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Families covered: Wray of Ashby, Wray of Barlings, Wray of Beamish, Wray of Glentworth, Wray of Rathcannon Castle, Wray of St. Nicholas

Robert Wray
1. William or Thomas Wray
  BEB1841 (Wray of Ashby) identifies William's wife as "daughter and heir of Jackson, of Saydale". BHO starts with this generation (wife being a dau of Jackson of Gatonby) but names him Thomas of St. Nicholas. Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 ( Ayscough of Stallingborough and South Kelsey) refers to children of Alice as living 12.11.1562 "the date of their grandmother's will, Joan Wycliffe, widow of Thomas Wray (sic), and dau. of Robert Jackson of Gatenby".
  m. Joan Jackson (dau of Robert Jackson of Gatenby or Saydale)
  A. Sir Christopher Wray of Glentworth (d 07/08.05.1592, Lord Chief Justice)
  m. Anne Girlington (dau of Nicholas Girlington of Normanby)
i. Sir William Wray, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Bart of Glentworth (b c1555, d 13.08.1617, MP)
  m1. (06.04.1580) Lucy Montague (d 1599, dau of Sir Edward Montague of Boughton)
  a. Sir John Wray, 2nd Bart of Glentworth (bpt 27.11.1586, bur 31.12.1655, 2nd son)
  m. (09.1607) Grissel Bethell (bur 26.01.1653/4, dau of Sir Hugh Bethell of Ellerton by Anne, dau of Sir William Mallory of Studley)
(1) Sir John Wray, 3rd Bart of Glentworth (bpt 21.09.1619)
  m1. (c1654) Elizabeth Willoughby (bur 03.11.1655, dau of Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley)
  (A) child (d 1656)
  m2. Sarah Evelyn (dau of Sir John Evelyn of West Dean)
(B) Elizabeth Wray (bpt 27.02.1663, dsps 07.04.1714)
  m. Nicholas Saunderson of Wentworth, younger of Castleton (dvp before 06.03.1692)
  (2) Sir Christopher Wray, 4th Bart of Glentworth (bpt 29.03.1621, dsp bur 25.11.1664)
  BEB1844 shows that Sir John, 3rd Bart, was succeeded by his cousin, Sir Edward, 2nd Bart of Ashby (below). However, TCB reports that Sir John's brother Christopher was the next Bart (of Glentworth) and that, though it is possible that their brother Theophilus succeeded Christopher for a day or two, it is more likely that their brother Bethell was the next Bart of Glentworth before Sir Edward.
  m. (24.12.1646) Frances Foljambe (bur 02.11.1667, dau/heir of Sir Francis Foljamb, Bart, by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Wray, 1st Bart, cousin, m2. John Troutbeck)
  (3) Sir Bethell Wray, 5th Bart of Glentworth (bpt 30.01.1632/3, d unm bur 19.02.1671/2, youngest son)
  (4) Frances Wray
  m. John Hotham (d 01/2.01.1644-5)
  (5) Grissel Wray (d before 1684)
  m. (19.12.1654) Anthony Thorold of Marston (dvp before 17.10.1670)
(6) Theodosia Wray
  m. Sir Richard Barker
  (7)+ other issue (dsp) - Theophilus, William
  b. Edward Wray (4th son)
m. (27.03.1622) Elizabeth, Baroness Norris (bur 28.11.1645, dau of Francis Norris, 2nd Lord of Rycote, Earl of Berkshire)
  (1) Bridget Wray, Baroness Norris (b 12.05.1627, bur 24.03.1656-7)
  m1. (24.12.1645) Edward Sackville (dsp 11.04.1646, of Dorset family)
  m2. Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey (d 23.07.1666)
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - Christopher, William, Nathaniel, Benjamin
  m2. Frances Drury (b 08.06.1576, d before 15.01.1641/2, dau of Sir William Drury of Hawsted)
  g. Sir Christopher Wray of Ashby (bur 13.02.1645/6)
  m. (03.08.1623) Albinia Cecil (bur 30.01.1659/60, dau of Sir Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon)
  (1) Sir William Wray, 1st Bart of Ashby (d 17.10.1669-70)
  m. Olympia Tufton (dau of Sir Humphrey Tufton, Bart)
  (A) Sir Christopher Wray, 2nd Bart of Ashby, 6th Bart 'of Glentworth' (b c1652, d unm bur 31.08.1679)
  (B) Sir William Wray of Louth, 3rd Bart of Ashby, 7th Bart 'of Glentworth' (d unm 1686-7, youngest son)
  BEB1844 suggests that William did not inherit the baronetcies but TCB reports that he did.
