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Families covered: Verney of Fermanagh, Verney of Middle Claydon, Verney of Penley (Pendley)
[This page was originally launched as Verney1. It was renamed when earlier generations for another Verney family were found.]

It is thought not unlikely that the following family was connected to that shown on Verney1 but such a connection, if it existed, must have been early on.
Ralph de Verney (a 1216, 1233)
m. Amabel
1. John de Verney (a 1212, 1234)
  m. Alice de Bella Aqua (dau/coheir of Geoffrey de Bella Aqua or Bellew of Fleetmarston)
  A. Ralph de Verney of Fleetmarston (Fleet Marston) & Langley (a 1279)
  Lipscomb shows Ralph as married to Agnes de Wac but she is shown by Lady Verney as wife of another Ralph, uncle of this one.
  i. Robert de Verney of Fleetmarston & Langley (a 1320)
  Lipscomb and Lady Verney disagree on the next few generations. The following tries to find a common path between them but it should be viewed as unlikely to be wholly reliable.
  a. Wiliam de Verney of Langley shown by Lady Verney as brother but by Lipscomb as father of ...
  b. John de Verney of Fleetmarston (d 1360?)
  (1) John de Verney of Fleetmarston (d 1390?)
  (A) John de Verney of Fleetmarston (d 1443?) mentioned by Lady Verney but not by Lipscomb
(B) Edward de Verney
  (i) Ralph Verney
  (a) Sir Ralph Verney, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 06.1478)
There is some confusion on the next few generations. Visitation starts with Robert father of Sir Ralph (m. Eleanor Pole) father of Sir John (m. Margaret Whttingham) father of Ralph (m. Margaret Iwardby). That is partly supported by BE1883 which starts with Sir Ralph (wife not named) father of John (m. Margaret Whttingham) father of Ralph (m. Margaret Iwardby). However, BEB1841 starts with Sir Ralph (wife not named) father of John (m. Margaret Iwardby) whilst Lipscomb shows this Sir Ralph (m. Eleanor Pole) as father of Sir Ralph (m. Margaret Whytingham) & Sir Ralph of King's Langley (wife not named, issue not named). The following, which is supported by a Family Tree showing the owners of Claydon (apparently extracted from a handbook produced by the National Trust on Claydon House - kindly provided to us by a contributor: CV, 31.08.09), is as reported by Lady Verney.
  m. Emme (a 1478, widow of _ Pyking)
  ((1)) Sir John Verney of Penley (b c1450, d 31.08.1505) - continued below
  m. Margaret Whittingham (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Whittingham of Penley)
  ((2)) Sir Ralph Verney of King's Langley (d 06.07.1528)
  m. Eleanor Pole (dau of Sir Geoffrey Pole by Edith, dau of Oliver St. John of Bletsoe)
  ((A)) John Verney of Mortlake, Surrey (b c1478, a 07.1540)
  m1. ??
  ((i)) Robert Verney (dsp)
  ((ii)) Mary Verney
  m. Lewis Reynolds
  m2. Dorothy
  The following are shown by Lady Verney as of this generation but by Lipscomb as daughters of Sir Ralph & Eleanor Pole. Margaret is shown by BEB1841 as dau of John by Margaret Iwardby and by BE1883 as dau of Sir Ralph by Margaret Iwardby.
  ((3)) Margaret Verney
  m. (1467) Sir Edward Ralegh of Farnborough
  ((4)) Beatrice Verney
  m. Henry Danvers of London & Cotherop



Sir John Verney of Penley, Sheriff of Hertfordsdhire (b c1450, d 31.08.1505) - continued above
m. Margaret Whittingham (d 1509, dau/heir of Sir Robert Whittingham of Penley, Sheriff of London (son of Sir Robert of Penley by Agnes, dau/heir of Richard Buckland), by Catherine)
1. Sir Ralph Verney of Penley, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire (d 08.05.1525)
  (1) Wrongly (so it appears) called John by BEB1841. Wrongly identified by BE1883 as the Lord Mayor of London.
