)
  m. Jane Harpur (dau of Sir Richard Harpur of Littleover)
  a. Gilbert Thacker of Repton (b c1613, a 1662)
  m. Jane Burdet (dau of Sir Thomas Burdet of Foremark, Bart)
(1) Gilbert Thacker 'of Repton' (d 1684, 2nd son)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Waldron (dau/heir of William Waldron of Great Harborough)
  Visitation ends with this generation. BHO (Magna Brittania, vol 5: Derbyshire, 'Parishes: Packington-Repton') reports that "Gilbert Thacker, Esq., the last of this family, died in 1712, leaving an only daughter, who bequeathed the priory estate to Sir Robert Burdett, Bart.".
  (A) Gilbert Thacker of Repton (d 1712)
  (i) Jane Thacker (d 04.12.1764) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Stanhope of Elvaston (dsp 10.04.1730)
  (B) Jane Thacker (d 04.10.1744) probably of this generation
  m. Charles Stanhope, later Wotton (dsp 06.02.1703-4)
  This may have been the Gilbert who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Elizabeth Marbury (dau of Thomas Marbury of Marbury)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Francis, Godfrey, Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth, Bridget
  b. Godfrey Thacker of Repton (a 1662, 3rd son)
m. Mabell Thomas
  c. Jane Thacker
  m. _ Cramphorne of London
  d. Catherine Thacker
  m. Henry Brookes of Maperley
  e.+ other issue - Francis "of L.I." (d 14.04.1710), John (d unm), Mary, Jane (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  ii. Gilbert Thacker (3dr son)
  m. "an Irish woman"
  a. Susan Thacker
  m. _ Whittingham of Whittingham
  iii. Catherine Thacker
  m. William Ratcliffe of Mellor
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Jane
  B. Richard Thacker of Repton (d unm)
2. Edward Thacker had issue



John Tretherff
m. _ Trenowith
1. Reynold Tretherff or Trethurff of Trethurff
  m. Margaret St. Aubyn (dau/coheir of John St. Aubyn)
A. John Trethurff of Trethurff (Tretherffe of Tretherffe) (d 20.06.1510)
  m. Elizabeth Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnock)
  i. Thomas Trethurff of Trethurff (Tretherffe of Tretherffe) (b 1476-7. d 10.09.1529)
  m. Maude Trevisa (dau/heir of _ Trevisa of Trevisa)
  a. Elizabeth Tretherff or Trethurff (b c1501)
  m. John Vivyan of Trelowarren
  b. Margaret Tretherff or Trethurff (b c1503, d 1576)
  m1. John Boscawen
  m2. Edward Courtenay
m3. Richard Buller
  ii. Reynold Tretherff or Trethurff
  m. Margery Nanskill (dau/heir of _ Nanskill of Nanskill)
a. John Tretherff or Trethurff
  m. Elizabeth Mallett (dau of Baldwin Mallett of Devon)
  (1)+ issue - Anne, Jenifer
  b. Thomas Tretherff or Trethurff of Tremayne
  c. Margaret Tretherff or Trethurff
m. (20.06.1559) Thomas Holcombe
  iii. Catherine Tretherff or Trethurff
  m1. John Skewys
  m2. John Reskymer
  iv. Johanna Tretherff or Trethurff
  m. John Tregarthian
  a. Johanna Tregarthian
  Vivian shows Johanna as married to Edward Menwyneck. However, Commoners (vol IV, Nicolas of London) reports that Joan married John Wadham of Merrifield whilst BHO (Magna Brittania, vol 6, Devonshire, 'Antiquities: ancient church architecture') suggests that she was first married to ...
  m1. John Kelloway
  m2. John Wadham of Merrifield
2. Jane Tretherff or Trethurff
  m. John Trevenor