  (C) Margaret Wray
  m. _ Jeffries (prebendary of Canterbury)
  (D) Tufton Wray
  m. Sir James Montague
  (E) Drury Wray
  m. Sir William Sanderson, Bart of Combe
  (F) daughter
  m. _ Lewis
  (G)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Drury
  (2) Edward Wray of Barlings (d 23.01.1684/5)
  m. Dorothy Horsey (dau/heir of James Horsey of Honingham, relict of Hon. George Fane)
(A) Sir Baptist Edward Wray of Barlings, 8th Bart 'of Glentworth' (d unm before 18.11.1689)
  (3) Sir Drury Wray of Rathcannon Castle, Sheriff of co. Limerick, 9th Bart 'of Glentworth' (b 29.07.1633, d 30.10.1710)
  m. Anne Casey (d 22.04.1697, dau/heir of Thomas Casey of Rathcannon Castle by Bridget, dau/coheir of Sir John Dowdall of Kilfinny)
  (A) Sir Christopher Wray of Rathcannon Castle, 10th Bart 'of Glentworth' (b before 1672, d unm 21.11.1710, Lt. Colonel)
  (B) William Wray (dvp)
  (C) Sir Cecil Wray of Rathcannon Castle & Branston, 12th Bart 'of Glentworth', Sheriff (dsp 09.05.1736)
  m. (30.11.1721) Mary Harrison (d 18.12.1745, dau of Edward Harrison of Morley (by Joanna, dau of Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Dromore), widow of Benjamin Columbine)
(D) Diana (probably not Jane) Wray
  m1. Rev. Peter Rilands of Limerick (dsp 1695) mentioned in BP1934 (Limerick)
  m2. William Twigge (Archdeacon of Limerick)
  (E) Albinia Wray probably of this generation
  m. ?? Bury of Shannongrove
  (F)+ "several daughters"
  (4) Cecil Wray
  m. _ Cressy (dau of _ Cressy of Brigsley)
  (A) William Wray
  m. Isabella Ullithorne (dau/coheir of John ullithorne of Slenningford)
(i) Sir John Wray of Sleningford, 12th Bart 'of Glentworth' (d 26.01.1752)
  m. (04.03.1727/8) Frances Norcliffe (b 16.09.1700, d 04.07.1770, dau of Fairfax Norcliffe of Langton)
  (a) Sir Cecil Wray of Fillingham, 13th Bart 'of Glentworth' (b 03.09.1734, dsp 10.01.1805)
  m. Esther Summers (b 1735-6, d 01.02.1825, dau of James (?) Summers of Fillingham)
  (b) John Wray (d young)
  (c) Mary Wray (dsp 20.07.1807)
  m. (19.04.1769) Sir James Innes, later Norcliffe, later Innes-Ker, 6th Bart, 5th Duke of Roxburghe (b 10.01.1736, d 19.07.1823)
  (d) Isabella Wray (d 29.05.1780)
  m. John Dalton (d 07.1811)
  Their eldest son inherited the Langton estate and took the name Norcliffe.
  (e) Frances Wray (dsp)
  m. Thomas (probably not John) Arthington of Arthington
  partner unknown
(f) Ann Casey
  m. Lord Vere Bertie
  (ii) Cecil Wray of Enfield (3rd son)
  m. Frances Holmes (dau of John Holmes)
  (a) Sir William Ullithorne Wray, 14h Bart 'of Glentworth' (b 08.1721, d 09.08.1808, rector of Darley)
  m. (02.02.1765) Frances Bromley (bpt 07.12.1740, d 22.06.1816, dau of Rev. Francis Bromley of Wickham by Rebecca)
  ((1)) Sir William James Wray, 15h Bart 'of Glentworth' (b c1771, dsp 27.08.1809, Major, 2nd son)
  m. ??
