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Families covered: Wright of Downham, Wright of Kilverstone, Wright of Little Buckenham, Wright of Wangford

Commoners reported that "The Wrights of Kilverstone, one of the oldest families in Norfolk, and contemporaneous with the Bedingfields, Jerninghams, Pastons, and Woodhouses, have been seated in that county time immemorial. Owing, however, to the destruction of deeds and other documents, which were lost, with a great portion of the ancient property, by the negligence and dishonesty of guardians in long minorities, their descent can only now be authentically traced to the time of Henry VII."
Thomas Wright (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
1. John Wright of Tindalls & Rowses in East Laxham, Norfolk (d 1540-1)
  A. Edmund Wright of Sutton Hall in Brent Bradfield, Suffolk
  m1. Catherine Beaupre (dau/coheir of Edmund Beaupre of Beaupre Hall)
m2. Jane Russell (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Russell (brother of John, 1st Earl of Bedford) by the heiress of Jervoyse of Sutton Hall)
  i. Edmund Wright 'of Burnt Bradfield' of Little Buckenham (Norfolk) & Thwayt (Suffolk) (2nd son)
  m1. (sp) _ Eure (dau of Lord Eure, widow of Sir John Salvin of Yorkshire)
  m2. Frances Spring (dau of Sir John Spring of Lavenham)
  a. daughter
  m. ?? Reeve of Thwait
  b. Frances Wright
  m. Thomas Bell
c. Milicent Wright
  m. John Thruston of Hoxne
  d. Anne Wright (bur 24.12.1609)
  m. (12.1562) Sir John Heigham of Barrow (b 1527/8, d 02.05.1626)
  e. Bridget Wright
  m. Robert Rolf of Hadley
  f. Mary Wright
  m. William Downes of Bodney
  ii. George Wright of Little Buckenham (a 1572)
  m. (20.07.1542) Dorothy Monne (dau of Edmund Monne of the Inner Temple)
  a. William Wright of Winchester
  m. Elizabeth Strangwayes (dau of Henry Strangwayes, son/heir of Sir Giles)
(1)+ issue - William, Dorothy, Anne, Amy
  b. Edmund Wright of Kingshay, Oxfordshire
  m. Dorothy Baak (dau of Richard Baak of Hadenham)
  c. Eleanor Wright
  m. Richard Coulthorp of Kingshay
  d. Cicely Wright
  m. Robert Maule of Suffolk
iii. Thomas Wright of Weeting, Norfolk
  m. Agnes Fisher of Witchingham
  a. Thomas Wright of Kilverstone, Norfolk
  m. Jane Jermyn (dau of John Jermyn of Depeden)
  (1) Thomas Wright of Kilverstone & Weeting, Sheriff of Norfolk (d 1652)
  m1. (sp) Dorothy Brograve (dau of Simeon Brograve of Hamels)
  m2. Judith Houghton (dau of Robert Houghton of Earlham)
(A) Thomas Wright of Kilverstone (d 12.04.1667, 2nd son)
  m. (1664) Catherine Harbord (d 1684, dau of Sir Charles Harbord, m2. William Cropley)
  (i) Charles Wright of Kilverstone (b 1666, d 16.11.1729)
  m. (1691) Anne Vilett (dau/coheir of George Vilett of Pinkney Hall)
  (a) Thomas Wright of Kilverstone (a 1737, dsp)
  (b) John Wright (rector of Euston, Suffolk)
  m. Anne Pearson (dau of William Pearson, Chancellor of York)
  ((1)) Harbord Wright of Kilverstone
  m. Frances Chad (sister of Sir George Chad, 1st Bart, cousin)
  ((A)) Charles Wright of Kilverstone (dsp)
  ((B)) daughter (d infant)
((2)) John Wright of Kilverstone (d 12.02.1793, rector of Tatterford cum Tattersett)
  m1. (sp) Catherine Morden
  m2. (1779) Anna Maria Pierson (dau of Thomas Rolfe Pierson of Middleton)
  ((A)) John Wright of Kilverstone (b 23.01.1781)
  m. (17.04.1809) Frances Rose (dau of Rev. Zachariah Rose of Broughton, sister of John of Cransby)
  ((B)) Thomas Wright (dsp, rector of Kilverstone)
  m. Charlotte Cubitt (dau of George Cubitt of Catfield)
  ((C)) William Wright
  m. Ellen Hutchins
  ((D))+ other issue - Anne (dsp?), Mary
  ((3))+ other issue (d infant or d unm)
  (c) Elizabeth Wright
  m. Robert Chad of Wells (d 12.1736)
  (d)+ 6 others (d unm)
  (B) John Wright of London (4th son)
  m. Anna Maria Smith (a 1732)
  (i) Elizabeth Wright
  m. John Cotton (son/heir of John Cotton of Ashill)
(ii)+ other issue - Thomas, Marmaduke (dsp), Anna Maria (a 1702)
  (C) Charles Wright
  m. _ Braham
  (i) Charles Wright (d unm)
  (D) Judith Wright
  m. John Crask (MD)
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert, Jermyn
  (2) John Wright of West Laxham & Ovington, Norfolk
  m. Joan Steward (dau of Thomas Steward of Barton Mills by Sarah, dau of Sir Edward Lewknor of Denham)
  (A) Thomas Wright of Sandy Downham, Suffolk (d 1669)
  m. Elizabeth Say (dau/heir of Robert Say of Tilney)
  (i) Robert Wright of Downham
  m. Anne Wyneive (dau of Sir George Wyneive of Bretenham by Christian, dau of Dudley, Lord North)
  (a) Thomas Wright of Downham & York had issue
  m1. (sp) Anne North (dau of Roger North of Rougham)
  m2. Frances Wright (dau of Thomas Wright of East Herling) @@ just below
(b) Robert Wright (rector of Herling & Stepney)
  (c) George Wright of Butley, Suffolk had issue
  (ii) John Wright had issue
  (iii) Thomas Wright of Herling
  m1. ??
