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Families covered: Lloyd of Cefn Coch, Lloyd of Trefeilir
[This page is being developed as part of the wider exercise of reviewing families from North Wales. It is likely that there are connections that could be made between this page and other pages which have yet to be made.]

Iorwerth ap Hwfa ap Cynddelw
1. Cynwrig
  A. Goronwy
  i. Cynrwrig
  m. Angharad (dau/coheir of Tudor ap Einon Vychan ap Einion ap Gwalchmai ap Meilir)
a. Goronwy
  b. Dafydd Lloyd (a 1350)
  m. Angharad (dau of Gruffdyd ap Tudor ap Dafydd ap Madog ap Iarddur)
  (1) Dafydd Vychan Lloyd of Trefeilir, Anglesey
  m1. Angharad (dau of Tudur ap Dafydd ap Tudur ap Madog ap Iarddur)
  (A) Cwnws of Trefeilir
  m. Mallt (dau of Gruffydd ap Madog of Gloddaeth)
  (i) Mallt
  m. Llewellyn ap Dafydd Goch ap Gruffydd ap Llewellyn
(B) Meredydd (a 1415)
  (i) Einion
  m. Morfydd (dau of Llewelyn ap Tudor from Llowarch ap Bran)
  (a) Gruffydd
  m. Margaret (dau of Llewelyn ap Dafydd ap Evan ap Rhys ap Howel of Pentraeth)
  ((1)) Llewelyn
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Lewelyn ap Rhys ap Llewelyn ap Hwlkin of Bodychen)
  ((A)) John
  m. Mary (dau of William ap Robert of Bodwin)
  ((i)) Richard (dsp(s))
  m. Eva Meyrick (dau of Richard Meyrick of Bodorgan)
  ((ii)) Dafydd Lloyd of Cremlyn - continued below
  m. Jane Bulkeley (dau of John Bulkeley of Baron Hill)
(C) Goronwy
  (D) Gwerfyl
  m. Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Mdog Gloddaeth
  (E) Gwladys
  m. Llewelyn Vychan ap Llewelyn ap Madog
  (F) Gwelnllian
  m. Madog ap Howel Gymer
  (G) Angharad
  m. Rhys Ddu ap Llweleyn ap Cynwrig of South Wales
  (H) Morfydd
  m. Ifan ap Howel ap Cynwrig of Llwydiarth
(I) Margaret H
  m. Meredydd ap Sir Tudor Vychan H
  m2. Nest (dau of Ifan ap Gruffyd ap Howel)
  (J) daughter
  m. Cwnwas ap Einion
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Bodwigan, p3). It should be noted that there is a contradiction wiithin Griffith's Pedigrees as to the ancestry of the undermentioned Llewelyn.
  B. Iorwerth Wystyll
  i. Gruffydd
  a. Howel
  (1) Iorwerth
  (A) Ithel
  (i) Llewelyn



Dafydd Lloyd of Cremlyn - continued above
m. Jane Bulkeley (dau of John Bulkeley of Cremlyn, of family of Baron Hill)
1. John Lloyd 'of Llandrygarn'
  m1. Elizabeth (dau of William ap Thomas ap Lewis of Porthllongdy)
  A. William Lloyd of Llandrygarn (d by 1696)
  m. Luce (dau/heir of Thomas Meredydd of Gwydrin by Judith, dau of Gabriel Roberts of Castellior)
  i. John Lloyd (d unm 08.1704)
  partner unknown
  a. Julia
  ii. Thomas Lloyd (d by 1704)
  iii. Jonet Lloyd
  m1. William Evans
  a. Mary Evans
  m1. William Warmington of Llanfechell
  m2. Hugh Hughes of Llanfairfecham (son of Evan)
  m2. Joseph Greenwood of Beaumaris (tanner)
  iv. Mary Lloyd
  m. David Lloyd of Heneglwys (son of Rhys)
  B. Jane Lloyd
  m. John ap Robert ap William ap Rowland ap Gruffydd of Glanrafon, Llandrygarn
C. Margaret Lloyd (a 1664)
  m. Rowland ap William Pritchard of Calfan
  i. Elizabeth Rowlands (d 08.10.1723)
  m. Hugh Owen of Gwaenfynydd (d 01.07.1715)
  m2. Jonet Roberts (dau of Hugh Roberts of Arienallt Wen)
  D. Dafydd Lloyd of Cefn Coch (d 1691, rector of Llanfechell)
  m1. Elizabeth Williams (dau of Rev. William Williams of Beaumaris, niece of Robert Lloyd of Denbighshire)
  i. Robert Lloyd (dsp?)
ii. William Lloyd (a 1718, minister in England)
  m. _ Hinton (dau of Dr. _ Hinton of/near Newbury)
  m2. Elin Bulkeley (dau of William Bulkeley of Brnddu, relict of Owen Williams of Groesfechan)
  iii. Margaret, heiress of Cefn Coch
  m. William Meyrick (son of William of Bodorgan)
  E. Elizabeth Lloyd
  m. John Lloyd of Trescawen
2. Elizabeth Lloyd
  m. William Lloyd of Trescawen
  A. Ellen Lloyd
  m. Rowland Hughes of Cefn Caerfor
3. Jane Lloyd

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Trefeilir (p1) & Bwlch y Fen (p100) & Cefn Coch (p151))
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