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Families covered: Witham of Bretonby, Witham (Wytham) of Cliffe, Witham of Corneburg, Witham of Ledston

Sir Robert Wytham
m. Elizabeth St. Philbert (dau of Sir Guy St. Philbert)
1. Lawrence Wytham
  m. Margaret Ermyn (dau of Sir John Ermyn or Armyn)
  A. Robert Wytham
  m. Tomasyn Walsh (dau of Thomas Walsh)
  i. Robert Wytham of Grantham (d after 29.12.1440)
  m. Margaret Skeldenby (dau of Richard Skeldenby or Skendelby)
a. Thomas Wytham, Chancellor of the Exchequer (dsp 1481, 2nd son)
  m. (1432) Agnes Thwenge (d 24.10.1495, dau of William Thwenge of Corneburg)
  b. John Wytham (5th son)
  m. Margaret Barton (dau of _ Barton of Whenbie)
  (1) George Witham of Cliffe
  m. Margaret Wawton (d 1479, dau of John Wawton of Cliffe, widow of William Tacketts)
  (A) John Witham of Cliffe and Corneburg
  m. Agnes Gower (dau of Sir Thomas Gower of Stytnam)
(i) Thomas Witham of Cliffe and Corneburg (d 10.03.1538)
  m. Cicely Conyers (dau of John Conyers of Hutton-super-Wysk)
  (a) John Witham of Cliffe (a 1585)
  m. Eleanor Fox (dau of James Fox of Thorpe-under-Willows)
  ((1)) Anthony Witham of Cliffe
  m. Anne Middleton (dau of John Middleton of Stokeld)
  ((A)) John Witham of Cliffe (b 1582) - continued below
  m1. Dorothy Wycliffe (d 1611, dau of William Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
  m2. Mary Rudd
  m3. Jane Radcliffe (dau of Cuthbert Radcliffe)
((B)) Catherine Witham
  m. Sir Henry Trotter of Skelton Castle
  ((C)) Ann Witham
  m. Michael Johnson of Twizle
  ((D))+ other issue - Thomas, William, Peter
  ((2)) Robert Witham
  ((3)) Thomas Witham
  m. Margaret Chaytor (dau of Anthony Chaytor, son of Christopher of Butterby)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, Robert, William
  ((4)) Margaret Witham
  m. Anthony Chaters of Butterby
  (b) Eleanor Witham
  m. John Bulmer of Bulmer
  (c) Mary Witham
  m. Leonard Bates of West Lathes
  (d) Margaret Witham
  m. Henry Lowicke
(ii) Catherine Witham
  m. German Pale or Paule of Hertburne (Hartburne)
  (iii) Margaret Witham
  m. German Oglesthorpe of Newsham
  (B) Margaret Witham
  m. Robert Talboys of Hurworth
(C)+ other issue - Richard (priest), Thomas (dsp), Henry (dsp), Agnes, Hellen
  (2) Thomas Witham of Bretonby
  The following is partly supported by 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p240).
  m. Janetta or Ivetta Wawton (dau of John Wawton of Cliffe)
  (A) Matthew Witham of Bretonby
  m1. Alice Hunter (dau of Robert Hunter)
  (i) William Witham of Bretonby
  m. _ Killinghill (dau of _ Killinghill of Middleton St. George)
  (a) William Witham
m. Katherine Wencelagh (dau of Philip Wencelagh of Wencelagh)
  (b) Cuthbert Witham
  m. Dorothy (probably not Margery) Rokeby (dau of Ralph Rokeby of Marske)
  ((1))+ issue - daughter, Ellinor
  (c) Anthony Witham
  m2. ??
  (ii) Henry Witham of Ledston (bur 19.04.1572)
  m. (02.04.1544) Margaret Middleton (bur 04.03.1562, dau of Thomas Middleton of Stockeld)
The following contains input from Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Witham of Ledston').
