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Families covered: Wood of Grange, Wood of Lambieletham, Wood of Largo, Wood of Newmylne, Wood of Stenton

(1) The clan-wood site suggests that the following family may have descended from William de Bosco, "the Norman aristrocrat who was Chancellor of Scotland in the early 1200s" (he d 1231 having been Archdeacon of Lothian) or his brother, Sir Radulph of Ogilface. It is not unlikely that either William or Radulph was great-grandfather of Thomas de Bosco of Ogilface (a 1320, his daughter/heir Beatrix gave Ogilface to the church in 1386) and grandfather of Sir Andrew de Bosco of Redcastle (## see here ##). See here for a note on de Bosco families.
(2) The clan-wood site suggests that the parents of the famous Admiral Sir Andrew Wood were the undermentioned Alexander & Elizabeth Crichton. To provide the connection with the Woods of Bonnytoun, we show Alexander as son of ...
?? Wood (could be William, father of Katherine)
1. Alexander Wood (bailie of Edinburgh)
  m. Elizabeth Crichton (dau of Sir George Crichton, Earl of Caithness, Admiral of Scotland)
  A. Sir Andrew Wood, 1st of Largo (b c1455/1460, d c1515?, Admiral of Scotland)
  The Memorials book starts with the Admiral. He is widely reported to have lived to old age, some sources accrediting him with living to over 100, but this is almost certainly a result of the confusion between consecutive generations of Andrews. 'East Neuk' reports that Sir Andrew died in 1521, the clan-wood site that he died before 03.11.1517, probably by 1515. Andrew appears to have bought Largo from Ellen Arnot, dau/heir of John Arnot of Largo, widow of a William Wood who may have been related.
  m. (before 1487) Elizabeth Lundie (dau of John Lundy or Lundin of that ilk)
  i. Sir Andrew Wood of Largo (d 1579)
  m1. (before 1528) Alison Hume (sister of _ Hume of Unthank)
  a. (Sir) Andrew Wood of Largo (dvp 1579)
  m. (1556) Egidia (Gilles) Gourlay
(1) Andrew Wood of Largo, Sheriff of Fife (d c1592/a 1596?)
  The Memorials book reports that, although an earlier source had reported that this Andrew married a Janet Balfour, Janet was actually the wife of James Wood of Lambelethame (below). 'East Neuk' identifies his wife as Andrew's cousin Jean, dau of James Drummond, dau of 1st Lord Madderty, but TSP ('Strathallan') shows that that marriage was contracted in 1606 (and shows her husband Andrew as living in 1618) and so must be of the next generation. That reference to Andrew marrying his cousin suggests that this Andrew's wife may have been a Chisholm (aunt of Jean Drummond, more likely that a sister of Lord Madderty). It is probably likely that it was this Andrew who married ...
  m. (13.10.1580) Elizabeth Lundie (dau of William Lundie of that ilk) presumed mother of ...
  (A) Andrew Wood, last of Largo (dspm 06.1649, burgess in Perth)
  m. (23.05.1606) Jean Drummond (dau of James Drummond, 1st Lord Maderty)
  'East Neuk' (p76) suggests that Alexander Wood (a 1698), shown below as ancestor of the baronet of Gatton Park, may have been a son of Andrew but the clan-wood site reports that Andrew died "leaving no son whilst 'East Neuk' appears confused on the generations.
  (B)+ other issue - John (dsp 1661), William in Edinburgh (dsp 1667), Lilias, Isabella, Christina/Christian
  (2) John Wood
  (A) issue - Robert, Andrew, John
  (3) Robert Wood
  (A) Helen Wood
  (4) Thomas Wood shown a generation earlier by the clan-wood site
  m. Margaret Logie
  (A) John Wood of Orkie & Anstruther (d 02.1661, built the hospital at Largo)
  (5)+ other issue - Lilias, Isabella, Christina, Helen (possibly m. Patrick Learmonth of Callenge)
  Some web sites, possibly following the report that the above Andrew married his cousin, suggest that a daughter Jean of this generation, married James Drummond, 1st Lord of Madderty (Maderty). However, the Drummond records show that to be erroneous.
  b. John Wood of Tilliedavy, later of Grange (a 1565)
  c. Arthur Wood of Gatesyde
  (1)+ issue - Robert, Agnes
d. James Wood of Lambieletham (Lambeletham), later also of Grange (d 1596)
  James is shown a generation earlier by 'Memorials' and the clan-wood site appears to support that view. Provisionally, we support 'East Neuk' (p74&184) in showing him as of this generation which is supported by BLG1886 ('Wood of Ottershaw Park') which identifies his wife Janet as "grand-dau of Sir Michael Balfour, of Burleigh". 'East Neuk' notes that Janet is sometimes identified as dau of David, son of Sir Michael, but notes that "it seems likely that" she was ...
