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Families covered: Whitley of Aston, Whitley of Hawarden, Whitley of Peel Hall

(1) Much of this page, based on Commoners, was first launched on 06.06.12 as a section of a Temporary page. It was moved here after review using Dwnn led to change to and expansion of the earlier generations.
(2) Commoners starts with Richard Whitley who married Margaret de Messam and then mentions that 'Fifth in descent" from them was Thomas whose 1st wife was Dorothy Ravenscroft. Dwnn starts provides the intervening generations.
Richard Whitley of Aston (in Hawarden, Flintshire)
m. Margaret de Messam, heiress of Aston (dau/heir of William de Messam of Aston, great-grandson of Henry de Messam by dau/heir of Richard de Aston son of Adam de Aston (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377))
1. Richard Whitley
  m. Ellen Venables (dau of Thomas Venables of Whitto)
  A. John Whitley
  m. Ellen Minshull (dau of John Minshull)
  i. John Whitley
  m. Constance Stanley (dau of Piers Stanley of Ewlo)
a. Thomas Whitley
  m. Katrin Evans (dau of Ellis Evans of Northop) @@@p325
  (1) Thomas Whitley of Aston (in Hawarden), Sheriff of Flintshire (a 1638)
  m1. Dorothy Ravenscroft (dau of Thomas Ravenscroft of Bretton)
  Dwnn ends showing Thomas & Dorothy as parents of Robert & Katherine.
  (A) Robert Whitley of Aston
  Commoners identifies Robert ("afterwards of Aston") as Thomas's eldest son but then goes on to his "descendant ... another Thomas Whitley".
  (i) ?? Whitley
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? Whitley
  Possibly the Ralph who married Elizabeth Sleigh, dau of William of Stockton?
((1)) Thomas Whitley of Aston Hall
  m. Anne Loder (dau of Thomas Loder of Baldson Park by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Jonathan Raymond of Barton Park by dau of Philip Jemmet of London)
  ((A)) Ralph Whitley of Aston Hall & Barton Court (Berkshire)
  m. Margaret
  ((i)) Anne (not Janet) Whitley (b c1753, d 29.11.1812)
m. (28.04.1808) Charles Dundas of Barton Court, Lord Amesbury (b 05.08.1751, d 30.06.1832)
  (B) Katherine Whitley mentioned by Dwnn
  m. Eubule Lloyd of Bryn
  (C) another daughter possibly Eliza who married ...
  m. William Morgan of Golden Grove
m2. Elizabeth Brereton (dau of Roger Brereton of Stoke & Haughton (MP))
  (D) Roger Whitley of Peel Hall (Cheshire) & Westminster, Mayor of Chester (b c1618, d 17.07.1697, Colonel, Governor of Aberystwith Castle, MP)
Commoners identifies Roger as a Colonel (in the service of King Charles I) and Governor of Aberystwith Castle. HoP provides the additional details including identification of his family.
  m. Charlotte Gerard (bur 18.10.1662, dau of Sir Charles Gerard of Halsall)
  (i) Thomas Whitley of Peel Hall (b c1651, dvp bur 28.04.1696, MP, 2nd son)
  m. (c02.1680) Elizabeth Lewes (d 15.08.1696, dau of Thomas Lewes of London)
  (a) Roger Whitley of Peel Hall (dsp)
(b) Elizabeth Whitley (d 10.06.1711) probably of this generation
  m. Other Windsor, 2nd Earl of Plymouth (b 27.08.1679, d 26.12.1727)
  (c) daughter
  (ii) Henrietta Maria Whitley (bur 15.10.1689) apparently of this generation
  m. (31.12.1678) Sir Michael Biddulph, 2nd Bart (d 1718)
  (iii) Elizabeth Whitley probably of this generation
  m. (28.19.1676) Sir John Mainwaring, 2nd Bart of Over Peover (d 04.11.1702)
  (iv)+ other issue - 2 other sons, 4 other daughters
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (d c1643), John (Colonel), Ralph (receiver of North Wales), Peter, 5 daughters
  b. Jane Whitley
  m. Robert Symwnt
  c.+ other issue - Edward, Anne, Mari, Dorothy, Ales (d young)

Main source(s): Visitation (Lewys Dwnn (edited by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, vol 2, 1866), Wales, 'Hardon Aston', p323), Commoners (vol 3, 'Dundas of Barton Court', Section on 'Family of Whitley', p115) plus input as reported above
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