  (a) William Witham of Ledston (bpt 04.02.1546, bur 08.05.1593)
  m. (10.11.1573) Eleanor Neale (bur 23.09.1619, dau of John Neale of Northampton)
  ((1)) Henry Witham of Ledston (bpt 15.06.1581, dsp bur 02.11.1625)
  m. Ellinor Rayner (dau of John Rayner of Orton Longuilliers)
  ((2)) Anna Witham (bpt 01.03.1577)
  m1. Thomas Biggs (dsp 1621)
  m2. Sir John Walton or Walter (lord chief baron)
((3)) Dame Mary Witham (bpt 30.06.1579, d 05.05.1662)
  Walker reports that Mary was "created a baroness in her own right by Charles II" but BEB1841 (Bolles, in Scotland section) identifies her as a Baronettess of Nova Scotia and states that she "is the only lady upon whom the dignity of Baronettess has ever been conferred." TCB (vol ii, Bolles of Osberton) confims that "This is the only case of a Baronetcy having been conferred on a female, or even enjoyed suo jure, by one."
  m1. Thomas Jobson or Jopson of Cudworth
  m2. Thomas Bolles of Osberton, Nottinghamshire
  ((4)) Elizabeth Witham (bpt 27.12.1574) probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m.William Westropp (b 1571)
((5)) Gertrude Witham (bpt 14.09.1582)
  m. (04.04.1613) Thomas Procter
  ((6)) Ellinor Witham probably of this generation
  m. Lewis Lewyns
  ((A)) William Lewyns of Rusholme
  m. Margaret Barnard (dau of Sir Edward Barnard of North Dalton)
((i)) Edward Lewyns (d young)
  ((ii)) Eleanor Lewyns (dsp)
  m. Charles Salkeld of Holborn
  ((iii)) Mary Lewyns (b c1690, d 1753)
  m. Edward Gale Bolero of York & Cornborough
  ((iv)) Frances Lewyns (dsp)
m. Daniel Devoy of York
  ((6)) Margaret Witham probably of this generation, some confusion with generation earlier?
  m. Richard Symson of Ryton
  ((7))+ other issue (d infant)- William (bpt 10.07.1584, bur 09.03.1585), Edward (bpt 07.10.1585), Thomas (bpt 11.12.1586), William (bpt 20.10.1588), Frances (bpt 15.01.1573, bur 08.02.1576), Ellen (bpt 08.05.1590)
  (b) Isabella Witham (bpt 09.01.1547)
  m. Thomas Langton (Laton) of Duffield
  (c) Margaret Witham some confusion with generation later?
  m. Richard (sb James?) Sympson in Rydale
  (d) Gertrude Witham
  m. Richard Horsley ## possibly Francis Horsley? ##
  (e)+ other issue - Henry, Robert, Peter, Timothy (d 10.12.1612)
  (iii) Cuthbert Witham or Wytham
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Wytham of West Garforth').
  m. Dorothy Walker
  (a) Cuthbert Wytham or Witham of West Garforth
  m. Anne Hemsworth (dau of Thomas Hemsworth of Purston)
  ((1)) William Witham (b c1608)
  m. Anne Flower (dau/coheir of John Flower)
  ((A)) Thomas Witham (3rd son)
  m. (24.11.1665) Anne Skelton (dau of Henry Skelton, Mayor of Leeds)
  ((i)) Henry Witham
((B+ other issue - John (MD), Cuthbert (dsp), William, Anne (d unm), Jane, Mary, Sarah
  ((2))+ other issue - Gilbert (a 1712, rector of Garforth), Mary, Dorothy, Frances, Margaret, Ann, Sara
  (iv) Isabel Witham
  m. Thomas Langton of Duffield
  (v)+ other issue - William, Henry, Robert, Peter, Timothy
  (B)+ other issue - William, Margaret
  (3) Joan Witham
  m. Richard Westhrop (b 1456, d 1497)
  (4) Margaret Witham
  m. Thomas Lepton
  c. Sir Henry Wytham (dsp) who apparently married ...
