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Families covered: Godwin (Earl of Wessex and Kent), Gerold of Tankerville

Wulfnoth, Cyld of Sussex
1. Godwin, Earl of Wessex and Kent (b c987, d 15.04.1053)
  m1. Thyra Sveynsdottir (b c993, d 1018, dau of Sveyn I 'Forkbeard', King of Denmark, Norway and England)
  m2. (1019) Gytha (dau of Thorkils 'Sprakalegg' Styrlbjornsson)
A. Edith or Eadgyth (d 1075)
  m. (sp) Edward 'the Confessor', King of England (d 1066)
  B. Harold II, King of England (b c1022, d Battle 14.10.1066)
  m1/p. Eadgyth 'Swan Neck'
  i. Gytha Haroldsdottir (d 07.05.1107)
  m. (c1070) Vladimir II 'Monomachos', Prince of Kiev (b 1053, d 19.05.1125)
ii.+ other issue - Godwin, Edmund, Magnus, Gunhild (nun)
  m2. (c1064) Ealdgyth of Mercia (dau of Aelfgar, Earl of Mercia)
  vi.+ other issue - Harold, Ulf
  C. Sveyn, Earl of Mercia
  D. Tostig, Earl of Nothumberland (b c1026, d Stamford Bridge 25.09.1066)
  m. Judith (Fausta) of Flanders (dau of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders)
  i. Skuli Tostisson
  m. Gudrun Nefsteinsdottir
a. Asolf Skulison of Rein
  m. Thora Skoptisdottir
  (1) Guthorm Asolfsson of Rein
  m1. Eldrid (dau of Jon 'Butter Bread')
  (A)+ issue - Ragnhild, Ingrid, Gudrun, Rangrid
  m2. Sigird Thorkelsdottir
  (E) Baard Guthormsson of Rein (d 1194)
  m. (c1184) Cecilia (dau of Sigurd II Haraldsson, 'Mouth of Norway', King of Norway)
  (i) Inge II Baardsson, King of Norway (b 1185, d 23.04.1217)
  m. Cyrid
  (a) Guthorm Ingesson (d c1230)
  (ii) Sigrid Baardsdottir
  m. John Sigurdsson of Eastort
  (iii) Guthorm Baardsson
  m2. Ragnhild Erlingsdottir
  (iv) Skuli Baardsson, Duke
  (a)+ issue - Margaret, Ingirid, Rangrid
(2) Ottar Balli Asolfsson
  (3) Sigrid Asolfsdottir
  m. Halkel Hunch
  ii. Ketil Tostisson
  E. Leofwine, Earl of Kent (d Battle 14.10.1066)
  F. Gyrth, Earl of East Anglia (d Battle 14.10.1066)
  G. Driella Godwinsdottir
  m. Donnchad O'Brien, King of Munster (d 1064)
  H.+ other issue - Wulfnoth, Alfgar (monk), Edgiva, Elgiva (d c1066), Gunhilda
  Reported by BP1934 (Mowbray) as Godwin's daughter (possibly one of the above by another name) was ...
  M. Anne Godwinsdottir H
  m. Botolph de Stourton H



The following Gerold, possibly also 'de Roumare', should not be confused with the Gerold de Roumare who is shown on RZmisc02.
Gerold, Sire de Tankerville (probably heriditary Chamberlain of Tankerville)
m. Helisendis
1. Ralph FitzGerold, Chamberlain of Tankerville (a 1079)
  A. William, Chamberlain of Tankerville (a 1082)
This appears to be the William, Chamberlain of Tankerville, who is shown on Clinton01as son of Ralph, Chamberlain of Tankerville, son of Raoul or Ralph, Chamberlain of Tankerville (the last being discrepant), alleged (but probably not) ancestor of the Clinton Earls of Lincoln.
2. Aumery d'Abetot
  A. Urso d'Abetot, Sheriff of Gloucestershire & Worcestershire (a 1073, 1100)
  m. Atheliza
  i. Roger d'Abetot
  ii. Emeline HJY
  m. Walter de Beauchamp of Bedford (Elmley) HJY
  iii. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Roger de Marmion of Fontney, Tamworth and Scriveslby
  B. Robert 'le Despencer' (steward to William the Conqueror)
3. Giroldus

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 01.04.03) : 'RoyalData'
(2) For lower section (uploaded 29.06.07) : 'The Conqueror and His Companions', published in 1874 by J.R. Planché, Somerset Herald, which has been reported in full on http://genealogy.patp.us
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