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Families covered: Webb of Beverston, Webb of Bisley, Webb of Brimscombe, Webb of Doleman's Ham Mill, Webb of Horsley, Webb of Nailsworth, Webb of Painswick, Webb de Hill of Stroud

(1) Visitation identifies the arms of Painswick branch of this family as "Or a cross quarterly Gules and Sable in the dexter canton an eagle displayed of the last".
(2) There is some contradiction as to whether the ancestor of this family was the undermentioned Edmund of Bisley or his apparent brother William of Doleman's Ham Mill. The 'Web of Painswick' pedigree, which identifies Edmund & Richard as probably his brothers, suggests that it was William. The 'Web of Doleman's Ham Mill' pedigree suggests that it was Edmund. Provisionally we follow the latter as that is suported by CV. We show the brothers as sons of ...
?? Webb
1. William Webb (a 1546)
2. Edmund Webb of Bisley (a 1523)
  A. William Webb of Doleman's Ham Mill in Stroud, Gloucestershire (b c1515?, a 1601, "lived to 100 years or upwards") the first mentioned by Visitation
  m1. ??
  i. Edmund Webb of Hill, Painswick (b c1538, d c1633)
  m. (20.09.1582) Jane Bliss probably wife of Edmund & mother of ...
  a. Thomas Webb de Hill (b c1577, d c1643)
  m. Anne Gabb of Stonehouse
  (1) John Webb de Hill (b 1606, d 1678)
  m1. Elizabeth Wood (dau of Richard Wood of Brockthorp)
  (A) Thomas Webb de Hill of Stroud (dvp)
  m. Judith Fowler (dau/coheir of Stephen Fowler of Stonehouse)
  (i) John Webb de Hill of Beech Ash Green, Painswick (b 1654, d 1715)
  m. Mary Illes (b 1654, d 172, dau of John Illes of Chalford))
  (a) John Webb de Hill (b 1707, d 1777)
  m. (1727) Mary (b 1710, d 1768)
  ((1)) Samuel Webb de Hill, last of The Hill (a 1817)
  m. _ Munden
  ((2))+ other issue (d young)
  (b) Thomas Webb de Hill (b 1680, d 1719)
  m. Sarah (b 1683, d 1765)
  ((1))+ issue - John, Richard, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, Sarah
  (ii) Ursula Webb de Hill
m. John Bond (son of William of Stroud)
  (iii) Elizabeth Webb de Hill
  m. Robert Grenour of Stroud (clerk)
  (B) Anne Webb de Hill
  m. William Warner of Packenhill, Stroud
  m2. _ Bath (dau of Jeffrey Bath of Minchinhampton, widow of John Cooke of Chalford)
  (C) John Webb (b c1660, a 1683)
  (2) Thomas Webb de Hill of Stroud (b c1611, d 1673)
  m. Anna Clutterbuck (d 1633, dau of Jasper Clutterbuck of Stanley Regis (King's Stanley))
  (A) Thomas Webb de Hill of Wallbridge Mill , Rodborough (b 1631, a 1683, clothier)
  m. Jane Flower (dau of Edward Flower of Beanacre, Melsham)
  (i) Thomas Webb de Hill (b c1660, d unm 1821)
(ii) Anne Webb de Hill
  m. (1683) Samuel Sheppard of Minchinhampton
  (B) Anna or Hannah Webb de Hill
  m. John Griffin of Stroud
  (C) Sarah Webb de Hill
  m. John Mayo of Painswick
  (D) Deborah Webb de Hill
  m. Nicholas Webb of Gloucester
  (E) Margery Webb de Hill
  m. William Sandford of Stonehouse
  (3) Margery Webb de Hill
  m. George Fletcher of Painswick
  (4) Elizabeth Webb de Hill
  m. William Blanche of Eastington
  (5) Ursula Webb de Hill
  m. Thomas Pinfold of Longfords, Minchinhampton
  b. Christopher Webb (b 1585)
  (1)+ issue - Edmund, Thomas
  c. Henry Webb of Painswick (d 1667, clothier)
  m. Sarah Clissold (a 1686)
  (1) Edmund Webb (clothier)
  m. Joan (b 1620, d 1697)
  (A) Sarah Webb
  m. Richard Cooke
  (B) Anne Webb
  (2) Samuel Webb of Capp Mill (dsp 1686, clothier)
  (3) William Webb of Painswick
  (A)+ issue - Samuel, Henry, William, Sarah
  (4) Henry Webb of Painswick (clothier)
  (A)+ issue - Henry of London (d 1689), Samuel of London (b 1630, d 1687)
  (5) Thomas Webb
  (A) John Webb (of Staffords Mill?)
