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Families covered: Whitecombe of Cleobury Mortimer, Whitcombe of Eastham, Whitcombe of Orleton, Whitcombe of Shrewsbury, Whitcombe of The Morrey, Whitcombe of The Whittern

Edward Whitcombe of The Morrey (a 1644)
m. Joan Dickin
1. William Whitcombe of The Morrey (d 1689)
  m. Mary Poole of Oakley Park
  A. Edward Whitcombe of The Morrey, Orleton & Eastham (b 1650, d unm 1720, rector of Great Sheldesley, 2nd son)
  B. William Whitcombe of Shrewsbury, later of The Morrey, Orleton & Eastham (b 1653, d 1720)
m. Mary Hassall (d 1743)
  i. Edward Whitcombe of Orleton & Sheldesley Beauchamp (Worcestershire) (b 1685, d 1734, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau of Francis Butler of Drayton)
  a. Edward Whitcombe of Orleton, Sheriff of Worcestershire (b 1727, d 1797)
  m. Elizabeth Morton (dau/heir of Rev. Francis Morton of Goldhill)
  (1) Frances Whitcombe
m. George Munro (Major)
  (2) Catherine Whitcombe
  m. John Niblett of Haresfield Court
  (3) Judith Whitcombe (dsps 05.03.1787)
  m. Sir William Hicks of Whitcombe Park, Bart
  b. Mary Whitcombe
  m. Rev. William Ward of Harborne
  c. Anne Whitcombe
  m. Philip Whitcombe of Eastham @@ below
  d. Catherine Whitcombe
  m. Edward Taylor of Pen
  e. Jane Whitcombe
  m. William Nash of Upper Henley
  f.+ other issue - Elizabeth (d 1716), Elizabeth (b 1718, d 1735), Frances (d unm 1759)
  ii. William Whitcombe of Eastham (b 1690, d 1758, rector of Eastham)
  m. Elizabeth Norcop (dau/heir of Philip Norcop (Nacop) of Drayton)
  a. William Whitcombe (b 1723, d 1775, rector of Eastham, 3rd son)
m. Martha Sandford (dau of Samuel Sandford of Whitchurch)
  (1) Sandford William Whitcombe (b 1750, dsp 1780, rector of Eastham, 2nd son)
  m. Susanna Milward (dau of Francis Milward of Bickley)
  (2)+ other issue - Samuel (b/d 1748), Martha (b/d 1751)
  b. Philip Whitcombe of Eastham (b 1724, d 1767)
  m. Anne Whitcombe (dau of Edward Whitcombe of Orleton) @@ above
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 23 (December 1912), 'Whitcombe of Salop', p328+).
  (1) Philip Norcop Whitcombe of Eastham (b 1751, d 1822)
  m. Elizabeth Jeffries (dau of William Jeffries of Tenbury)
  (A) Philip Whitcombe of Bockleton, Worcestershire (b 1787, d 1827) had issue
  m. Hettie Walker (dau of Philip Walkter of Grinley)
  (B) Edmund Whitcomb of Eastham (b 1789, d 1862) had issue
  m. Susannah Walker (dau of John Walker of Holling Rock)
  (C) Frances Whitcomb (b 1786)
  m. Thomas Walker
  (D) Emma Whitcomb (b 1794)
  m. _ Clarke of Worcester (Dr.)
  (E) Catherine Whitcomb (b 1799)
  m. Samuel Nicholls of Manchester
(F)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth (b 1791), Mary Anne (b 179*)
  (2) Fanny Whitcombe (b 1759)
  m. Edward Burnell
  (3)+ other issue- William (b/d 1756), John (b/d 1757), Elizabeth (b 1749, d 1752), Anne (b 1762, d unm 1788)
  c. Robert Whitcombe of Kington, Herefordshire (b 1730, d 1810)
  m. Elizabeth Hooper (dau of Richard Hooper of The Whittern)
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 23 (December 1912), 'Whitcombe of Salop', p328+).
  (1) Robert Whitcombe of The Whittern, Herefordshire (b 1757, d 1790)
m. Sarah Gott (dau of Sir Henry Gott of Newland Park)
  (A) Henry Robert Whitcombe of The Whittern (b 1786) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Louisa Brooksbank
  (B) Anne Whitcombe
  m. John Hodgson (of Lincoln's Inn)
  (2) Richard Whitcombe of Bollingham, Herefordshire (b 1761)
  m. Sarah Huyshe (dau of Rev. John Huyshe of Pembridge)
  (A) Richard Whitcombe (b 1794, d unm 1834, of Lincoln's Inn)
  (3) Winifred Whitcombe (b 1759, d 1831)
  m. Rev. James Hodgson of Barwick
  (4) Anne Whitcombe
  m. Francis Coke (rector of Aylton)
  (5)+ other issue - William (b 1758, d infant), Elizabeth (b 1764)
  d. Edmund Whitecombe of Cleobury Mortimer (b 1732, d 1782, Coroner of Salop, 6th son)
  m1. Catherine Steventon (dau of John Steventon of Drayton)
  (1)+ issue - John Steventon (b 1756, d unm?), Elizabeth (b 1754, d 1755), Martha (b 1757, d 1760), Clarinda (b 1759, d unm 1786), Elizabeth Catherine (b 1761, d 1768), Martha (b 1762, d unm 1787)
  m2. Martha Eysam (dau/coheir of William Eysam of Cleobury Mortimer)
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 23 (December 1912), 'Whitcombe of Salop', p330+).
  (7) Edmund Whitecombe of Cleobury Mortimer (b 1769, d 1848, coroner of Salop, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Maria Bancks (dau of William Bancks of Corbyn's Hall)
  (8) Philip Whitcombe of London (b 1771, d 1813) had issue
  m. Mary Martha Hardman (dau of John Hardman of Birmingham)
  (9)+ other issue - Edmund (b 1767, d 1768), William (b/d 1775), William (b/d 1777), Elizabeth (b/d 1774), Mary (b/d 1776)
  e. John Whitcombe (b 1733, d 1801, rector of Walesby)
  m. Elizabeth Jones (dau of Halford Jones of The Whittern)
  (1) Martha Whitcombe
  m. Shelley Pennell of Sudbrook
  f. Elizabeth Whitcombe
  m. William Jennings (surgeon)
  g. Mary Whitcombe (b 1728, d 178*)
  m. Rev. Thomas Gwynne
  h. Catherine Whitcombe (b 1739)
  m. John Evans of Ludlow
  i.+ other issue - William (d infant), Edward (d infant, Thomas (b/d 1735), Thomas Pitts Lechmere (b/d 1741), Anne (b/d 1737)
  iii. Robert Whitcombe of The Morrey (b 1692, dsp)
  iv. Mary Whitcombe
  m. John Besford of Drayton
  v.+ other issue - William (b/d 1681), Elizabeth (b 1687), Catherine (b 1696, d unm 1724)
  C. Joan Whitcombe
  m. _ Bradeley
  D.+ other issue - John (d 1644), Catherine (d unm 1711)
2. John Whitcombe (a 1646, dsp)
3. Edward Whitcombe (dsp, rector of Great Sheldesley)
  m. Mary
4. daughter
  m. (by 1644) Richard Barnet

Main source(s): 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 22 (September 1912), 'Whitcombe of Salop', p294+) with some support from BLG1952 ('Whitcombe of Lake')
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