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Families covered: Zouche of Ashby, Zouche of Haryngworth (Harringworth), Zouch of Lubbesthorpe

Alan la Ceoche or Coche, later Zouche of North Molton (d 1190)
m. Alice de Belmeis (dau of Philip de Belmeis of Tong, Ashby, etc)
1. William la Zouche de Belmeis (dsp 1199)
  m. Bonenee
2. Roger la Zusche of Petersfield and Maple Durham, Sheriff of Devonshire (d before 14.05.1238)
  m. Margaret (a 1220)
  A. Sir Alan la Zouche of Ashby (d 10.08.1270)
  m. (before 1242) Elena (Ela) de Quincy (d 1296, dau of Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester)
i. Sir Roger de la Zouche of Ashby (b c1240/2, d before 15.10.1285)
  m. (c1266) Ela de Longespee Plantagenet (d by 1276, dau of Stephen de Longespee Plantagenet)
  a. Alan la Zouche, 1st Lord of Ashby (b 09.10.1267, d before 25.03.1314)
  m. Eleanor de Segrave (dau of Sir Nicholas de Segrave, Lord)
  (1) Ellen la Zouche (b c1286, a 10.1334)
  m1. (by 04.1314) Nicholas de St. Maur, Lord (d 08.11.1316)
  m2. (before 11.1318) Alan de Charlton of Apley (d 12.1360)
  (2) Maud la Zouche (b c1290, d 31.05.1349) HJY
  m. (c1311) Robert de Holand, 1st Lord Holand (d 07.10.1328) HJY
  (3) Elizabeth la Zouche (b c1294, nun)
  ii. William la Zouche of Black Torrington
  a. Emery la Zouche (b 21.11.1267)
  iii. Alan la Zouche of Fulbourn
iv. Oliver la Zouche had issue
  v. Henry la Zouche (a 1293, parson of East Ham)
  B. Eon or Eudes la Zouche (d 1289)
  TCP confirms that, contrary to Dugdale, Eon was brother not son of the Alan of Ashby who died in 1270. Nichols, identified below, shows him as son of Roger (d 1285), son of that Alan.
  m. (before 13.12.1273) Milicent de Cantelupe (dau of William de Cantilupe, Lord of Abergavenny)
  i. William la Zouche, 1st Lord of Haryngworth or Harringworth (b 12.1276, d 11/2.03.1351/2)
  m. (before 15.02.1295/6) Maud Lovel (dau of John Lovel, 1st Lord of Tichmersh)
  a. Eon or Eudes la Zouche (b 1297-8, dvp 24.04.1325-6)
m. (before 06.1322) Joan Inge (dau of William Inge, Chief Justice)
  (1) William la Zouche, 2nd Lord of Haryngworth or Harringworth (b 1322, d 23.04.1382)
  m. Elizabeth de Ros (dau of William de Ros, 3rd Lord)
(A) William la Zouche, 3rd Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1342, d 13.05.1396)
  m1. (before 27.10.1351) Agnes Green (a 02.12.1391, dau of Sir Henry Green, Chief Justice)
  (i) William la Zouche, 4th Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1373, d 03.11.1415)
  m. (before 1402) Elizabeth (d before 20.11.1425)
(a) William la Zouche, 5th Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1402, d 25.12.1462)
  m1. (before 08.03.1423/4) Alice St. Maur (b 24.07.1409, a 1430, dau of Richard St. Maur, 6th Lord)
  ((1)) William la Zouche, 6th Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1430, d 15.01.1467/8)
  m1. Katherine Lenthall (dau of Sir Rowland Lenthall of Hampton Court)
  ((A)) John la Zouche, 7th Lord of Haryngworth (b 1459, d c03.1525/6)
  m. Joan Dynham (dau of John Dynham of Hartland, 6th Lord)
((i)) John la Zouche, 8th Lord (b c1486, d 10.08.1550)
  m1. Dorothy Capell (dau of Sir William Capell, Lord Mayor of London)
  ((a)) Richard la Zouche, 9th Lord (b 1510, d 22.07.1552)
  m1. (c1525) Joan Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers of Bryanston)
  m2. (after 1532) Margaret Cheney (dau of John Cheney of West Woodhay)
  ((b)) Sir John Zouche
  m1. Lath St. Leger (dau of Sir George St. Leger)
  m2. Catherine St. Leger (dau of Sir George St. Leger)
((c)) Mary Zouche
  m2. (before 08.10.1527) Susan Welby (a 1569, dau of William Welby of Halstead, widow of Nicholas Davenport of Bulwick)
  ((ii)) Jane Zouche
  m. Sir Edward Hungerford of Heytesbury
((iii)) Elizabeth Zouche
  m1. John Carew of Haccombe
  m2. Sir Robert Brandon (dsp)
  ((B)) Margaret Zouche possibly the Margaret who married ...
