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Families covered: Webb of Frocester, Webb of Gloucester, Webb of Norton Court

The pedigree reports that, "possibly descended from the Webb family of Eastington", "who had held the mill there since 1444", was ...
Thomas Webbe of Churchend Mill, Eastington, Gloucestershire possibly father of ...
1. John Webbe of Cowley ("the next village to Eastington and Frocester") possibly father of ...
  A. Thomas Webbe of Frocester (d before 1522)
  m. Helen Browne (a 1522)
  i. Thomas Webb of Frocester (b c1490, d 1548)
  m. Elizabeth (Isabell) (a 1550)
  a. John Webb of Frocester (d 1579)
  m. Katherine (d 1585)
  (1) John Webb of Horsley (b c1550, d 1638)
  m1. (1570) Joanna Wilkins (d before 1579)
  (A) Elizabeth Web
  m. John Hutchins
  m2. Alice?
  (2) Thomas Webb (d 1643)
  m. Edith (d 1637, possibly sister of Anthony Webbe of Horsley (who d 1642))
  (A) Thomas Webb of Frocester (b 1581, d 1653)
  m. Joan Water (d 1669)
  (i) Thomas Webb of Frocester, etc. (d 01.08.1686)
  m. Deborah
  (a) Jane Webb (b 1681, d 1742)
  m. (1707) Charles Weston of Berkeley
  (b)+ other issue - John (b c04.1675, d 22.01.1676), Hester (b 1684, d unm 1736)
  partner unknown
  (d) Richard Harris
  (ii) Hester Webb
  m. William Nurse
  (B Thomas Webb (b 1584, d(sp?) c1673)
  m1. Gill Horwood
  m2. Catherine Cloterbuck (d 1656)
  m3. Alice King (d 1685)
  (C) Nicholas Webb, Mayor of Gloucester (b 1586, d 08.11.1647) the first mentioned in the schedule referred to below
m. (04.11.1613) Esther/Hester Draper (b c1589, d 13.04.1668)
  (i) Nicholas Webb of Gloucester (b 1621, d 18.05.1691, apothecary)
m. (1642) Alice Beard (b 1627, d 1684/17.09.1687, dau of Richard Beard (bur 1638, Alderman of Gloucester))
  (a) Nicholas Webb of Bulley, Gloucester, etc. (b 1647, d 15.06.1712, 2nd son)
  m. (28.02.1670) Deborah Webb (dau of Thomas (probably not Richard) Webb of the Hill, Painswick)
  ((1)) Nicholas Webb, Mayor of Gloucester (dsp by 1715)
  m. (1702/3) Joyce Savage (a 1718, dau of Walter Savage of Broadway, m2. Robert Unett?)
  ((2)) Anna Webb
  m. (1699 or 11.03.1707) Charles Hyett
  (b) Thomas Webb of Gloucester, etc. (b 1652, d 1701)
  The dnaproject site identifies John's wife as Catherine Hamonds (m. 1680, d 1735). CV identifies her as ...
  m. (on/after 25.08.1679 ) Catherine Browne (dau of John Browne of Churchdowne)
  ((1)) Thomas Webb of Moore End, Slimbridge (b 1690, d 06.08.1754)
  m. Joyce Mallet
  ((A)) Thomas Webb (b 1722, dsp 25.08.1750)
  ((B)) Catherine Webb (b 1720, d 1803)
m. (16.06.1757) William Warlock (b 1730, d 1795)
  ((i)) James Warlock (d infant)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Webb
  m. _ Williams
  ((2)) Daniel Webb of Brighton & Worthing
  m. Anne Webb (d 1795, dau of Nicholas Webb of Gloucester) @@ below
  ((A)) Daniel Webb of London, later of Worthing & Tunbridge Wells (b 1765, d 1828)
  m. Anne Peploe (b 1764, d 1846, dau of John Peploe Birch of Garnstone)
  ((i)) Daniel Peploe Webb, later Peploe of Garnstone (dsp 1866, Captain)
  ((i)) John Birch Webb (b 1801, d 1869, vicar of Weobley) had issue
  m. Annie Molyneux (sister of Sir John Molyneux, 8th Bart)
  ((iii))+ other issue - George Samuel (b 1805), Mary Anne, Anne (d 1875), Elizabeth (d 1880), Caroline
  ((B)) John Webb of Chalk Farm (Farnborough), ec. (dps 1830)
m. Maria Little
  ((3)) Nicholas Webb (b 1696, d 1733)
  ((A)) Nicholas Webb (b 1724, d 1791, ship Captain)
  m. Mary (b 1729, d 1781)
  ((i))+ issue - Elizabeth (b 1755), Anna Maria (b 1760)
  ((4)) Hester Webb
  m. _ Turner
  ((5)) Anne Webb (d 24.09.1751)
  m. (19.07.1732) John Lloyd of Wheatenhurst (b c1676, d 08.08.1761)
  ((4))+ other issue - Nicholas (d infant), John of Gloucester (dsp 1736), Samuel (d infant), Samuel (d infant), Samuel (d infant), Catherine (dsp)
  (c) Anne Webb (b 1650, d 1705)
m. (21.05.1668) Daniel Lysons (woollen draper)
  (d)+ other issue- Nicholas (d infant?), Esther (b 1658, d 1684), Eliza
  (ii) John Webb, Mayor of Gloucester (b 1629, d 04.09.1686, youngest son)
  m. Jane Greville (b c1623, d 22.09.1706, dau of Gyles Greville of Gloucester (who d 29.09.1645))
  (a) Thomas Webb 'of Stoke Bishop & Norton Court', Mayor of Gloucester (b 1663, d 26.03.1734, MP)
  m. (1691) Anne Guise (bpt 04.03.1667, d 27.10.1734, dau of John Guise of Abloads Court)
  ((1)) Nicholas Webb of Gloucester (b 1697, d 29.12.1769, youngest son)
  m. Susannah Bliss (dau of John Bliss of Chalford)
  ((A)) Benjamin Webb of Melksham (d 1834, wool merchant)
  ((i)) John Webb of Chigford, Essex had issue
  m. Ann Laing (b 1787, d 1885)
  ((ii)) Charles Webb (d 1852)
  ((B)) Thomas Webb (a 1767, Rector of Childs Wickham)
  ((i))+ issue - Susannah (a 1769), Mary
  ((C)) John Webb of Norton Court & Cote House, Sheriff then Mayor of Gloucester (b 1730, d 04.02.1795, MP)
The dnaproject site identifies John's wife as Arabella Fettiplace. CV identifies her as Arabella, dau of Thomas Bushell of Sevinbroke "who took the name of Fettyplace". HoP ('John Webb of Cote House') simply identifies her as ...