  ii. Nicholas Webb of Bisley (d 1621)
  a. child (a 1615)
  iii. John Webb of Bisley (b 1549, d 1612)
  a. Samuel Webb
  m1. Susan Taylor m2. Elizabeth not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Robert Webb (d before 1658)
  (A) Samuel Webb of Ham Mill (b 1649, d c1723)
  (i) Robert Webb (d 1733)
  m. Ann
  (B)+ other issue - Sarah (b 1644), Elizabeth, Susannah (d 1737)
  (2) Samuel Webb of The Ham (b 1627, clothier)
  (A) William Webb of Brimscombe Mill (d c1675, clothier)
  m. Margaret or Margerie
  (i) William Webb of Brimscombe
  m. (1675) Mary Pinfold
  (a) William Webb of Woodchester, last of Brimscombe (a 1705_
  (b) Richard Webb (b 1692)
  m. (1719) Martha Sevill
  ((1))+ issue - Richard( b 1728), Nathaniel (b 1730), Richard (b 1726), John (b 1733), Judith (b 1720), Hester (b 1722), Ann (b 1727), Martha (b 1742?)
  (c) John Webb (b 1683, youngest son) probably the John of Sladd (in Painswick) who dsp 1713 leaving ...
  m. Elizabeth
  (d) Jane Webb (b 1677)
  m. Ralph Lampthorn
  (e) Mary Webb (b 1682)
  m. Samuel Aldridge (b 1719?, d 1800?)
  (f)+ other issue - Nathaniel (b 1685), James (b 1675, probably of Iron Mills CLoth Mill, Minchinhampton), Daniel (b 1693)
  (B) John Webb of Newhouse, The Thrupp (d 1703, clothier)
  m. Elizabeth Griffin
  (i) Elizabeth Webb
  m. (1676) Thomas Clissold
  (ii) Deborah Webb (d 1702)
  m. William Turner
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward, John (dsp 1717), Sarah, Katherine (dsp 1690)
  (3) Daniel Webb (b 1635, d 1683) youngest son or a generation later
  (A)+ issue (a 1683) - Daniel, Samuel, Mary
  (4)+ other issue - John (b 1632), William, Elizabeth (b 1625)
  b. Daniel Webb
  m. (1617) Alice Griffin
  (1)+ issue - Edward (b 1620), James (b 1623)
  c. Ambrose Webb (b 1595, a 1621) possibly of this family
  m1. (1620) Margerie Horrod; m2. Elizabeth (d 1635); m3. Joan (d 1641) not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1)+ issue - Joseph (d 1636), Mary (b 1624), Sarah (b 1625), Hannah (b 1629), Elizabeth (d 1636)
  d. James Webb
  m. Margret Churches
  (1)+ issue - Edward (b 1620), James (b 1624), Samuel (b 1626)
  e. John Webb (b 1600)
  (1)+ issue - Joseph (b 1621), James (b 1624), Samie; (b 1626)
  f. Mary Webb (b 1593)
  m. _ Mylls?
  iv. William Webb of Horsley (b 1554)
  a. Thomas Webb (b 1583)
  m. (1609) Elizabeth Porte
  (1) James Webb (b 1609)
  b. Gyles Webb (b 1585)
  m. (1605) Margaret Huntley
  (1) Gyles Webb (b 1607)
  c. William Webb
  m. (1605) Jane Crowe (d 1625)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b 1604), Elizabeth (b 1602)
  d. Agnes Webb
  v. Robert Webb of Millbottom Mill, Horsley (b 1558, d 1600)
  m. Mary
  a. William Webb (b 1596) possibly father of ...
  (1) Nathaniel Webb (b c1637, d 1736, clothier)
  b. Edward Webb (b 1599, d 1691, clothier)
  m. Alice (d 1681)
  (1) Thomas Webb of Millbottom Mill, Horsley (b 1626, a 1693)
  (A)+ issue - Edward (a 1703), Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susannah, Martha
  (2) Daniel Webb of Minchinhampton (b 1631, d 1698, clothier, 3rd son) had issue in Minchinhampton
  m. Susannah
  (3) Richard Webb of Egypt Mill (b 1635, d 1712)
  (A) Richard Webb of Egypt Mill (b 1668, d 1748)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) Richard Webb of Nailsworth (d 1749)
  m. Mary (d by 1749)
  (a) Mary Webb (dvp)
  (ii) Nathaniel Webb of Egypt Mill (b 1726, d 1782)
  m. (1750) Mary Peach of Chalford
  (a) Samuel Webb, last of Egypt Mill (d 1832)
  m. (1776) Mary Bradburn
  ((1))+ daughters
  (b) Nathaniel Webb of Madras (d 1838/9, Postmaster General)
  ((1))+ issue - Nathaniel, daughter
  (iii) Elizabeth Webb (b 1718, d 1745)
  m. Richard Aldridge of Stroud
  (iv) Sarah Webb
  m. Abel Thomas
  (v)+ other issue - Samuel, Edward, Mary (a 1749, d unm?)