  m. Alice Thwenge (dau of William Thwenge of Corneburg)
  d.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), William (Dean of Wells), Sir Richard (priest)



John Witham of Cliffe (b 1582, a 1612) - continued above
m1. Dorothy Wycliffe (d 1611, dau of William Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
1. William Witham of Cliffe (b c1606)
  m. Anne Collingwood (dau of George Collingwood of Esslington)
A. George Witham of Cliffe (d 1648)
  m. Grace Wyvile (dau of Sir Marmaduke Wyvile, Bart of Constable Burton, by Isabel Gascoigne)
  i. John Witham of Cliffe
  m1. Elizabeth Standish (dau of Edward Standish of Standish by Elizabeth Howard)
  a. William Witham of Cliffe (d after 06.1723)
  m. (1707) Anne Lawson (dau of Sir Henry Lawson, Bart of Brough)
(1) Henry Witham of Cliffe (d 1776)
  m. Catherine Meaburne (d 12.04.1803, dau of Anthony Meaburne of Pontop)
  (A) William Witham of Cliffe (dsp 02.08.1802)
  m. Winifred Stapleton (dau of Nicholas Stapleton of Carlton)
  (B) Thomas Witham of Headlam
  m. Mary Thornton (d 05.1793, dau of James Thornton of Nether Witton)
(i) William Witham (dsp 1831)
  (ii) Eliza Witham of Cliffe
  m. Henry T.M. Silvertop, later Witham of Lartington Hall & Cliffe (b 28.05.1779, d 28.11.1844)
  (C) Anne Witham (d 1794)
  m. (1754) Philip Howard of Corby Castle (b 1730, d 08.01.1810)
  (D) Catherine Witham
  m. Thomas Stapleton of Carlton
  (E) Mary Witham
  m. Gustavus de Strom (from Sweden)
  (F) Elizabeth Witham
  m. (01.07.1775, sps) Charles Browne Mostyn (b 21.11.1753, d 19.09.1844)
  (G)+ other issue - Winifred, Frances
  (2) Thomas Witham of Durham (d 1786, MD)
  m. Elizabeth Meynell (dau of George Meynell of Aldborough and Dalton)
  (A) Francis Witham (dsp 19.11.1827, 3rd son)
  m1. Mary Tunstall (dau of Michael Tunstall)
  m2. Mary Clara Stafford (dau of F. Stafford)
  (B) William Witham (b 27.10.1754, d 22.03.1825)
  m. (27.11.1783) Dorothy Langdale (dau of Thomas Langdale)
  (i) William Witham of Eaton Square, London (d 13.12.1848, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (23.07.1812) Frances Elizabeth Brookes (d 01.1861, dau of James Brookes of Henley-upon-Thames)
  (ii) Sir Charles Witham (b 15.08.1791, d 30.11.1853, RN) had issue
  m. (18.11.1829) Jane Hoy (dau of John Hoy of Stoke-by-Nayland)
  (iii) Dorothy Witham
  m. James Maxwell of Kirkconnell
(iv)+ other issue - Thomas (d 11.11.1863, priest), Francis (dsp 1853, RN), John (dsp 1870), Lawrence (d unm)
  (C) Henry Witham (d 01.03.1814)
  m. Elizabeth Langdale (dau of Thomas Langdale)
  (i)+ issue (d unm) - Henry, Frances, Elizabeth
  (D)+ other issue - George (d 01.05.1829, priest), Thomas (d young)
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - John, George, William
b. Elizabeth Witham
  m. Thomas Salkeld
  c.+ other issue - Grace, Dorothy, Mary (nun)
  m2. Troth Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Halliwell)
  ii. Lawrence Witham (6th son)
  m. (Margaret) Swale (dau of Sir Solomon Swale)
  iii. Marmaduke Witham
  m1. _ Leyburne (dau of T. Leyburne of Cunswick and Witherslack)
  m2. _ Tancred (dau of Sir Thomas Tancred)
  iv. Ann Witham
  m. George Palmes of Naburn
  v.+ other issue - George (Bishop), William, Christopher (priest), Robert, Dorothy (nun)
  B.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Lawrence, Anne, Mary, Dorothy
2. Anthony Witham (3rd son)
  m. Isabel Hixon (dau of Richard Hixon)
3. Margaret Witham
  m. Cuthbert Conyers of Layton
4.+ other issue - Roger (monk), Katherine
m2. Mary Rudd
m3. Jane Radcliffe (dau of Cuthbert Radcliffe of Blanchland (not Blanchard))

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Witham of Cliffe', p5+), Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Witham of Cliffe'), BLG1886 ('Witham of Lartington') with a little support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Wytham') and some input from Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Witham of Ledston' (alongside 'Jobson of Cudworth'))
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