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Families covered: Ward of Capesthorne, Ward of Monksheath

(1) The following follows Ormerod but, noting that our cp[y of the Harleian version of the Visitation shows some notes & names that contradict Ormerod, we hope to review this page in due course. Possible sources of correction might be(a) Earwalker's 'East Cheshire' (vol 2, 1887) and/or the revised edition of Ormerod's work that was released in 1882, just after his death. However, we do not at present have access to either of those works.
(2) Ormerod identifies the arms of this family as "Azure, a cross patèe Or, for difference a crescent".
William Ward ("settled in Cheshire")
1. John le Ward the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Sibilla
  A. John le Warde (b c1349, a 1403)
  m. Sarah of Capesthorne (dau/heir of Ranulph de Capesthorne (Capusterne) son of John)
  i. William Ward of Nantwich (a 1452)
  m. Elizabeth mentioned by Visitation
  ii. Randle Ward of Capesthorne (a 1452)
  Ormerod shows Randle as father of the following William but Visitation shows that William's parents were Randle's brother John (d 1456) and his wife Sibyl (m. 1403).
a. William Ward of Capesthorne
Visitation shows this William as m(1) Elizabeth and his son William as m1. Elizabeth Domville m2. Joane Davenport but adds a note which reports that "This Joan Davenport was the first wife of John Ward in the next generation, but had no issue, according to Earwaker (sic), East Cheshire, vol. ii., p. 408, and Ormerod, Hist. Chesh., vol. iii., p. 723). As noted at the top of the page, we hope to find one of those sources and so may yet revisit these generations. Provisionally, we follow Ormerod.
  m(1). (c1460?) Elizabeth Domville (dau of John Domville of Lymme)
  (1) William Ward of Capesthorne
  m. (c1493?) Joanna (alias Agnes) Davenport (dau of Thomas Davenport of Henbury)
  (A) John Ward of Capesthorne
  m1. Anne Carrington (dau of Andrew Carrington or Carington)
  (i) William Ward (d(vp?)sp 1591)
Visitation shows that William married Joan, dau of Thomas Davenport of Chorley. This is not mentioned by Ormerod.
  (ii)+ other issue - Joane (Jennett), Mary
  m2. Margaret Foden (dau of Randle Foden of Chorley)
  (iii) John Ward of Capesthorne (d c1611)
  m1. (1570) Elizabeth Tatton (d 1585, dau of Robert Tatton of Withenshaw)
(a) George Ward of Capesthorne (a 1613) shown as elder son by Ormerod
  m. Margaret Godwyn (dau of Ralph Godwyn of Eaton)
  ((1)) John Ward of Capesthorne (b c1607)
  Ormerod reports that John sold Capesthorne to his kinsman John Ward of Monksheath, below.
  ((2)) Frizelina Ward (bpt 1611, d 06.11.1696) who married ...
  m1. John Wheeler of London
  m2. Lionel Copley of Rotherham & Copley (d c12.1675)
  ((3))+ other issue - Maria, Elizabeth
  (b) William Ward (d 1612) identified as heir by Visitation
  m. Elizabeth Venables (dau/heir of Robert Venables of Antrobus)
  ((1)) Dorothy Ward (b c1594, a 1613)
  m2. ?? (widow of Thomas Venables of Antrobus) ## see here ##
  (c) Peter Ward in Ireland (a 1610, 1637)
Ormerod reports that Peter was "ancestor of the viscounts Bangor". We speculate that the connection was as follows (the undermentioned Bernard Ward being grandfather of the 1st Viscount).
  ((1)) Richard Ward of Newcastle-under-Lyme
  ((A)) Michael Ward (d 03.10.1681, Bishop of Derry)
  ((B)) Anne Ward
  m. (1681) Bernard Ward of Castle Ward (b 1654, d 1690)
  m3. Elizabeth Holford (a 1612, dau of Thomas Holford of Holford, widow of Charles Mainwaring of Croxton)
  (iv) Elinor Ward (d 10.07.1600) possibly of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Humphrey Giffard or Gifford of Blackladies
  (v)+ other issue - Francis, Thomas, Raufe mentioned by Visitation
  (2) John Ward
  m. Agnes Chantler (Annys Chantrill)
  (A) William Ward of Monksheath
  m. Anne (Agnes) Cooke
  (i) Henry Ward of Monkshearth
  The following is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, 'Ward of Capesthorne'), with additions provided by the Harleian editor, with just a little support from HoP ("John Ward").
m. _Katherine Barnes (dau of _ Barnes of Alderley)
  (a) John Ward of Monksheath (d 1623 (Ormerod) or 16.04.1616 (Visitation))
  m1. (c1571) Alice Mottershead (dau of Geoffrey Mottershead of Mottram) mentioned by Visitation but not by Ormerod
  m2. (c1598) Alice Moreton (dau of John Moreton of Moreton)
  ((1)) John Ward of Monksheath & Capesthorne (bpt 16.12.1604, bur 11.05.1682)
  m1. (c12.1626) Margaret Newton (b 1611, bur 11.01.1637-8, dau/coheir of William Newton of Pownall)
  ((A)) Philip Ward of Capesthorne & Monksheath (b 02/06.04.1635, d 26.04.1687)
m. (c1661) Penelope Edmunds (d 11.1737, dau/coheir of Charles Edmunds or Edmonds of Preston)
  ((i)) John Ward of Capesthorne & Monksheath (b 13.06.1670, d 17.03.1748, MP)
  m. Thomazia Terrick (d 1743, dau of Thomas Terrick of Yorkshire)
  ((a)) Mary Ward
  m. (1721) Davies Davenport of Woodford
  ((b)) Christiana Ward
  m. (04.1735) John Egerton of Tatton
  ((c))+ other issue - John (d young), Penelope (d unm)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Ward (b 14.12.1628)
  m. Elias Osborne of London
  ((C)) Susanna Ward (b 09.04.1633)
  m. John Foster
  ((D))+ other issue - John (b 20.03.1631, dsp 09.08.1658), George (bpt 19.06.1636, bur 13.03.1639-40), Eleanor (bpt 23.08.1629, bur 24.04.1633), Katharine (b 08.01.1636-7, d 02.1654-5)
  m2. Mary Everard (bur 27.10.1698, dau of Richard Everard of Thurston)
  (b) William Ward a 1630, rector of Prestwold, Leicestershire)
  ((1)) William Ward (a 1621, 1642, rector of Warrington, Lancashire)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas, William, John

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3 (1819), 'Ward of Capesthorne', p358), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Warde of Capesthorne and Monksheath') with support as reported above
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