(2) BE1883 & BEB1841 identified only Margaret Iwardby as a wife of Sir Ralph (John) and so shows her as mother of all of his children. Visitation mentions a Weston as his 2nd wife but does not mention any children of that marriage. Lipscomb & Lady Verney show Margaret Iwardby as mother of Ralph and Anne Weston as mother of the other children.
  m1. Margaret (Margery) Iwardby (d 26.06.1519, dau/coheir of John Iwardby of Quainton or Quinton)
  A. Sir Ralph Verney of Penley or Pendley and Middle Claydon, Sheriff of Bedford & Buckinghamshire (b 1509, d 26.04.1546)
  m. (1529) Elizabeth Braye (d 1573, dau of Edmund Braye, 1st Lord, m2. Sir Richard Catesby of Legers Ashby)
i. Edward Verney of Penley and Middle Claydon (b 1529, dsp 13.12.1558)
  m. Dorothy Peckham (d 23.05.1547, dau of Sir Edward Peckham of Denham)
  ii. Sir Edmund Verney of Penley and Middle Claydon, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire (b 1535, d 11.01.1599-1600, 3rd son)
  m1. Frances Hastings (dsp, dau of John Hastings of Elford, widow of Thomas Fredmayne of North Marston)
  m2. Audrey Gardiner (d 1588, dau of William Gardiner or Gardner of Fulmere, widow of Sir Peter Carew)
  a. Sir Francis Verney of Penley (b 1583, dsp 06.09.1615)
  m. Ursula St. Barbe (b 1587, d 1670, dau of William St. Barbe (by Mary Blakney))
  m3. Mary Blakney (d 1642, dau of John Blakney of Sparrowham, widow of Geffrey Turville of Leicestershire & William St. Barbe)
  BEB1841 & Lipscomb indicate that the following Sir Edmund was of his father's 2nd marriage rather than his 3rd. We follow the other sources in showing Mary Blakeney as mother of ...
b. Sir Edmund Verney of Middle Claydon (b 01.01.1590/07.04.1596, d Edgehill 23.10.1642, standard bearer)
  m. (1612) Margaret Denton (bpt 17.11.1594, d 05.04.1641, dau of Sir Thomas Denton of Hillesden)
  (1) Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Bart of Middle Claydon (b 09.11.1613, d 24.09.1696)
  m. (31.05.1629) Mary Blackwell (b 1616, d 10.05.1650, dau/heir of John Blackwell or Blackwall or Blakenhall of Wasing & Abingdon)
  (A) Edmund Verney 'of East Claydon' (bpt 29.12.1636, dvp 1688)
  m. Mary Abell (dau/heir of William Abell of East Claydon)
  (i) Mary Verney (bpt 23.01.1674, d 10.02.1695-6)
  m. John Kelynge
  (ii)+ other issue - Ralph (bpt 22.02.1666, bur 16.02.1685, Edmund (b c1668, d 28.02.1689-90)
  (B) Sir John Verney, 2nd Bart, 1st Viscount of Fermanaghh (b 05.11.1640, d 23.06.1717)
BE1883 and BP1934 report that John's marriages were (1) Elizabeth Baker, (2) Mary Lawley, and (3) Elizabeth Palmer with the children by Elizabeth Palmer. TCP (Fermanagh) shows as follows which is supported by Lipscomb & BEB1841. [The extract from Lady Verney's book does not follow this line any further.]
  m1. (27.05.1680) Elizabeth Palmer (b 1664-5, d 20.05.1686, dau of Ralph Palmer of Little Chelsea by Alice White)
  (i) Ralph Verney, 2nd Viscount, 1st Earl Verney (bpt 18.03.1683, d 04.10.1752)
  m. (24.02.1707/8) Catherine Paschall (d 28.11.1748, dau/coheir of Henry Paschall of Baddow Hall by Catherine, dau of Sir Henry Appleton, Bart)
  (a) John Verney (bpt 08.04.1711, dvp 03.06.1737)
  m. (07.1736) Mary Nicholson (dsp 1827, dau of Josias Nicholson of Clapham, m2. Richard Calvert)
  ((1)) Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagh (b 21.10.1737, d unm 15.11.1810)
  The Claydon estate passed into the Calvert family through the connection obtained through Mary Nicholson.
(b) Ralph Verney, 2nd Earl Verney (b c1712, dsp 31.03.1791)
  m. (11.09.1740) Mary Herring (b 04.02.1716, d 20.01.1791, dau of Henry Herring of Egham)
  (c) Elizabeth Verney (d 07.06.1756)
  m. (28.06.1748) Bennet Sherard, 3rd Earl of Harborough (bpt 03.09.1709, d 23.02.1770)
  (d) Catherine Verney (d unm 17.08.1750)
  (ii) Elizabeth Verney (b 1680-1, d unm 05.06.1767)
  (iii) Mary Verney (bur 28.04.1769)
  m. John Lovett of Soulbury (Colonel
  (iv) Margaret Verney (d 17.05.1774)
  m. (20.02.1703) Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Bart of Stanford Hall (d 21.04.1719)
  A descendant from this marriage succesfully claimed the barony of Braye in 1839.