Richard FitzHenry of Tarbock, Lancashire
1. Richard de Tarbock
  A. Sir Henry de Tarbock or Torbock (a 1247)
  m. Ellen (dau of Jordan de Sankey, sister of Robert)
Flower shows the early generations of this family (down to the Sir William who m. Margery Stanley) in brackets, presumably indicating that they were added to what was actually shown in the Visitation itself. Flower shows Henry & Ellin as parents of Richard (m. Maud Haydock) father of Henry father of Richard (m. Margery Wetnall) father of Henry (m. Isabell) father of Sir Richard & Sir Henry. VCH shows the continuation as follows.
  i. Robert de Tarbock of Tarbock
  a. Ellen de Tarbock (d c1332)
  m1. (before 1283) Henry de Lathom of Tarbock (d before 1304, son of Robert) @@ just below
  m2. John de Torbock (a 1329, brother of William)
2.+ other issue - Robert, Henry
Henry de Lathom of Tarbock (d before 1304)
m. before 1283) Ellen de Tarbock (d c1332, dau/heir of Robert de Tarbock of Tarbock) @@ just above
1. Richard de Torbock or Tarbock of Tarbock (d c1335?)
  A. Richard Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock)
  m1. (div) Margaret (m2. Henry Russell of Chester)
  i. Emma Tarbock
  m. (by 1344) Sir William Carles (a 1354)
  ii.+ other issue - Ellen, Alice (nun)
  m2. Maud de Standish (m2. Henry son of Bernard)
  iv. Henry Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1333, d c1380)
  As indicated above, VCH shows a different ancestry of Henry (father of Sir Richard & Sir Henry) than does Flower. VCH suggests that Richard & Henry had different mothers, as shown below.
  m1. Joan (a 1365)
  a. Sir Richard Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (dsp 08.02.1386-7)
  m. Joan (a 1423)
  m2. (by 1370) Isabel de Capenhurst (dau/heir of Thomas de Caphenhurst, widow of Robert atte Poole)
  b. Sir Henry Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1369, a 1407)
  m1. (div by 1397) Margery Dumvill (dau/coheir of John Dumvill of Oxton & Brimstage (by Cecily), m2. Sir Hugh de Holes)
  m2. Katherine Halsall (dau of Sir Gilbert Halsall)
  (1) John Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (d 30.09.1420)
  m. (1410) Clemency de Standish (dau of Ralph de Standish)
  (A) John Tarbock (b c1411, d 21.07.1421)
  (B) Margaret or Margery Tarbock
  (C) Elizabeth Tarbock
  m. William Orrell
  (2) Sir William Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1399, d before 1447, 3rd son)
m1. Jane Hudleston shown by Foster as mother of ...
  (A) Richard Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (a 1472)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) Sir Henry Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (dsp 01.05.1489)
  m. Agnes Frevill
(ii) Sir William Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1464, d 05.05.1505)
  m. Margery Stanley (dau of John Stanley of Weaver by Elizabeth (who m2. Sir John Done of Utkinton))
(a) Thomas Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1496-7, d 20.09.1554)
  m. Elizabeth Moore (dau of William Moore of Bankehowse)
  ((1)) William Tarbock of Tarbock (Torbock of Torbock) (b c1526, d c1558)
  m. Catherine Gerard (dau of Sir Thomas Gerard of the Brynne)
  ((A))+ issue - Frances (b c1556), Margaret (b c1558)
  ((2)) Edward Tarbock, last of Tarbock (Torbock) (d by 1608)
  m. Dorothe Cotton (dau of Sir George Cotton of Combermere)
  ((A)) Sir Edward Tarbock or Torbock (d 28.05.1617) had issue?
  m. Margaret Norris (dau of Edward Norris)
  ((B)) other issue - Thomas, Mary
  ((3)) Margaret Tarbock
  m. William Irelande of Lydiate
  ((4)) Alice Tarbock
  m. John Harington of Hyton Haye
  (b) Henry Tarbock
  (c) Richard Tarbock alias Smith of Newcastle
  (d) Margaret Tarbock
  m. _ Dutton of Bispham
  m2. Cecily identified by VCH as widow of William
  (3)+ other issue (a 1407) - Thomas (d by 1421), Robert, Elizabeth, Ellen, Alice

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(2) For Tretherff/Trethurff (uploaded 25.06.13) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Tretherffe of Tretherffe) with a little support from BLG1952 (Buller of Downes)
(3) For Tarbock (uploaded 30.12.13) : Visitation (William Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Tarbock of Tarbock'), VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, 'Townships: Tarbock')
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