  m. (before 1570) Janet Balfour (dau of Thomas Balfour (son of Andrew by Beatrix Dunbar) by Janet)
  (1) Alexander Wood of Grange & Lambieletham (d 1603, 2nd son)
  m. (by 1597) Elizabeth Wemyss (dau of Sir David Wemyss)
  (A) James Wood of Grange & Lambieletham (d 1669)
  m1. Margaret Munro
  (i) James Wood (a 1661, dvp)
  m. (1644) Elizabeth Nisbet (sister of Sir William Nisbet of the Dean)
  (a)+ issue - James (b 1644, d young), John, James (b 1657)
  The above comes from 'East Neuk' (p184+). BLG1886 ('Wood of Ottershaw Park') reports that a descendant of the above Alexander & Elizabeth Wemyss was "it is stated" Rev. Alexander Wood, "an Episcopalian clergyman" who m. Jean Brown. Provisionally, we follow the clan-wood site which suggests that he was of a different line, shown below (at the continuation). #@#
  (ii) Elizabeth Wood
  (iii) Catherine Wood
m. (1640) D. Kinninmont (Captain)
  m2. (1647) Catherine Pitcairn of Falkland
  (2) William Wood (a 1606, tutor of Lambieletham, 4th son)
  (A) David Wood of Earlsferry (and Pitterthie?)
  (3) Christian Wood who may have married ....
  m. William Wemyss
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1590, dvp), James (d 1597), Helen, Margaret
  e. Elizabeth Wood --
  m. William Bruce (d 1636, son of Alexander of Earlshall) --
  f. Isabel Wood
  m. John Afflect
  m2. (before 1563) Jean Forman, Lady Kellie
  ii. Alexander Wood of Grange (d 1592, vicar of Largo) mentioned on 'East Neuk' (pp72&183)
  'Memorials' reports that Alexander's son Robert "obtained a character of Legitimation in 1572". That suggests that Robert was illegitimate. 'East Neuk' (p183) reports that he married ...
  m. (after 1548) Elizabeth Crichton (d 1581, widow of (William) Dishington of Ardross)
  a. Robert Wood (a 1572, dspms?)
The clan-wood site provides the following connection.
  b. William Wood of Stenton & Grangehough
  (1) Robert Wood of Stenton & Grangehough
  (A) George Wood of Newmyln & Stenton
  (i) William Wood (burgess of Dunbar)
  (a) Alexander Wood (b 1653, d 1710, "an Episcopalian clergyman")
  #@# As reported above, BLG1886 suggests a different ancestry for Alexander. The Memorials book (p31) is uncertain on his ancestry.
m. Jean Brown or Broun (granddau/heir of Rev. Robert Kerr of Cessford)
  iii. Robert Wood (d 1573)
  m. Elizabeth Logan
  a. Thomas Wood (a 1573)
  iv. John Wood of Tillydoun (a 1562, Senator of the College of Justice)
  a. William Wood
  B.+ other issue - John, Robert
2. ?? Wood
  Identified on the clan-wood site as a first cousin of Admiral Sir Andrew Wood of Largo was ...
  A. Walter Wood of Bonnytoun (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. (c1490) Dorothea Tulloch, heiress of Bonnytoun named on TCB (vol 6, p254)
  i. ?? Wood (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  ii. William Wood of Bonnytoun possibly of this generation (one later?)
3. Katharine Wood shown 2 generations later by 'East Neuk' (p72) but possibly of this generation --
  m. Alexander de Spens (3rd) of Lathallan (d 1466) --

Main source(s): 'Memorials of the family of Wood of Largo' (Frances Mary Montagu, 1863), 'East Neuk of Fife' (Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p63+), www.clan-wood.org.uk with further input/support as reported above
[The first draft of this page was launched on 21.07.03, being based on cross-references from elsewhere in the database and input from various web sites. It was subjected to major change on 10.10.06 when the 'Memorials' book was used (with thanks to a contributor, SG (10.10.06), for kindly bringing our attention to the availability of a copy of that book on 'Google Books' (sadly missing much of the Index)). On 20.09.07 the page was reviewed again, following consideration of the clan-wood web site, and it was launched 'properly' into the Database even though it retained some areas of uncertainty. It was reviewed again in July 2017 using 'East Neuk of Fife', which we view as probably the definitive work on the Largo branch of the family, and a second look at the clan-wood site.]
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