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Families covered: Wingfield of Brantham, Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle, Wingfield of Powerscourt

Lewis Wingfield of Southampton (a 1525)
(1) Most of this section was first launched within Wingfield02. It was moved here to facilitate expansion.
(2) Visitation (Norfolk) identifies Lewis's wife as _ Ufford but notes that some say that she was _ Moun (Mohun). BP1934, supported by Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Wingfield of Wingfield and Letheringham), identifies her as ...
m. Margaret Noone (dau of Henry Noone of Martlesham & Shelfhanger)
1. John Wingfield ('dsp'(s?))
  A. Richard Wingfield (dvp?) mentioned in Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, 'Wingfield of ...')
2. Sir Richard Wingfield, Governor of Portsmouth
  m. Christiana FitzWilliam (dau of Sir William FitzWilliam of Milton)
  A. Sir Richard Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt (dsp 09.09.1634)
m. Frances Rugge (dau of William Rugge of Felmingham)
  B. John Wingfield (dsp 1624, Dean of Kilmacduagh)
3. Thomas Wingfield (dsp)
4. George Wingfield
  m. Ratcliffe Gerrard (dau of Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Master of the Rolls)
  A. Richard Wingfield of Robertstown
  m. Honora O'Brien (dau of Teige McMurrough O'Brien of Smithstown)
  i. Sir Edward Wingfield of Carnew, later of Powerscourt (d 22.04.1638)
  m. Anne Cromwell (d 11.07.1636, dau of Edward Cromwell, 3rd Lord)
  a. Richard Wingfield of Powerscourt (d 1644/5)
m. (07.05.1640) Elizabeth Folliott (dau of Sir Henry Folliott, 1st Lord)
  (1) Folliott Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt (bpt 02.11.1642, dsp bur 17.02.1717)
  m. Elizabeth Boyle (d 17.10.1709, dau of Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery)
  (2) Anne Wingfield (d unm)
  b. Lewis Wingfield of Scurmore (3rd son)
m. Sidney Gore (dau of Sir Paul Gore, 1st Bart)
  (1) Edward Wingfield of Powerscourt (d 07.01.1728)
  m1. Eleanor Gore (dau of Sir Arthur Gore, 1st Bart of Newtown Gore)
  (A) Richard Wingfield, 1st Viscount Powerscourt (d 21.10.1751)
  m1. (30.08.1721) Anne Usher (dsp, dau of Christopher Usher of Usher's Quay)
m2. (13.04.1727) Dorothy Rowley (d 21.07.1785, dau of Hercules Rowley of Summerhill)
  (i) Edward Wingfield, 2nd Viscount Powerscourt (b 23.10.1729, d unm 06.05.1764)
  (ii) Richard Wingfield, 3rd Viscount Powerscourt (bpt 24.12.1730, d 08.08.1788)
  m. (07.09.1760) Amelia Stratford (d 11.10.1831, dau of John Stratford, 1st Earl of Aldborough)
  (a) Richard Wingfield, 4th Viscount Powerscourt (b 29.10.1762, d 19.07.1809)
  m1. (30.06.1789) Catherine Meade (d 1793, dau of John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam)
  ((1)) Richard Wingfield, 5th Viscount Powerscourt (b 11.09.1790, d 09.08.1823) had issue
  m1. (06.02.1813) Frances Theodosia Jocelyn (d 10.05.1820, dau of Robert Jocelyn, 2nd Earl of Roden)
  m2. (08.1822) Theodosia Howard (dsp 31.12.1836, dau of Hon. Hugh Howard)
  ((2)) John Wingfield (b 04.09.1791, d Coimbra 18.05.1811)
((3)) Edward Wingfield (b 20.11.1792, d 06.09.1825, Rev.) had issue
  m. (12.04.1819) Louisa Joan Jocelyn (d 17.06.1874, dau of Hon. George Jocelyn)
  m2. (09.02.1796) Isabella Brownlow (d 05.04.1848, dau of William Brownlow)
  ((4)) William Wingfield (b 21.05.1799, d 13.03.1880, vicar of Abbeyleix) had issue