  (4) William Webb of Floodgates Mill, Horsley (Dsp 1692)
  m. Joan
  (5) Nathaniel Webb of Nailsworth (b 1640, d 1725, clothier)
  m. Sarah (b 1665, d 1710)
  (A) Elizabeth Webb
  m. Chris Devonshire
  (B)+ other issue - Samuel (d 1720), Nathaniel of Nailsworth (b 1694, dsp 1718, clothier), Edward (b 1699, d 1751), Mary
  (6) Thomas Webb (dsp1727)
  m. Anne
  (7) Mary Webb
  m. _ Small
  (8)+ other issue - Samuel of Nailsworth & Floodgates Mill (dsp 1702), Anne (b 1625), Elizabeth (b 1628), Susannah
  c.+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth (b 1593)
  vi.+ other issue - Richard (b/d 1555). Elizabeth (b 1551), Agnes (b 1557, d 1559)
  m2. (1559) Elizabeth Wyman
  B. Gyles Webb of Avening (d by 1557?) possibly of this generation
  m. Joanna Turner (a 1557)
  C. Anselm Webb of Avening possibly of this generation
  Either Gyles or Anselm was probably father of ...
  i. Gyles Webb of Horsley (d 1635, tucker)
  a. Benjamin Webb (b 1593)
  (1) Gyles Webb of Horsley (d 1673)
  (A) Benjamin Webb
  (2) Phillip Webb (b 1619)
  m. Hester Chambers
  (A)+ issue - Phillip (b 1665, dsp 1687), Benjamin, Hester (b 1656), Elizabeth (b 1662)
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1620), Mary (b 1623), Sarah (b 1628)
  b. Ambrose Webb (b 1595)
  m. ?? (m2. Dr. Curtis)
c.+ other issue - Samuel (b 1602), Joseph (dsp young)
  ii. Ambrose Webb of Newington Bagpath (b 1559, Vicar of Basingstoke)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Thomas Webb (b 1615, Rector of Hannington, younger son)
  (1) Edward Webb (a 1673, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. (1676) Jane or Elizabeth Hale (dau of Sir Matthew Hale of Alderley)
  (A) Edward Webb of Bagpath (b 1646, d 1710)
  b.+ other issue - Matthew (b 1602, a 1621, of Gray's Inn), Abraham (b 1610), Ambrose, Edward (b 1612, d 1680, vicar of Newingtoin Bagpath & Kingsclere, Chaplain to King Charles II), Elizabeth (b 1598)
  iii. Walter Webb of Beverston (d 1630)
m. (1577) Margaret Pierce (dau of John Pierce)
  a. Daniel Webb of Beverston (b c1604, d c1668)
  m. Margery
  (1) Daniel Webb
  (A)+ issue - Daniel, John, Nathaniel
  (2) Tymothy Webb (5th son)
  (A)+ issue - Samuel, Sarah, Mary, Judith
  (3) Mary Webb (b c1630, d 03.09.1719)
  m. (27.09.1652) George Small of Minchin Hampton
  (4)+ other issue - John, Joseph of Bevertsone (a 1682, clothier), Samuel, Nathaniel
  iv. William Webb of Newington Bagpath (b c1568, a 1608)
3. Richard Webb of Minchinhampton (a 1546) had issue?

Main source(s): 'Webb of Doleman's Ham Hill', 'Webb of Painswick & 'Webb of Horsley, Avening & Newington Bagpath', pedigrees found in www.webbdnaproject.org (see here, Gloucestershire), with thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 29.09.20) for drawing these to our attention and also for providing us with a schedule '(Webb connections') which provided a few details (mainly on dates) with input/support from Visitation (Fenwick & Metcalfe (1884), Gloucestershire, 1682-3, 'Webbe of Beech Ash Green in Painswick and Wallbridge in Rodborough')
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