((2)) Mary Ann Wray (b 02.05.1774, dsp)
  m. Rev. _ Morgan
  ((3))+ other issue - Cecil Bromley (b 06.04.1768, dvp unm 1794), Lucy (b 17.05.1773, dsp), Frances (b 01.06.1775), Isabella (d 06.05.1777, dsp), Elizabeth (b 22.05.1778, dsp)
  (iii)+ other issue - William (dsp), 4 daughters
  (5) Frances Wray
  m. (01.07.1640) Sir Henry Vane of Raby Castle (bpt 26.05.1613, d 14.06.1662)
  (6) Theodosia Wray apparently of this generation
  m. Rowland Laugharne
  (7) Albinia Wray apparently of this generation
  m. Richard Betenson
  (8) Elizabeth Wray probably of this generation
  m. William Elliott of Busbridge (b 1624, d 1697)
d. Charles Wray (dsp)
  e. Frances Wray
  m. Sir Anthony Irby of Boston
  Probably of this generation but not sure by which wife (as not mentioned in BEB1844 or BHO) were ...
  f. Elizabeth Wray (d before 05.1638)
  m. (21.10.1614) Sir Francis Foljambe, Sheriff of Derbyshire, Bart of Walton and Aldwarke (d 17.12.1640)
  g. Hannah Wray (b 04.02.1599-1600)
  m1. William Halton of Clee
  m2. Anthony Meres of Bonby (d 1653-4)
  ii. Isabel Wray (d 1622)
  m1. Godfrey Foljambe
  m2. Sir William Bowes
  m3. John Darcy, 3rd Lord of Aston (d 1635)
  iii. Frances Wray (d 08.1634)
  m1. Sir George St. Paul, Bart of Snarford (b c1562, d 28.11.1613)
  m2. (14.12.1616, sp) Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick (b 12.1559, d 24.03.1618/9)
  B. Richard Wray ancestor of Wrays of Kelfield, not mentioned by BHO
C. Thomas Wray of St. Nicholas, Yorkshire
  m. Anne Forster (dau of Leonard Forster or Foster of Smawes)
  i. Sir William Wray 'of Beamish' of St. Nicholas (bur 01.01.1628-9)
  m. Jane Selby (dau of William Selby of Whitehouse)
  a. Thomas Wray of Beamish
  m1. Frances Tunstall (dau of Francis Tunstall of Scargill Castle)
  (1) Francis Wray (d young)
  (2) Jane Wray (bur 16.09.1632)
  m. John Hodgson of Manor House (d 1653)
  m2. (mcrt 03.06.1630) Eleanor Belson (a 1654, sister of Augustine Belson of Lincolnshire)
  b. George Wray 'of Beamish' (bur 26.07.1670, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Brandling (a 1671, dau of Robert Brandling of Felling)
  (1) Thomas Wray (a 1671, sold Beamish)
  c. Dorothy Wray
  m. Robert Millott of Whitehill
  d.+ other issue - William, Henry (dsp), Edward (bur 03.08.1604), Elizabeth (bur 16.02.1603-4), Jane (bur 24.04.1613)
ii. Dorothy Wray
  m. Edward North of Walkeringham
  iii. Eleanor Wray
  m. Thomas Wilbore
  iv. Elizabeth Wray
  m. A(nthony) Wagstaffe of Hasland
  v. Mary Wray
  m. _ Whittingham of Selby
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
  D. Leonard Wray of Ardwick-le-Street shown by BHO as 2nd son 'of Culforth'
  i. Frances Wray
  m. Francis Yarburgh (d 31.07.1595)
  E. Anne Wray
  m. Ralph Fower of Richmond
  F. Alice Wray (bur 22.10.1559)
  m. George Ayscough of Cowling (d c1556)
  G. Catharine Wray
  m. James Greene of Lanmouth
  H. daughte
  m. _ Errington (alderman of York)
  I. Elizabeth Wray (bur 19.02.1586)
  m. William Aislaby or Aslakeby of Barden (bur 04.05.1573)

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Wray of Ashby) with input/support from BHO ('The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol 2 (1820), Chester Ward, 'Chapelry of Tanfield', 'Pedigree of Wray of Beamish') and some input/support from TCB (vol 1, Wray of Glentworth)
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