  (a)+ issue - John, Robert
  m2. ?? (dau/widow of _ Bert, relict of the governor of Fort St. George)
  (c) Frances Wright
  m. Thomas Wright of Downham @@ just above
  (d)+ other issue - Richard, Mary
  (iv) Frances Wright
  m. Henry Rayney of London (d 1740)
  (v)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne mentioned by Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Wright of Downham)
  (B) Robert Wright of Holm Hale, Norfolk had issue
  m. Elizabeth Chamberlain (dau of Edward Chamberlain of Barnham Broom)
  (C)+ other issue - George, John
  (3) Sarah Wright
  (4) Anne Wright
  m. William Stebbing
  (5) Jane Wright
  m. James Ward of Hindringham
  Not mentioned by Commoners but identified by Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Wright of Wangford') as a son of Thomas of Kilverston by a dau of John Jermyn of Depden was ...
(6) Jermyn Wright of Wangford, Suffolk
  The following is supported by Wikipedia ("Robert Wright (South Carolina judge)" and connected pages, 23.02.24).
  m. Anne Bachcroft (dau/coheir of Richard Bachcroft of Becksfield (or Batchcroft or Butchcroft of Bexwell))
  (A) Robert Wright of Wangford (b c1634, d 1689, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, MP) some support from HoP ("Robert Wright")
  m1. Dorothy Moor of Wiggenhall St. Germans, Norfolk (dsp 1662)
  m2. Susan Wren (b 25.01.1633, dau of Mathew Wren, Bishop of Ely)
  (i) Robert Wright of Sedgefield, later in America (b 1666, d 12.10.1739, Chief Justice of South Carolina)
  m1. Alicea Johnson (d 1723, dau of John Johnson of Sedgefield, m1. _ Pitt)
p/m2. Isabella (b 1675, d 21.11.1752)
  (a) Sir James Wright, Governor of Georgia, 1st Bart (b 08.05.1716, d 20.11.1785)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 5, 'Wright of Georgia, in America', p163). This Sir James, 1st Bart, is sometimes confused with another James Wright who was created Bart in the same year.
  m. (1740) Sarah Maidman (d 1763, dau of Captain James Maidman)
  ((1)) Sir James Wright, 2nd Bart (b c1747, dsp 16.09.1816)
  Wikipedia reports that some sources incorrectly report that James married Mary, dau of John Smith, Governor of South Carolina. That is what TCB does. Wikipedia identifies Mary as ...
  m. Mary Smith (dau of Captain John Smith by Elizabeth Williamson)
(b)+ 6 other children
  (ii) Susan Wright (b 21.04.1664, bur 12.04.1730)
  m. (25.05.1687) Vertue Radford (b 18.01.1657/8, d 1694, Recorder of London)
  (ii) Anne Wright (d 1731)
  m. (c01.1694/5) Freville Lambton of Hardwick (b 08.01.1661/2, d 1731)
  (iv) Elizabeth Wright (bur 31.10.1753
  m. John Rugge of Stirtloe (bur 28.11.1720)
  (v) Alice Wright (b 1672, d 17.11.1724)
  m. John Ball of Hampton Court (d 05.01.1732)
m3. (04.04.1681) Anne Scroggs (d 1713, dau of Sir William Scroggs, Lord Chief Justice)
  (vi) William Wright in Ireland (a 1683, 1713)
  (a) Robert Wright (a 1713)
  b.+ 3 sons (dsp)
  iv. Bridget Wright
  m1. Henry Chitting of Wortham
  m2. George Waller
  v.+ other issue - William (dsp), Edward
  B. Nicholas Wright
  m. Anne Beaupre (dau/coheir of Edmund Beaupre of Beaupre Hall)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Wright of Kilverstone', p614+)
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