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Families covered: Winston of Llangarren, Winston of Painswick, Winston of Standish, Winston of Winston

(1) There are conflicts between the various Visitation records on this family. We considered holding back from releasing this page properly into the Database and identifying this page only as Draft. However, we have managed to develop a reasonably cohesive report - although we have varied between which of the Visitations we think should be followed (sometimes with little more than intuition to lead us) so that the following should not be viewed as fully reliable and is certainly subject to review in due course should further information on this family come to our attention. Note that VGWI, VGWY, VHWI & VHCE refer to the different Visitation records used to develop this page. These are identified at the foot of this page. We presume to treat John as the same as Jevan and Walter as the same as Watkin or Watkyn.
(2) VHCE shows the progenitor of this family as Sir Tiens de Valence (son of Sir Teyns de Valence in France) father of Gilbert father of Yeban Wynston (sic, see below). VGWI starts with ...
Gwyn ap Gwayth
m. Emma (dau of Drugo de Balladon)
1. Drugo de Wynston, lord of Trewyn
  m. Isabel Wallis (dau of Sir William Wallis)
  A. Ivo de Wynston, lord of Trewyn
  m. Joane Caerlion (dau/coheir of Howell Caerlion)
  i. Gilbert Winston of Winston
  m. Isabel Vallence (dau/coheir of William Vallence)
  a. John or Jevan Winston of Winston & Langaren
  Jevan, apparently the same person as the Yeban Wynston mentioned in note (2) above, was the first mentioned by VGWY. Each of VGWI, VGWY & VHCE show Gilbert as a son of this Jevan. VGWI also reports the following (shown in italics):
  m. Joane Cecill (dau/heir of Reiginald Cecill of Penclough)
  (1) Hugh (or Watkin) Winston of Winston
  VGWI names him Hugh within the pedigree but the Harleian editor added a note reporting that, "According to official record in the Heralds' College" he was named Watkin. Not least because of this, we follow VGWY & VHCE on this generation.
  m. Catherine Stradling (dau of Sir Edward Stradling)
  (A) Hugh Winston of Winston
  m. Joane (dau of Howell ap Evan Sais)
  (i) Sir Walter Winston
  m. Margaret Walby (dau of Sir William Walby)
  (a)+ Thomas, John/Jenkin,. Philip & Walter - see below
  Both VGWY & VHCE show the next 2 generations as follows, the spouses coming from the former:
  (1) John Winston of Winston
  m. Jane Cecil (dau of Reingold Cicill or Cecil of Alternes)
  (A) Watkins Winston of Huyas or Ewyas, Herefordshire
  m. Joane (dau of Howell ap Eignion)
  VGWY shows Watkyn's eldest son as Thomas "a quo Wynston de Huyas" with younger sons John of Wynston (Winston), married to Margaret Walby, and Watkyn (also married to a Margaret Walby, parents of Joane who married William Gernon of Blakmore - note that we show that Joan as of a later generation) VGWI shows just one son, Sir Walter. VHCE shows just one son, John. We presume to show VHCE's John as younger brother of VGWI's Sir Walter.
  (i) Sir Walter Winston
  The following comes from VGWI except for input from VGWY & VHWI as reported.
  m. Margaret Walby (dau of Sir William Walby)
  (a) Thomas Winston of Winston
  This may be the Thomas mentioned above as being shown by VGWY as ancestor of the Winstons of Huyas (Wwyas). The following comes wholly from VGWI.
  ((1)) Robert Winston of Winston
  ((A)) Watkin Winston of Winston
  m. _ Baskerville
  ((i)) Thomas Winston of Winston
  m. Margaret Smyth (dau of William Smyth)
  (b) John (Jenkin) Winston of Sothanit or Sortharant, Herefordshire
  John, "2 brother to Winston of trewin" (sic), was the first mentioned by VHWI which shows Philip as 2nd son of this John rather than his younger brother.
  m. Catherine Baynham (dau/heir of John Baynham of Southant)
  ((1)) John Winston of Southavant or Southanant or Sandes
  VGWY identifies John's wife as Catherin Mandefeild. VGWI names her ...
  m. Margery Bisley (dau of Mogen Bisley of Gloucestershire)
  ((A)) Walter Winston of Runwick or Renwick, Gloucestershire
  m1. Elizabeth Davis (dau of John Davis, son/heir of Lewis)
((i)) Thomas Winston of Standish, Gloucestershire
  m. Anne Burgh (dau of Thomas Burgh of Yorkshire)
  ((a)) Sir Henry Winston of Standish
  m1/2. Elizabeth Vaughan (dau of Watkin Vaughan of Bredwardyn (Pedwarden))
  (((1))) Sir Henry Winston of Standish (dsp, 2nd son)
(((2))) Jane Winston
  m. Lyson Parrie of Herefordshire
  (((3))) Elizabeth Winston
  m. Francis Browne
  (((4)))+ other issue - Thomas, John
  m2/1. Dionisia (or Winifrid) Bond (dau of Sir George Bond of London, Mayor of London)
  (((6))) Sarah Winston (a 1620)
  m. John Churchill of the Middle Temple
  (((7))) Ellenor Winston
  m. Lewson FitzJames of Lewson
  (((8))) Elizabeth Winston
  m. Francis Browne
  (((9))) Joan (Johanna) Winston
  m. John Walcott
  (((10)))+ other issue - Gyles (dsp), William (dsp), George (dsp), Dorothea
  m2. Margaret Pointz (dau/heir of Morris Pointz, brother of Anthony)
  ((ii)) Michael Winston
  ((iii)) Joane Winston
  m. William Garners of Blackmore
  (c) Phillip Winston of Llangarren (Langaren or Langaran or Langarant), Herefordshire
  Shown by VHWI as son of John & Catherine rather than John's younger brother.
  m. _ Coxe (dau of Thomas Coxe of Kilfodes)
  ((1)) Jenkin Winston
  m. Ellenor Carr (dau of Thomas Carr)
  ((A)) Richard Winston
  m1. Jane Abrahall (dau of John Abrahall of Inston of Ingeston)
  ((i)) Margaret Winston
  m2. Joys Welford (dau/coheir of William Welford)
  ((ii))+ other issue
  ((2)) James Winston
  m. Bridget Abrahall (dau of John Abrahall)
  ((A))+ issue - John, Walter, Thomas, Philip, Henry, Anne
  (d) Walter Winston of Painswick, Gloucestershire
  ((1)) Richard Winston of Painswick
  ((A)) Thomas Winston of Painswick
  m. Mabel Horsley (sister of William Horsley of Gloucestershire)
  ((i)) Thomas Winston of Painswick
  m. Judith Lancaster (dau of Roger Lancaster of Herefordshire by _ Baker)
  ((a)) Thomas Winston (doctor)
  (ii) John Winston
  The following comes wholly from VHCE.
  (a) Thomas Wynston
  ((1)) Watkins Wynston
  m. Maud (dau of Meredith ap Morgan)
  ((A)) Mawde (or Elizabeth) Wynston
  m. John Seycille (d 1551)
  (2) Gilbert Winston
  m. _ Abrahall (dau of John Abrahall or Abrell)
  (A) Maud (or Margaret) Winston
  m. (c1450) Thomas Cecil or Sitsilt or Scycilt or Scisell

Main source(s): Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Winston) (referred to above as "VGWI") with input & support (plus contradiction as noted above) from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Wynston) ("VGWY"), Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Winston (of Llangarren)) ("VHWI") and Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Cecil or Sitsilt) ("VHCE")
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