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Families covered: Whatton of Long Whatton, Whatton of Loughborough Parks, Whatton of Newtown Linford, Whatton of Nottingham, Whatton of Scarrington, Whatton of Whatton (Watone of Watone)

A younger son of Gautier de Tirel, Sn de Poix (Picardy), was ...
Robert de Watone (a 1066, "came over to England with the Duke of Normandy")
1. Sir William de Watone of Watone in the Vale, Nottinghamshire (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  A. Robert de Watone of Watone-in-the-Vale
  m. Beatrice
  i. Adeline de Watone
  m(1). William de Heriz (a 1176)
  m2. Adam de Newmarche
  This 2nd marriage is probably not right. TCP (Newmarch) mentions Adeline and her parents (Robert de Waddon & Beatrice) and her husband (William de Heriz) but suggests that the Newmarch family was in fact descended from an Adam, son of Sir William de Waddon by the heiress of Novo Foro (i.e. Novo Mercato, later Newmarch) with Adam taking his designation from his inheritance from his mother's family. It is thought very likely that Sir William de Waddon was the same person as the Sir William de Watone shown above. However, it is not known if the heiress of Novo Foro was mother not only of Adam de Novo Foro but also of Robert de Watone and the undermentioned Walter. This will be reviewed in due course.
B. Walter de Wathon of Holesworde & Haslacton
  i. Sir Richard de Watton of Whatton-in-the-Vale (a temp Richard I who r.. 1189-1199)
  m. Margaret de Mandeville (dau of Ralph de Mandeville by Amicia, dau/coheir of Richard, son of Nigel, Lord Lovetot of Sutho)
  a. Sir Richard de Whatton (Chief Justice)
  (1) Robert de Whatton
  (A) John de Whatton (a 1407)
  m. Margery
  (2) Agnes de Whatton
  m. Sir John de Brabazon
  (3)+ other issue - Roger, John, Richard
  b. Sir John de Watton of Rokeburne (Southamptonshire), Sheriff of Hertfordshire & Essex (a 1241)
  Commoners is one of those sources which identify the Alice de Dunstanville who is mentioned in the following connection as dau/coheir of Walter de Dunstanvillle of Castlecombe by Ursula, dau/coheir of Reginald FitzHenry of Castlecombe, Earl of Cornwall.
m. Ella Biset (dau/coheir of John Biset of Combe Biset & East Bridgeford by Alice, dau/coheir of Thomas Basset of Heddingdon (by Philippa, dau/coheir of William de Malbank of Nantwich) son of Thomas Basset of Heddingdon by Alice de Dunstanvillle)
  (1) John de Whatton or Wotton, later Bisset of Rockbourne (d c1307)
  The following comes from VCH (Hampshire, vol 4, Parishes: Rockbourne).
  (A) John Bisset of Rockbourne (d unm 1334)
  (B) Margaret Bisset (d 1373)
  m1. ?? de Romsey
  m2. Robert Martin (d 1355)
(2) Sir Richard de Whatton (dsp)
  (3) Robert/Roger de Whatton of Scarrington, near Whatton-in-the-Vale
  m. Joan de Lovetot (dau/coheir of Oliver de Lovetot of Kercolston, relict of Robert Moryn of Moryn)
  (A) Richard de Whatton of Scarrington
  m. Agnes Palmer (dau/heir of John le Palmer of Algathorpe, sister/heir of Hugh de Stapleford of Stapleford)
  (i) John de Whatton of Scarrington
  m. _ Beler, heiress of Wapenbury & Eathorpe in Warwickshire (of family of Leicestershire)
  (a) Robert de Whatton of Scarrington (dsp)
  (b) Alice de Whatton (dsp)
  (c) Margaret de Whatton of Scarrington
m. Sir William Bagot of Baginton Castle, Warwickshire (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
  ((1)) Thomas Bagot (d young)
  ((2)) Isabel Bagot
  m. Thomas Stafford of Pipe
  ((A)) Richard Stafford (b 1421, d young)
  (ii) Sir Richard de Whatton of Whatton-in-the-Vale
m. Alice Beler (dau/heir of Thomas Beler ("son of the first Lord Beler, of Criche") by Margaret, dau/coheir of Sir Richard de Ryvers of Ryvers Hall by Matilda, dau.heir of Sir John de Heriz)
  (a) Sir John de Whatton of Whatton-in-the-Vale & Long Whatton (Leicestershire) - continued below
  m. Mellicent de Malveysyn (dau of Thomas de Malveysyn by Eleonara de Newmarche of Whatton)
  (b) Robert de Whatton of Mounsorrell
  ((1)) Margaret de Whatton
  m. Robert Farnham of Upper Hall, Quorndon
  (c) Hugh de Whatton
  (d) Alice de Whatton
  m. Sir John Woodford of Ashby Folville
  (iii) Agnes de Whatton
  m. John de Kniveton
  (iv) Joyce de Whatton
  m. _ de Plumpton
  (v)+ other issue - Maude, Margery
  (B) Maude de Whatton
  m. _ Ayencourt
  (4) Henry de Whatton
  (A) Richard de Whatton (a 1329)
  (i) Henry de Whatton presumed to have married ...
