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Families covered: Willes of Astrop, Willes of Fenicompton, Willes of Napton, Willes of Newbold Comyn, Willes of Priors Marston

BLG1952 reports that "The family of Willes was settled in Warwicks. before 1330, in which year Thomas Wylles of Compton Magna is recorded to have paid tax, and has resided continuously at Newbold Comyn since its purchase in 1538." BLG1952 identifies the arms of the family as "Arg., a chevron sa., between three mullets gu.".
Richard Willes of Napton, Warwickshire
m. Joan Jeames (dau/heir of John Jeames son of Thomas of Fisho (Tisho) by Jane, dau/heir of William Keverell son (by Agnes, dau of William of Frankton) of Austin son (by Clemence, dau of Sir Adam of Napton) of Robert Keverel)
1. Thomas Willes of Napton
  A. Richard Willes of Napton
  i. Thomas Willes of Priors Marston, Warwickshire (a 01.1507/8)
  a. Richard Willes of Priors Marston & Fenicompton (d 1531/2)
  m. Joan Graunt (dau of William Graunt of Norbrooke)
  (1) William Willes of Priors Marston & Fenicompton
  m. ?? (niece of Sir John Clarke of Northamptonshire)
  (A) Ambrose Willes of Fenicompton
  m. Agnes Coles (dau of William Coles of Great Preston)
  (i) Richard Willes of Fenicompton (d 10.06.1597)
  m. Hester Chambre of Williamscot
  (a) Richard Willes of Fenicompton (b 1590, a 1619)
  m. Bridget Younge (dau of William Younge of Kingston Hall)
  ((1)) George Willes, Governor of Connecticut (b c1611, a 1642)
  ((A)) George Willes of Fenicompton
  ((B)) other issue (some in Connecticut)
  ((2)) Maria Willes (a 1619)
  (B) Richard Willes
  m. _ Blount
  (i) Thomas Willes or Willis of Thistleworth, Middlesex
  m. Mary Tomlyn (dau of _ Tomlyn of Gloucestershire)
  (a) Elizabeth Willis or Willes
m. John Knowles of Lincolnshire
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, Mary
  (2) Richard Willes of Upton then Newbold Comyn, Warwickshire (a 1538, d before 04.11.1564)
  m. Anne Murcott (dau of William Murcott)
  (A) Richard Willes of Newbold Comyn (d before 26.07.1592)
  m. Agnes Wagstaffe (dau of Thomas Wagstaffe of Harbery)
  (i) Richard Willes of Newbold Comyn (a 1619)
  (ii) Peter Willes of Newbold Comyn (d 1637, 5th son) - continued below
  m. Fayth
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, William (d young?), William, John (a 1619), son, 5 daughters
  (B) William Willes
  m. _ Wright (dau/heir of _ Wright of Hopsworth)
  (i) Henry Willes
  (C) Thomas Willes
  (i)+ issue - William, Henry
  (D) Richard Willes (2nd)
  (i) Richard Willes or Willis of Coventry
  m. _ Hancock of Blackwell
  b.+ other issue
2.+ other issue



Peter Willes of Newbold Comyn (d 1637) - continued above
m. Fayth
1. Peter Willes of Newbold Comyn (d before 13.02.1657)
  m. Sara
  A. Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn (b 1641, d 1725, 2nd son)
  m. Bridget Murcott (d 11.11.1718, dau of Abraham Murcott of Cubington)
  i. Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn & Whitnash (d 1737)
  m. Bridget (b c1675, d 04.11.1694)
  a. Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn (b 1694, d 07.1768)
  m. Mary Denny of Norfolk
  (1) Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn (b 1744, d 10.12.1820, cleric)
  m. Dianna Susannah Clark (dau of Francis Clark of Warwick)
  (A) Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn (b 1787, d 20.03.1847) had issue
  m. (1819) Emily Stonehouse (dau of Richard Stonehouse of Kenilworth)
  (2)+ other issue
  B. John Willes (d 20.06.1700, rector of Bishop's Itchington, canon of Lichfield)
  m. Anne Walker (d 18.03.1732, dau of Sir William Walker, Mayor of Oxford)
  i. Sir John Willes (b 29.11.1685, d 15.12.1761, Attorney General then Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas)
m. (01.06.1718) Margaret Broster or Brewster of Worcester
  a. John Willes of Astrop, Northamptonshire (b 1721?, d 1784, MP, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Freke (dau/heir of Thomas Freke of Bristol)
  (1) John Freke Willes of Astrop (dsp) who married ...
