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Families covered: Zouche of Codnor, Zouche of Haryngworth (Harringworth), Zouch of Sandal, Zouch of Wakefield, Zouche of Woking

Richard la Zouche, 9th Lord of Haryngworth (b 1510, d 22.07.1552)
m1. (c1525) Joan Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers of Bryanston by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Courtenay)
1. George la Zouche, 10th Lord of Haryngworth (b c1526, d 19.06.1569)
m. (by 1554) Margaret Welby (dau of William Welby of Moulton)
  A. Edward la Zouche, 11th Lord of Haryngworth (b 06.06.1556, d 18.08.1625)
  m1. (c1578) Eleanor Zouche (bur 03.05.1611, dau of Sir John Zouche of Codnor by Eleanor, dau of Richard Whalley) @@ below
  i. Elizabeth Zouche (bpt 14.02.1578/9, bur 24.04.1617)
  m. (27.12.1597) Sir William Tate of Delapre or De la Pre Abbey
  Through this connection passed a claim on the barony of Zouche of Haryngworth which was successful in 1815.
  ii. Mary Zouche (bpt 04.11.1582, bur 06.10.1652)
  m1. (04.03.1602/3) Thomas Leighton
  m2. William Connard (dsp)
  m2. (c10.1661) Sarah Harington (dau of Sir James Harington of Exton)
  B. Charles Zouche possibly of this generation
  i. Ann Zouche
  m. John Pitfeild of Alvington
2. Sir John Zouche of Weston probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  A. Jane Zouch
  m. George Purefoy of Wolvershall
m2. (after 1532) Margaret Cheney (dau of John Cheney of West Woodhay)
partner unknown
3. Dorothy Zouche
  m. Sir Arthur Grey, 14th Lord of Wilton (b 1536, d 1593)



Sir John Zouche
Nichols shows only John's marriage to Catherine St. Leger, identifying her as mother of Francis.Pprovisionally, we follow those web sites that identify his mother as Catherine's sister ...
m1. Lath St. Leger (dau of Sir George St. Leger)
1. Francis Zouche
  m. Phillippa Ludlow (dau of George Ludlow by Edith, dau of Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord)
  Various web sites show Francis & Phillipa as parents of William & Sir Alan. Nichols shows only Richard.
  A. William Zouch
  i. Sir Edward Zouche of Woking (d 1634)
  m. Dorothea Silking of Denmark
  a. Sophia Zouche (b c1618, d 12.11.1691)
  m1. Sir Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon (b 29.02.1571/2, d 16.11.1638)
m2. Sir Robert King of Boyle Abbey and Kingsborough (d 1657)
  B. Sir Alan Zouche, later of Woking uncle of Sir Edward who was father of Sophie, presumed father of ...
  i. Sir Edward Zouche of Woking
  a. James Zouche, last of Woking (b c1684, dsp 10.1708, younger son) who married ...
  m. Anne Colwell (dau of Thomas Colwell of London)
  C. Richard Zouch (judge)
  m. Sarah
  i. Sarah Zouch (b 1640)
  m. Richard Lydall
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Sir Alan, William, Sarah (d infant), Catharine, Anne
m2. Catherine St. Leger (dau of Sir George St. Leger, elder sister of Lath)



Sir John la Zouche of Bulwick
m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Richard Grey, 4th Lord of Codnor)
1. Sir John Zouche of Codnor Castle, Derbyshire
  m1. Eleanor St. John (dau of Sir John St. John of Bletso)
  A. Sir John Zouche of Codnor
  m. Elizabeth St. John (dau of Sir John St. John of Bletso)
  i. Elizabeth Zouche (d 06.10.1517)
  m. (1503) Gerald FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare (b 1487, d 13.12.1534)
  ii. Catherine Zouche
  m. Edmund FitzMaurice, 11th Lord of Kerry, Viscount Kilmaule (dspm 1541)
B. Margaret Zouche
  m1. Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwicke (d 15.11.1531)
  m2. _ Cavendish
  m2. Margaret Willoughby (dau of Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton)
C. George Zouche of Codnor (d 1557)
  m. Anne Gainsford
  i. Sir John Zouche of Codnor (d 1586)
  m. Eleanor Whalley (dau of Richard Whalley)
  a. Sir John Zouche of Codnor (d 1610/1)
  m. Mary Berkeley (dau of Henry Berkeley, 7th Lord)
  (1) Sir John Zouche of Codnor (d 1639)
  m. Isabella Lowe (dau of Patrick Lowe)
  (A) Elizabeth Zouche
  (B) Isabella Zouche probably the Isabella who married ...
  m. Robert Milward (b c1616, d 1674, judge in Chester, MP)
  b. Eleanor Zouche (bur 03.05.1611)
  m. (c1578) Edward la Zouche, 11th Lord of Haryngworth (b 06.06.1556, d 18.08.1625) @@ above
  ii. Margaret Zouche
  m. Augustine Babington



?? Zouch of London (goldsmith)
1. Charles Zouch (b 1690-1, d 07.1754, vicar of Sandal)
  m. Dorothy Norton (b c1694, d 17.03.1760, dau of Gervase Norton of Ketelthorpe)
  A. Henry Zouch (dsp 17.06.1795, vicar of Sandal, younger son)
  m. Elizabeth Spinke (dau/heir of William Spinke of Wakefield)
  B. Samuel Zouch of Wakefield (d 30.12.1790)
  m. Elizabeth Boyle (dau of Michael Boyle of Field)
i. Richard Zouch of Wakefield
  a.+ issue - daughter, Frances Elizabeth (d 07.1825)
  ii. Dorothy Zouch
  m. Thomas Hardy of Wakefield
  iii.+ other issue - Charles (cleric), Henry (a 1786), Thomas (a 1786), Elizabeth
  C. Thomas Zouch 'of Sandal' (b c1737, d 17/23.12.1815, rector of Scrayingham)
m1. Isabella Emerson (d 18.10.1803)
  m2. (1808) Margaret Brooke (dau of William Brooke of Field Head)
  D. Richard Zouch (d c1763)
  m. Arabella Barry of Hull (m2. _ Walker)
  E. Elizabeth Dorothea Zouch (b 1739-40, d 19.03.1792)
  m. William Graeme of Heath in Halifax
  F. Ann Zouch (d 03.04.1759)
  m. (31.08.1753) Sir William Lowther of Swillington, Bart (rector of Swillington)
  G.+ other issue - Charles (b 1720-1, d 02.04.1731), Francis (b c1722, d 02.04.1731), Arthur (d 07.04.1731), Charles Francis (d 22.05.1734), Elizabeth (d 25.03.1731), Dorothy (b 16.02.1731, d 16.02.1737)
2. _ Zouch (son?)
  m. _ Stokes
  A. daughter
  m. _ Strong (dsp)
3. daughter (?) (dsp)
  m. _ Hanson of London

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