  m. Margaret Saunsfalle (dau of Hugh Saunsfalle)
  (5) Cecilia de Whatton
  m. _ De Pierreponte
  (6) Philippa de Whatton
  m. Sampson de Strellye
  c.+ other issue - Bartholmoew of Ridley (Kent), Brian (a 1257, rector of Desford), Robert of Beeston
  ii. Robert de Watton
  a. Allan de Watton (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  iii. Isabel de Watton, heiress of Haslacton
  m. ??, later de Haslacton ("a French knight")



Sir John de Whatton of Whatton-in-the-Vale & Long Whatton (Leicestershire) - continued above
m. Mellicent de Malveysyn (dau of Thomas de Malveysyn by Eleonara de Newmarche of Whatton)
1. John de Whatton (a 1466, Prior of Ulvescrofte)
2. Robert de Whatton of Long Whatton (d 05.03.1452)
m. Catharine Leke of Nottingham
  A. John Whatton of Long Whatton
  m. Margaret Woodford (dau of Thomas Woodford son of Sir Robert of Ashby Folville son of Sir Robert by Isabel, dau of Sir William Neville of Rolleston)
  i. Robert Whatton of Long Whatton
  m. ?? Kendall (dau of William Kendall of Smithesby Hall & Twycross, grandson of John, son of Thomas Kendall by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Richard Fitzherbert of Twycross)
a. Robert Whatton of Long Whatton & Wykin Hall (Leicestershire) (bur 10.03.1554)
  m. Margaret (niece of Alice Curteys of Raunstone)
  (1) John Whatton of Thurnby & Raunstone
  m. Sence Penburye of Loseby (granddau of Elizabeth, dau of William Ashby of Loseby Hall by Agnes, dau of Sir Richard Illingworth)
  (A) William Whatton of Newtown Linford (b c1572, d 1674)
  m. Ann Monk (dau of Tyldesley Monk of Whitwick)
  (i) William Whatton of Newtown Linford
  m. Lucy Babington (dau of Thomas Babington of Rotheley Temple by Catharine, dau of Henry Kendall of Smitheby Hall by Helen, dau of Henry Sacheverell of Radcliffe)
  (a) Babington Whatton (b 1659, a 1683, 5th son)
  ((1))+ issue - Babington (b 15.07.1690, dsp), Sence (b 11.04.1693, d unm bur 27.10.1722), Marry (b 12.07.1696, bur 04.02.1697)
  (b) Henry Whatton (a 1704, vicar of Humberstone, 7th son)
  m. Mary
  ((1)) Henry Whatton of Nottingham
  m. Margaret Blunt (dau of Arundel Blunt of Nottingham by Elizabeth)
  ((A)) Henry Whatton of Nottingham
  m. Christiana James
  ((i)) Henry Whatton of Loughboriough Parks, Leicestershire (d 1815)
  m. Elizabeth Watkinson (dau/heir of John Watkinson, grandson of Rev. Henry of Beeston)
  ((a)) Henry Watkinson Whatton of Loughborough Parks
  m. Anne Daniel (dau of Walter Daniel of Hassall Hall)
  ((b)) John Whatton
  m. Mary Anne Hopkins (dau of John Matthew Hopkins, Mayor of Northampton)
  ((c)) William Roberts Whatton (d 12.1836)
  m. Harriet Sophia (niece of Lt. General, Seddon)
  ((d)) George Whatton
  ((ii))+ other issue - William, James (d young), Elizabeth
  ((B)) William Whatton (vsap, icar of Loxley)
  m. Elizabeth de la Maine
((C)) Elizabeth Whatton
  (c)+ other issue - William in London (b c1643, a 1683, dp), Thomas (d infant), John (b c1654, a 1682, dsp), Mathew( d infant), Tyldesley (d infant), Catharine (a 1683)
  (ii) Mary Whatton
  m. William Rolleseton of Nottinghamshire
  (B) John Whatton of Raunstone & Nework, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b c1586, d 1656)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth (Herrick) (niece of Sir William Herrick of Beaumanor, widow of (Robert) Orpwood)
  m2. (18.09.1639) Catharine Babington (dau of Thomas Babington of Rothley Temple)
(i) Sir John Whatton of Leicester & East Sheen (Surrey)
  m. Margaret Dacre (dau of Sir Thomas Dacre of St. Andrew-in-le-Mott by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Robert Austen, Bart of Bexley)
  (a)+ issue (d infant) - Angelica, Margaret
  (ii) Thomas Whatton (rector of Knaptoft & Moseley)
  (a) Ann Whatton
  m. (sp) Trafford Smyth
  (iii) Catharine Whatton
  m. Thomas Hackett, Bishop of Down & Connor (a 1672)
  (a) Conway Hackett
  m. Trafford Smyth
  (iv) Sence Whatton
  m. (c12.1668) Sir Thomas Ogle (d 1702, Governor of Chelsea College)
  (v)+ other issue - William (d unm 1735, rector of Knaptoft & Moseley), Mary (d infant)
  (2) Elizabeth Whatton
  ii. William Whatton (3rd son)
  a. Robert Whatton
  (1) Robert Whatton
  m. Margaret
  (A) George Whatton (b 16.08.1555, d 1587),
  (i) Anne Whatton
(ii) Elizabeth Whatton
  m. William Eyre of Belton
  Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Eyre) shows William as 4th son of Rowland son of Roger (William's elder brothers being Christopher, Robert & Richard).
  (B)+ 6 others
  iii.+ other issue - Geoffrey of Mapplewell (b 1476-7), Elizabeth, Ambrose, Mary
  B.+ other issue - Thomas of Mountsorrell, Richard, Philip, Agnes
3. Richard Whatton
  A.+ issue - Richard, Robert
4. Margaret Whatton of Scarrington ## see here ##
  m. Sir Thomas de Rempston of Rempston, Nottinghamshire (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413, Constable of the Tower, Admiral)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol IV, Whatton of Leicestershire)
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