  m. (04.05.1781) Jane Raynsford (b 1759, dsp 31.01.1802, dau of Justinian Raynsford of Brixworth Hall)
  (2) Frances Willes
  m. (1784) Henry Fermor of Fritwell
  (3) Anne Willes (d unm)
  (4) Margaret Willes (b 1755-6, d 14.07.1829)
  m. (06.05.1778) Sir George Howland Beaumont, Bart (dsp 1827)
  b. Edward Willes (bpt 06.11.1723, d 14.01.1787, Solicitor General then Judge, MP)
  m. (23.09.1752) Anne Taylor (d 1799, dau of Rev. Edward Taylor of Sutton & Mortlake by Anne, sister of William Shippen (MP))
  (1) John Willes of Hungerford Park, Sheriff of Berkshire (dsps)
  m. (08.06.1795) Charlotte Floyer (dau of Charles Floyer)
  (2) Edward Willes (d 15.07.1794)
  m. Martha Hollings (dau of John Hollings, cousin)
(A)+ issue - Anne, Harriet
  (3) William Shippen Willes of Astrop (d 29.10.1822, rector of Preston Bissett)
  m1. (08.04.1794) Dorothea Capper of East Isham (dsp 19.02.1795)
  m2. (27.02.1797) Margaret Williams (d 09.05.1831, dau/heir of John Williams of Panthowell)
  (A) John Williams Willes (b 09.07.1799, d unm 30.01.1826)
  (B) William Willes of Astrop House, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b 06.03.1802, d 15.03.1865) had issue
m. (08.12.1831) Sophia Cartwright (d 1896, dau of William Ralph Cartwright of Aynhoe)
  (C) Edward Willes (b 25.01.1803, d 1848, Rector of Hamstall Ridware & Yoxhall) had issue
  m. (1826) Laura Steward (dau of Lt. Colonel _ Steward of Myton)
  (D) Charles Thomas Willes of King's Sutton, Banbury (b 13.10.1808, d 1877)
  m. (20.07.1847) Mary Patience Wise (d 1871, dau of Rev. Henry Wise of The Priory, Warwick)
  (E) George Willes of Hungerford Park, Berkshire (b 01.12.1815) had issue
  m1. (04.1839) Charlotte Coape (d 06.1855, dau of Henry Coape of Chilton Lodge)
  m2. (22.12.1855, sp?) Helena Mitchell (d 09.10.1917, dau of Francis Henry Mitchell of London, m2. Rev. Edmumd Willes)
  (F) Margarette Willes (d 05.02.1860)
  m. (08.06.1819) Chandos, Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey (d 27.09.1850)
  (G) Martha Anne Willes (d 03.10.1890)
  m. Walter Cowan of Alveston
  (H) Jane Willes
  m. John Wightwick Knightley of Offchurch
  (I) Louisa Willes
  m. Henry Barton of Rangemore House
  c. Charles Willes (Rector of Wichford)
  m. (1762) _ Horne
  (1)+ 4 daughters
  d. Margaret Willes
  m1. Richard Hollings
  m2. Robert Merry
  e. Sarah Willes
  m. Rev. Dr. _ Goddard
  f. Jane Willes
  m. Sir Richard Sloper
  g.+ other issue - William (d unm 1739), Anne (d unm)
  ii. Edward Willes, Bishop of Bath & Wells (b 06.03.1693/4, d 24.11.1773)
m. (02.02.1718) Jane White (dau of Henry White, son of Sir Sampson)
  a. William Willes (d 12.05.1815, Archdeacon of Wells, Rector of Christian Malford, 4th son)
  m. (1786) Margaret Jeans (sister/coheir of William Jeans of Shroton)
  (1) Francis Willes of Row Green, Hertfordshire (3rd son) had issue
  m. (04.05.1814) Caroline Whichcote (d 1844, dau of Sir Thomas Whichcote, 5th Bart)
  (2) Harriet Willes
  m. Sir Davidge Gould (Admiral)
  (3) Mary Willes
  m. (1790) Charles Johnson (prebendary of Wells)
  (4) Louisa Willes
  m. _ Walrond of Wiltshire
  (5) Charlotte Willes (d 1854)
m. Peter Harvey Lovell of Cole Park (d 1841)
  (6) Margaret Lucy Willes
  m. Robert Middleton Atty of Snitterfield
  (7)+ other issue - Edward (prebendary of Wells), William
  b. Sir Francis Willes of Cockenhatach & Ippolets (Hertfordshire) & Hampstead (Middlesex) (b 30.05.1735, dsp)
  m. (1778) Mary Susannah Clinton (dau of George Clinton, son of 6th Earl of Lincoln)
  c. Jane Willes
  m. Lionel Seaman (Archdeacon of Wells)
  d. Catherine Willes
  m. Sir Alexander Powell
  e. Abbe Willes
  m. Edmund Aubrey (Archdeacon of Wells)
  f. Mary Willes
  m. Paul George Snow (Rector of Chipham)
  g.+ other issue - Edward of Barton (d 25.12.1812, Chancellor of Bath & Wells), Henry (b 24.04.1726, d unm 03.08.1772, Precentor of Wells), John (d unm 1804, Captain RN)
  C. Henry Willes (a 1717)
  i.+ issue - William, Henry, John, Mary, Bridget
  D.+ other issue - William (d unm), Peter (d unm before 09.07.1677), George of Birmingham (d 1721), 4 daughters
2.+ 3 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Willes of Newbold Comyn') with some input/support for the upper section from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Willis') and some input/support for the lower section from BLG1886 ('Willes of Astrop House')
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