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Families covered: Winfield of Wirksworth, Webster of Ashburn, Webster of Chesterfield, Wright of Woodford, Waterland

Thomas Winfield
m. _ Deane (dau of Edward Deane of Wirksworth)
1. James Winfield of Noton Steare, Wirksworth, Derbyshire
  m1. Milicent Booth (dau of William Booth of Carsington)
  A. William Winfield of Wirksworth
  m. Lydia Webster (dau of Robert Webster of Ashburn) @@ below
  i. John Winfield of Wirksworth (bur 27.07.1704)
  m1. Dorothy Morton (dau/heir of Thomas Morton of Spout House & Sheffield)
  a. William Winfield of Chesterfield & Betley (d 05.1720)
  m. Dorothy Salt (dau of George Salt of Betley, m2. John Harding of Betley)
  (1) William Winfield of Brampton (b 1717-8, d 03.1736)
  m2. (28.05.1702) Susanna Milnes
  B. Ann Winfield
  m. John Muggleston of Wilson, Leicestershire
  i. William Muggleston
  a. William Muggleston (a 1753)
  C. Milicent Winfield
  m. Matthew Muggleston
  i. Mary Muggleston
  m. Henry Dunisthorp
  a. Henry Dunisthorp (a 1753)
  ii. Hannah Muggleston (a 1753)
  iii. Martha Muggleston
  m. Hosea Langdale
  a. Mary Langdale (a 1753)
  m. _ Deane
  D. Dorothy Winfield
  m. German Greatorex of Bonsal
  m2. Dorothy
  E. James Winfield had issue



Henry Webster of Ashburn, Derbyshire
m. Agnes Blackwell
1. Robert Webster of Ashburn (bur 04.05.1659)
  m1. Susanna Taylor (dau of Thomas Taylor of Ashburn)
  A. Paul Webster of Chesterfield (b 29.11.1637, d 01.05.1694-5)
m. (28.06.1665) Susanna Watkinson (dau of Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton)
  i. Paul Webster of Chesterfield (b 1668-9, d 09.03.1715)
  m. Frances Pegge (b 1664-5, d 01.05.1732, dau of Edward Pegge of Beauchief)
  a. Paul Webster of Chesterfield (b 1697-8, d 05.06.1757)
  m. Sarah Fern (b c1710, dau of Rev. Joseph Fern of Matlock)
  b.+ other issue - Godfrey (d unm 04.02.1735), Ann (d 30.11.1716/60), others (d infant - Frances, Susanna, Lydia)
  ii. Ann Webster
  m. (24.10.1695) Adam Bagshaw of Worm Hill
  iii. Lydia Webster (b c1666, d 19.05.1701)
  m. (25.07.1695, sp) William Milnes of Tapton
  iv.+ other issue (d infant) - Robert, Matthew, Godfrey, Susanna
  B. Thomas Webster (b c1656, d 24.12.1699)
  C. Lydia Webster
  m. (27.05.1670) William Wingfield of Wirksworth @@ above
  m2. Mary Hill (dau of John Hill of Upper Mayfield)
  D.+ other issue - Henry, Ann, Elizabeth



TCB notes that "Owing presumably to the confusion of two persons each named James Wright being created Baronets in the same year, this creation is often omitted". TCB reports of this James that he was "His Majesty's President to the Republic of Venice, whose parentage is not known". TCB notes the report that, in 'Notes & Queries' (5th series, xii, 18), "Archbishop Moore's first wife was the sister of the late Sir James Wright, Bart., Resident at Venice". However, this presumably refers to John Moore (Archbishop of Canterbury 1783-1805) whose first, wife according to Wikipedia, was a daughter of Robert Wright, Chief Justice of South Carolina, whose son was the other James Wright who was created a Baronet in the same year as the following Sir James, thereby supporting the view that the 2 Sir Jameses have sometimes been confused with each oher.
Sir James Wright of Woodford (Essex), 1st Bart (d 1803)
m. Catherine Stapleton (b c1732, d 06.01.1802, dau of Sir William Stapleton, 4th Bart, by Catherine Paul)
1. Sir George Ernest Wright of Woodford, 2nd Bart (b c1769, d 31.12.1809
  TCB reports that Sir George m. (03.06.1796) (Rebecca), dau/heir of Charles Maclane of Okingham, and that he died "presumably s.p.m.". FMG identifies his wife and only daughter as follows.
  m. Rebecca Maclaine (d 1819, dau/heir of Duncan Maclaine of Greenock)
  A. Ruperta Catherine Wright
  m. (14.02.1822) Rev. Edward Murray (son of George, Bishop of St. David's, and nephew of the Duke of Athol)



John Waterland of Broughton, Lincolnshire (clerk)
1. Henry Waterland (d before 08.05.1698, rector of Walesby & Flixborough)
  m1. ??
  A. Daniel Waterland (b 14.02.1683, dsp 23.11.1740, Chancellor of York, Canon of Windsor)
  m. Theodosia Tregonwell (dau of John Tregonwell of Anderson)
  B.+ other issue - Theodore (d 18.03.1764, minister), Theophilus (vicar & rector), Ann of Market Raisin
m2. Anne
  E. Henry Waterland of Heydon, Yorkshire (b c1669, a 1758)
  i. Henry Waterland (b 1702-3, d 07.03.1779, rector of Wrington)
  m1. Merial Day of Cambridge (d 31.03.1750)
  a. Martha Waterland
  m. William Green of Thundercliffe Grange
  b. Mary Waterland
  m. (sp) Nicholas Twig(g) of Derby
  c.+ other issue - son (d young), Meriel (d infant)
  m2. Sarah Dorrington of Sodbury (d 29.09.1772)
  F. Mary Waterland
  m. _ Chapman
  i. John Chapman (Master of Moulton School, Lincoln)
  m. Elizabeth Cole
  G.+ other issue - John (a 1697), William (a 1697), Philip (a 1697), Elizabeth

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