  m. William Catesby of Ashby and Lapworth
  ((C))+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  m2. Katherine Plumpton (d 10.1470, dau of Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton by Elizabeth Stapilton, she m2. Sir Gilbert Debenham)
  ((2)) Sir John la Zouche of Bulwick
  TCP shows this John as brother rather than son of the 5th Lord.
  m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Richard Grey, 4th Lord of Codnor)
  ((3)) Margaret la Zouche
  m. Sir Thomas Tresham
  ((4)) Elizabeth la Zouche
  m2. (before 02.04.1450) Elizabeth St. John (dau of Sir Oliver St. John of Bletsoe)
BP1934 identifies William's second wife as Katherine Plumpton shown by TCP as second wife of the 6th Lord.
  (b) Sir John la Zouche possibly of this family, of this generation
  The following comes from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Dunham).
  m. Margaret Borough (dau of John Borough, son of Sir Thomas by Lucia, dau/coheir of Lord John de Belaqua)
Margaret's father John is identified in some web sites as John de Burgh of Kirtlington. The Belaqua connection is to be investigated further in due course. [See here]
  ((1)) Elizabeth Zouche
  m. Sir Nicholas Bowett of Repinghall or Rippingale, Lincolnshire
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bowett
  m1/2. Sir William Chaworth (d c1468)
  m2/1. John Donham or Dunham
  ((B)) Margaret Bowett apparently of this generation
  m. John Chaworth
  (ii) Eleanor la Zouche dau of Lord William, possibly of this generation
  m. John Lovel, 6th Lord of Titchmarsh, Lord Holand (d 19.10.1414)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edmund, Thomas
  m2. (after 28.04.1393) Elizabeth Despenser (d 10/1.04.1408, dau of Edward Despencer, 1st Lord)
  (2) Isabella la Zouchesister of Lord William, probably of this generation
  m. John Lovel, 3rd Lord of Titchmarsh (d 03.11.1347)
  b. Milicent la Zouche (d 22.06.1379)
  m. William Deincourt, 2nd Lord (b c1300, d 02.06.1364)
  ii. Roger de la Zouch of Lubbesthorpe (d 1306) apparently of this generation
The following comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 1, 1807, 'Pedigree of Zouch of Lubbesthorpe', p38).
  a. Ralph de la Zouch (d 1326)
  (1) Roger de la Zouch of Lubbesthorpe (d 1350)
  (A) Elizabeth de la Zouch
  m. Richard Ashby of Loseby
  iii. Eva la Zouche (d 05.12.1314)
  m. (1289) Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Lord (b 04.1271, d 31.05.1326)
  iv. Eleanor la Zouche
  m. Sir John de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (b 1276, d 1330)
  v. Elizabeth la Zouche
  m. Sir Nicholas Poyntz, 2nd Lord (b c1278, d 1311-2)
  vi. Lucie la Zouche (d 23.10.1326) apparently of this generation
  m. (23.10.1312) Sir Thomas de Grene or Greene of Boughton
  C. William la Zouche
  i. Joice la Zouche (a 1285)
  m1. Nicholas de Whelton (a 1258-9)
  m2. Robert Mortimer of Richard's Castle (d 1287)
  D. Alice la Zouche
  m. (1250) Sir William de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (b 1227, d 1270)

Main source(s):
(1) For early generations and Zouche of Ashby : TCP (Zouche of Ashby), BE1883 (Zouche of Ashby)
(2) For Zouche of Haryngworth : TCP (Zouche of Haryngworth), BP1934 (Zouche)
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