  m2. (10.07.1692) Mary Lawley (d 24.08.1694, dau of Sir Francis Lawley, 2nd Bart of Spoonhill)
  (v) John Verney (b c10.1693, bur 25.05.1694)
  m3. (08.04.1696) Elizabeth Baker (dsp 12.12.1736, dau of Daniel Baker of Penn House, alderman of London, by Barbara)
  (C)+ other issue - Ralph (b 06.1647, d 10.1647), Mary (b/d 07.1632), Anna Maria (b 16.09.1634, d 05.1638), Margaret (b 08.01.1638-9, d 10/20.10.1647)
  (2) Susan Verney (b 18.04.1621, dsps 1651)
  m. Richard Alport of Overton
  (3) Penelope Verney (b 19.06.1622, dsps 1695)
  m1. John Denton of Fawley
  m2. Sir J. Osborn (son of Sir Richard of Knockmore Castle)
  (4) Margaret Verney (b 30.09.1623, dsp 1667)
  m. Sir Thomas Elmes of Green's Norton
  (5) Carey or Cary Verney (b 28.12.1626, d 1704)
  m1. Sir Thomas Gardiner of Cuddesdon (d 1645)
  m2. John Stewkeley of Hampshire
  (6) Mary Verney (b 14.04.1628, d 1684)
  m. Robert Lloyd of Chester
(7) Elizabeth Verney (b 12.09.1633, d 1721)
  m. Rev. Charles Adams Clerk of Great Baddow
  (8)+ other issue - Thomas (b 02.11.1615, dsp 1707), Sir Edmund (b 02.11.1616, d unm Drogheda 11.09.1649), Henry (b 19.04.1618, d unm 1671, Colonel), John (b 19.07.1619, d infant), Richard (b 14.02.1629-30, d young)
  iii. Sir Richard Verney, Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (a 1550)
  BE1883 mentions Sir Richard but does not say anything about his descendants. BEB1841 & Lipscomb identify Richard as ancestor of the Lords Willoughby de Broke. It appears that they have confused this Sir Richard with Sir Richard of Compton.
  v. Francis Verney of Syresham, Northamptonshire
  m. Mary Duncombe (dau of John Duncombe of Morton)
  v. Urian Verney 'of Fynmor Lodge' (youngest son)
  m. Lettice Gifford (dau of Sir George Gifford of Middle Claydon)
  a. EdmundVerney
vi. Anne Verney
  m. (mcrt 12.05.1555) Sir Nicholas Poyntz (b c1535, d 01.09.1585)
  vii. Jane Verney
  m. Sir Francis Hinde (d 1595)
  viii.+ other issue - John (dsp before 1558), Ralph
  - John Verney
  BE1883 & BEB1841 show a John Verney of Penley, Sheriff of Bedford & Buckinghamshire then Essex & Hertfordshire (a 1485), as of this generation.
  m2. Anne Weston (dau of Edmund Weston of Boston then Sutton)
  B. Eleanor Verney possibly dau of Margaret Iwardby
  m. Sir Edward Grevill
  C. Catherine Verney possibly dau of Margaret Iwardby
  m. Sir John Conway of Arrow (a 1547)
D. Anne Verney possibly dau of Margaret Iwardby, Lady Verney shows Anne as d unm but Lipscomb shows that she was the Anne who married ...
  m1. William Cave
  m2. Sir Thomas Grey of Enville (d 31.12.1559)
  E.+ other issue - Francis of Salden, Richard
  - Margaret Verney
  Margaret, wife of Sir Edward Raleigh of Farnborough, is shown by BE1883 & BEB1841 as of this generation. We show her above.
  m3. Elizabeth Broughton of London (widow of John Breton, Sheriff of London & Middlesex, m3. John Drew of Bristol)
  partner unknown
  G. Cicely Verney shown here by Lipscomb, probable duplication below
  m. Sir Edward Chamberlaine of Sherbourne
2. John Verney
3. Robert Verney (a 1546)
  m. Agnes (widow of John Bellingham)
4. Cecilia Verney shown here by Lady Verney, probable duplication above
  m. Sir Edward Chamberlaine (b c1480, d 10.09.1543)
5. Anne Verney
  m. _ Dame ## see here ##

Main source(s):
(1) Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Verney of Fleet-Marston, Salden, Middle-Claydon, &c.', p178+)
(2) 'Memoirs of the Verney Family during the Civil War' by Frances Parthenope, Lady Verney (1892) (mentioned here)
Extracts from the above were kindly provided to us by a contributor (CV, 31.08.09) which enabled us to add the top section (on 02.09.09) and review (albeit not always with clear results) certain issues left unsettled by the other sources we used for this page, which sources were ....
(3) BE1883 (Verney of Fermanagh), BEB1841 (Verney of Middle Claydon) with support from BP1934 (Braye), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Verney)
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