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Families covered: Wadsworth of Attercliffe, Wadsworth of Flanshaw, Wadsworth of Horbury, Wadsworth of Sheffield

Although we think it not unlikely that the two families on this page had a common ancestor, we do not know for sure that they were connected. They share this page for our convenience. It is noted that on Wordsworth2 there is a Wordsworth family of Norbury which may also be connected.
John Wardsworth or Wadsworth in Sheffied (bur 30.03.1623)
m. (09.01.1603) Margaret Shemeld (m2. George Smedley)
1. Thomas Wadsworth (bpt 12.02.1604, bur 26.03.1645)
  m. (20.04.1631) Helen Creswick of Sheffield (bur 21.10.1640)
  A. Mary Wadsworth (bpt 29.05.1637)
  m. (29.06.1660) Thomas Jennings
  B. Sarah Wadsworth (bpt 17.02.1632, bur 25.05.1687)
  m. (29.08.1660) Abel Rollinson of Sheffield (ironmonger, m2. Penelope)
  C.+ other issue - James (bpt 29.01.1632, bur 21.01.1636), John (bpt 21.11.1633, bur 16.02.1636), Thomas (bpt 29.11.1635, bur 29.03.1636)
2. John Wadsworth (bpt 25.09.1609, bur 28.02.1670)
  m1. (03.05.1642) Margaret Hibberd of Sheffield (bur 10.04.1643)
  A. William Wadsworth (bpt 02.04.1643, bur 13.04.1643)
  m2. ??
  B.+ other issue - John (bpt 29.06.1654, bur 14.08.1658), William (bpt 11.11.1662), Sarah (bpt 16.07.1648, bur 21.09.1649), Sarah (bpt 22.09.1656)
3. Richard Wadsworth of Sheffield (bpt 18.10.1612, bur 02.03.1670, cutler)
  m. (09.07.1640) Elizabeth Renishaw of Sheffield (bur 10.01.1660)
  A.+ issue - Richard (bpt 05.07.1649, bur 25.01.1649), Anne (bpt 07.04.1642, bur 25.01.1644)
4. William Wadsworth of Sheffield (bpt 09.05.1616, bur 09.07.1652)
  m1. (07.08.1645) Martha Broadley of Sheffield (bur 07.12.1649)
  A. James Wadsworth of Sheffield (bpt 19.09.1647, bur 21.06.1696, 2nd son)
  m. (23.05.1675) Ruth Smith of Sheffield
  i.+ issue (d young) - Mary, Ruth, Martha, Margaret
B.+ other issue - John (bpt 10.05.1646), William (bpt 14.01.1649, bur 22.01.1649)
  m2. (03.07.1650) Elizabeth Newbourne of Sheffield (a 09.1675)
  D. William Wadsworth of Attercliffe (bpt 08.06.1651, d 25.03.1727, maltster)
  m. (11.11.1674) Mary Bate (bpt 12.10.1651, d 26.12.1719, dau of John Bate of Sheffield)
  i. John Wadsworth (bpt 26.03.1678, d 14.05.1745, minister in Sheffield)
  m. (21.03.1715) Rebecca Sylvester (b 17.10.1688, bur 12.01(06).1735, dau/heir of Field Sylvester of Sheffield)
  a. Field Sylvester Wadsworth (b 15.08.1717, d 08.10.1759, minister in Sheffield)
  m. (28.10.1741) Elizabeth Horsfield (bur 09.09.1774, dau of John Horsfield of Sheffield)
  (1) Sylvester Wadsworth of High Town, later in Manchester (bpt 01.03.1752, a 1807, 2nd son)
  m. _ Ogden (dau of rector of Birdsall)
  (A) John Wadsworth of Miller Bridge near Leeds
  m. _ Shaw of Saddleworth
  (B) daughter
  m. John Norcliffe of Mirfield (a 1807)
  (2)+ other issue - John of Sheffield (bpt 09.04.1748, bur 16.04.1785), William (bpt 12.06.1755, d 08.10.1789)
  b. Hepzibah Wadsworth (bpt 12.01.1728)
  m. (18.07.1754) John Nicholson of Sheffield (b 1733, d 30.01.1801)
  c. Dorothy Wadsworth (bpt 23.04.1730)
  m. Samuel Ostliffe of Sheffield (shoemaker)
  d.+ other issue - William (b 1723, d 15.02.1724), Cassandra (bpt 29.07.1716, d unm 07.12.1775), Elizabeth (b 28.12.1724)
  ii. William Wadsworth of Atterclffe (bpt 04.04.1680, bur 21.12.1713)
  m. Rebecca Foljambe (bpt 24.10.1686, d 27.09.1759, dau of Henry Foljambe of Eastwood)
  a. Rebecca Wadsworth
  m. John Wood of Cawthorne
  (1) Foljambe Wood of Barnsley (banker)
  b. Hannah Wadsworth
  iii. Samuel Wadsworth of Atterclffe (bpt 30.06.1692, d 19.10.1744, 4th son)
  m. Ruth Noyland (b 1701, d 14.09.1733, dau of William Noyland, sister/heir of Joseph)
  a. William Wadsworth of Atterclffe (bpt 29.06.1726, d 15.06.1755, farmer)
  m. Phoebe Marriot (dau of John Marriot of Attercliffe)
  (1) Ann Wadsworth (bpt 08.03.1752)
  b. Ruth Wadsworth (bpt 13.03.1735, a 1809)
  m. _ Gray
  c.+ other issue - Rebecca, Grace
  iv. Hepzibah Wadsworth (bpt 03.02.1683, d 29.03.1741)
  m. (29.12.1714) Rev. Jonathan Wilson of Attercliffe (d 03.10.1717)
  a. Jonathan Wilson
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - Matthew of Attercliffe (bpt 20.03.1687, d 26.07.1754, malster), Elizabeth (bpt 10.10.1675, bur 17.12.1734), Mary (bpt 27.12.1684, d 27.02.1751)
5.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 10.01.1619), Mary (bpt 10.01.1619, bur 23.03.1639)