  m. Arabella Bushell (dau of Thomas Bushell of Sevinbroke)
  ((i)) Edward Webb of Adwell, Norton Court & Stoke Bishop (b 30.01.1779, d 18.09.1839, MP, Colonel, 2nd son)
m. (22/27.07.1807) Jane Mary Catherine Guise (d before 1820, dau of Sir John Guise, 1st Bart of Highnam Court)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Frances Webb of Norton Court (d (unm) 1876)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (b c1769, dsp 21.03.1797), Frances of Adwell (d 1846), 2 daughters (d infant)
  ((D)) Anne Webb (d 1795)
  m. Daniel Webb of Brighton & Worthing @@ above
  ((E)) Hester Webb
  m. (10.1771) John Baskerville of Woolley
  ((F))+ other issue - Daniel (dsp 1781, ship captain), Richard, Nicholas of Ebworth Park (b 1739, dsp 1802), Nicholas (d infant?), Nicholas of Elworth Park, Susanna (d infant), Sarah, Susanna (a 1814)
  ((2)) Hesther Webb
  m. _ Greville (Dr.)
((3))+ other issue - Thomas (d infant), John (b c1693, d c1753, Rector of Hemstead & Great Rissingtoin), Thomas (b 1695, d infant), Dennis(e) (d unm before 1770), Ann (d infant), Jane (dsp), Ann (d infant)
  (b) John Webb (b 1654, d 1713, Rector of Bredon)
  m. Arabella Sutton (b 1668, d 1697)
  ((1)) John Webb (b 1688?, d 1724, Rector of Bredon)
  m. Mary Hazlewood (b 1668, d 1735)
  ((A)) John Webb of Tewkesbury (b 1719, d 1766, ironmonger)
  m. Anne Godsal (b 1726, d 1795, dau of Philip Godsal by Frances Webb))
  ((i)) Samuel Webb (d 1753)
  ((ii)) Anne Webb (b 1749, d 1844)
m. Thomas Godsal
  ((2)) Frances Webb (b 1687, d 1754)
  m. Philip Godsal of Tewkesbury
  (c) Nicholas Webb, Governor of Providence Island in the Bahamas (Colonel)
  m. (1714) Mary Chance
  ((1)) Nicholas Webb (b 1715)
  (d) Gyles Webb to Virginia
  m. (1713) ?? (widow of H. Randolph Jr.)
  (e) Hester Webb
  m. (c11.1687) John Lysons of London
  (iii) Hester Webb
  m. (1633) Walter Lane
  (iv) Eleanor Webb (b 1626, d 05.12.1685)
  m. Thomas Tripett of Gloucester (d 1659)
  (a) Hester Trippett (d 1712)
  m. William Edwards (b c1661, d 1738)
  (b) Isabella Trippett (b c1659, d 08.08.1699)
  m. James Elly
  (v)+ other issue - Richard (b 1623, d young), Thomas (b 1625, d 1643), Elizabeth (b 1617, d 1620), Jane
  (D) Katherine Webb (b 1577)
  m. John Wilkins
  (E) Alicia Webb (b 1579)
  m. George Pegler
  (F) Christian Webb (b 1582)
  (G) Eliza Webb (b 1591)
  m. Alldy?
  (3) Anne Webb
  m. John Witcom of Frocester (d 1618, broad weaver)
  (4) Joan Webb
  m. Thomas Peglar of Kings Stanley
  (5) Alice Webb
  m. Francis Walkley
  (6) Christiana Webb
  m. (1574) John Warner of Frocester (d 1595)
  b. Edward Webb
  (1) Joanna Webb (b 1561)
  c.+ other issue - Alice, Jane, Anne, Alice
  ii. John Webb of Frocester (d 1556)
  m. Margaret
  a. Joan Webb
  m. John Wayt

Main source(s): 'Webb of Frocester', a pedigree found in www.webbdnaproject.org (see here, Gloucestershire), with thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 29.09.20) for drawing this to our attention and also for providing us with a schedule ('Webb of Gloucester') which provided some extra details (mainly on dates plus children who d young), with a very little input/support from HoP (various)
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