  m. (14.09.1830) Elizabeth Kelly (d 03.1856, dau of Rev. Thomas Kelly of Kellyville)
  ((5)) Catherine Wingfield (d 1835)
m. (08.07.1833) Rev. Arthur Newcombe of Anneyleix
  ((6)) Emily Wingfield (d 20.06.1837)
  m. (04.06.1827) Rev. Frederick Twisleton, Lord Saye and Sele (b 1799, d 1887)
  (b) John Wingfield, later Wingfield-Stratford (b 02.08.1772, d 09.08.18850, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m1. (25.04.1797) Frances Bartholomew (d 13.07.1827, dau of Leonard Bartholomew of Addington Place)
  m2. (01.08.1833, sp) Harriette Grant (d 28.03.1863, dau of Henry Grant)
  (c) Edward Wingfield of Cork Abbey (b 02.08.1772, d 24.08.1859, Colonel)
  m. (17.04.1797) Harriet Westenra (d 16.12.1858, sister of 2nd Lord Rossmore)
  ((1)) Harriet Wingfield (d 06.09.1877)
m. (1819) Sir William Verner, 1st Bart
  (d) Emilia Wingfield (d 06.06.1840)
  m. (1817) Robert Deane Spread (d 05.02.1840, captain)
  (e)+ other issue - Martha (d 13.09.1844), Harriet (d unm 1800)
  (iii) Frances Wingfield (bur 16.08.1794)
  m. (26.11.1747) John Gore, 1st Lord Annaly (dsp 03.04.1784)
  (iv) Isabella Wingfield (d 24.09.1808)
  m. (07.03.1770) Sir Charles Style, 5th Bart (d 18.04.1774)
  (B) Isabella Wingfield
m. (04.1722) Sir Henry King, 3rd Bart of Rockingham (d 01.01.1740)
  (C) Sidney Wingfield (d 10.12.1727)
  m. (17.04.1723) Acheson Moore
  m2. _ Lloyd (d 12.01.1728, dau of William Lloyd, Bishop of Killala)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Richard (dsp), Anne, Isabella, Eleanor
  c.+ other issue - Francis (dsp), Anthony of London, Edward of Newcastle/Wicklow (d 1706), Cromwell of Kilmurry (a 1676), Christian
  ii. Honora Wingfield
  m. Donough O'Brien of Lemeneagh (b 1595, d 10.01.1634)
5. Katharine or Anne Wingfield
  BP1934 names Lewis's daughter as Katharine, wife of Anthony Pounds of Drayton. Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, White) shows Catherin, dau of Lewes Wingfield, as married to Anthony Pound of Drayton then Robert White of Southwike. TCP (Sussex) notes that Visitation names her Catherine but names her Anne.
  m1. Anthony Pounds of Drayton (d 1547)
  m2. Robert White of Southwike
6. Jane Wingfield
  m. John Hennedge (probably Heneage) of Lincolnshire



Sir Richard Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (d 1525)
A draft of this section was first shown within Temp22 on 08.07.06.
m1. (sp) Katherine Wydeville (dau of Richard de Wydeville, 1st Earl Rivers, widow of Henry, Duke of Buckingham, then Jasper, Duke of Bedford)
m2. Bridget Wiltshire (dau/heir of Sir John Wiltshire of Stone Castle, m2. Sir Nicholas Hervey)
1. Charles Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (b c1513, d 1540)
  m. Joan Knollys (dau of Robert Knollys, sister of Sir Francis)
  A. Thomas Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (b c1539, d 1592)
m. Honora Denny (dau of Sir Anthony Denny of Waltham Abbey)
  i. Sir Edward Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (d 1603)
  m. Mary Harington (dau of Sir James Harington of Exton, sister of Lord John)
  a. Sir James Wingfield, last of Kimbolton Castle (a 1613)
  m1. Elizabeth Brakyn (dau of Francis Brakyn of Cambridge)
  (1)+ issue - Edward Maria, Lucy, Anna, Maria
  It appears that Sir James also married ...
  m2. Elizabeth Bodenham (dau of Sir William Bodenham of Biddenden)
  b. Edwad Wingfield (3rd son)
  m. _ Talbott
  c. Penelope Wingfield probably the Penelope who married ...