Identified as "of the Wadsworths or Wordsworths of Falthwaite, nr. Stainborough" was ...
William Wadsworth of Horbury near Wakefield (bur 03.11.1691)
m. Elizabeth (bur 27.04.1693)
1. Samuel Wadsworth of Flanshaw & Horbury (d 26.10.1718)
  m1. Gertrude Jackson (b 1631, d 09.06.1695, sister of Peter Jackson of Leeds, widow of ?? Burnet)
  A. Elizabeth Wadsworth
  m. (19.10.1687) Thomas Whitaker of Leeds
  m2. (25.05.1697) Welcome Kirby (dsp bur 13.01.1707, dau of Joshua Kirby of Wakefield)
  m3. (29.09.1715) Elizabeth (widow of _ Lumbe, m3. Thomas Ferrand of Bradford)
2. John Wadsworth of Horbury (b 1648, d 14.08.1708)
  m. Phoebe Kirby (dau of Joshua Kirby of Wakefield)
A. William Wadsworth (b 17.08.1676, d unm)
  B. Samuel Wadsworth (bpt 21.06.1692, dsp)
  m. _ Hutchinson of Wakefield
  C. Mary Wadsworth (b 03.12.1673)
  m. (03.12.1692) Thomas Webster of Dewsbury, Yorkshire
  i. Phoebe Webster (d 06.04.1767)
  m. (23.09.1732) John Priestley of Birstal Fieldhead
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (d infant), William (d young), Samuel (b c1697, d 1741)
  D. Phoebe Wadsworth (b 17.12.1678)
  m. Joseph Sutton of Leeds
  E. Hannah Wadsworth (b 30.11.1684)
m. (19.03.1712-3) Joseph Conder of Leeds
  F. Elizabeth Wadsworth (b 07.03.1686, d 09.06.1765)
  m1. (28.10.1710) Richard Halstead (b 1684-5, d 18.04.1723, vicar of Hutton Paynel)
  i. Richard Halstead of Leeds (a 1760, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Butterfield
  a. Henry Halstead (d infant)
  ii. Thomas Halstead (d 11.1759, 4th son)
  m. Ellinor Forth
a.+ issue - Samuel, Henry, Phoebe, Frances, Sarah
  iii. Frances Halstead
  m. (10.07.1765) John Ainsley of Leeds (m1. Rachel Conder)
  iv. Elizabeth Halstead
  m. Nicholas Smith of Cawood & Leeds
  v.+ other issue - Henry (d infant), John (d infant), William of Pudsey (a 1766)
  m2. Samuel Dransfield (b c1689, d 1754, vicar of Hutton Paynel)
  G. Rachel Wadsworth (b 11.03.1688, d 04.10.1766)
  m. (02.02.1715-7) Jacob Hans Busk of Gottenburg (Sweden) & Leeds (b c1688, d 26.10.1755)
3. Joseph Wadsworth of Flanshaw (dsp)
  m. (10/20.05.1690) Jane Mauleverer (dau of John Mauleverer of Letwell (by Dorcas Matthew, granddau of the Archbishop), widow of John Crooke)
4. Elizabeth Wadsworth
  m. Joseph Conder of Leeds
5. Hannah Wadsworth
  m. (John) Wildman of Pontefract

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Wadsworth of Sheffield)
(2) For lower section : FMG (vol 1, MS4, 'Wadsworth-Priestley, Halstead, Busk', p8+)
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