  m. Francis Bodenham of Ryal (d 1671)
  d.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Charles (dsp), Arthur, Mary
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Wolrich
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Thomas Lewkenor of Suffolk
  iv.+ other issue - James, Robert, daughter
  B. Anne Wingfield
  m. William Smyth
2. Thomas Maria Wingfield (MP)
  m. _ Kerry of Yorkshire
  A. Edward Maria Wingfield of Stonley Priory, Huntingdonshire (a 1613)
  B. Sir Thomas Maria Wingfield
Visitation (Norfolk) identifies Thomas's wife as Estranildo de Sasnet in Over Isell. One of the relevant sections of Visitation (Huntingdonshire) identifies her as "E. Travildo de Susnett in Over Isell, an outlandish woman". The other relevant section identifies her as ...
  m. Arlinda Van Rede of Utrecht
  i.+ issue - Robert, Thomas
3. Jaques (James) Wingfield in Ireland (dsp)
4. Laurence Wingfield
  A. Richard Wingfield in Ireland
5. Cicely Wingfield
  m. _ Maydenhead of Maydenhead
6. Margaret Wingfield
  m1. Sir Thomas Newnham
  m2. _ Moyleward (or Moyle Warde)
7. Jane or Elizabeth Wingfield
  m. (Thomas) Wolrich of Huntington (Huntingdonshire)



Sir Humphrey Wingfield of Brantham Hall, Suffolk (d 23.10.1545, Speaker of House of Commons)
Commoners (vol2, Wingfield of Tickencote) identifies Sir Humphrey as ancestor of the Wingfields of Brantham, Wakefield & Norton.
m. Anne Wiseman (dau of Simon Wiseman of Great Canfield, widow of Sir Gregory Edgar of Brantham Hall)
1. Roger Wingfield of Brantham
  m. Anne Pargitor (dau of Sir Thomas Pargitor, Lord Mayor of London)
  A. Humphrey Wingfield of Brantham
  m. Elizabeth Neville (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Neville of Cambridge ("descended of the Baron of Abergavenny"))
  i. Humphrey Wingfield of Brantham (d before 13.10.1613)
  m. (23.02.1584/5) Anne Bruse (dau of Sir John Bruse (Braose) of Wenham)
  a. John Wingfield of Brantham (a 1613)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Wingfield of Brantham).
  m. Mercy Herrick of London
  (1) Humphrey Wingfield of Brantham (a 1664)
  m1. Elizabeth Battesford (dau/heir of Jo. Battesford of Chesterton)
  (A)+ issue (a 1664) - John (b c1636), Humphry, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Mercy
  m2. Mary Jones (dau of William Jones of Brantham)
  (G)+ other issue - William, Mary, Susan, Bridget, Katherine
  b. Thomas Wingfield of Layham, Suffolk (a 1664)
Thomas is not mentioned in Visitation (Huntingdonshire) but is shown in Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Wingfield of Layham) as son of Humpry of Brantham Hall (by Anne, dau of Sir John Brewse of Little Wenham, which Humphry is wrongly shown as son of Robert of Brantham Hall) and husband/father of ...
  m. Dorothy Rivet (dau of John Rivett of Bilsdenhall)
  (1)+ issue (a 1664) - Thomas (b c1634), Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah
  c.+ other issue (a 1613) - Anne, daughter
  ii. Thomas Wingfield 'of Nettlestead' (d 05.07.1632)
  m1. Alice Bruse (bpt 03.04.1572, dsp bur 20.08.1603, dau of Sir John Bruse)
  m2. Alice Pooley (dau of Richard Pooley of Badley)
  iii. Paul Wingfield
  iv. Jane Wingfield
  m. William Moyes of Winston
  v. Elizabeth Wingfield
  m. _ Huggen
  B. John Wingfield (dsp)
  m. _ Gilgate (widow of _ Shirland)
C. Anthony Wingfield of Winston, Suffolk
  m. _ Pennycocke (heir, widow)
  i.+ issue - Humfrey, William, Mary
  D. Lyonell Wingfield (dsp)
  E. Jane or Anne Wingfield
  m. _ Gilbert of Colchester
2. Anne Wingfield
  m1/2. ?? Warner
  m2/1. Sir Alexander Newton
3. Dorothy Wingfield
  m. William Calybutt

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Powerscourt) with some support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Wingfield)
(2) For middle section : Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, Wingfield & Wingfield of Kimbolton), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1569+1613, Wingfield) with a little support from VCH (Huntingdonshire, vol 3, Parishes: Kimbolton)
(3) For lower section : Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, Wingfield of Brantham) with support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1569+1613, Wingfield) and input as reported above
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