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Families covered: Auchinleck of Auchinleck, Auchinleck of Balmanno
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It is surprisingly difficult to find information on this family. RedBookScot reports that Sir George, 2nd of Balmanno, "was retoured heir of Mr John Auchinleck, second son of the deceased Sir John Auchinleck, of that ilk, styled as son of the brother of his great-great-grandfather". That reference, which indicates that the original senior line died out in the 16th century, helps explain the difficulties and has been used to provide a framework for the following.
?? Auchinleck of that ilk
Possibly the Sir John, son of Sir Alexander, found reported on a web site as having married a daughter of Sir John Boswell of Balmuto (who m2. _ Durham of Grange).
1. Sir James Auchinleck of that ilk of Auchinleck
  TSP (Wemyss, Earl of Wemyss) identifies a wife of Sir James as ...
m. (before 1443) Christian Douglas (a 1465, widow of Sir William Douglas then David Wemyss of Methill) wife of Sir James, possibly mother of ...
  A. Sir John Auchinleck of that ilk of Auchinleck (d after 1499)
  m. Christian Lindsay (dau of Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Earl of Crawford)
  i. James Auchinleck of Glenbervie (dvp by 1492)
  m. (mcrt 03.03.1480) Giles Ross (dau of John Ross of Halkhead, 1st Lord of Halkhead) wife of James, presumed mother of ...
  a. Elizabeth Auchinleck
  m. (1501) Sir William Douglas of Glenbervie (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  b. Marjory Auchinleck
  m. Alexander Barclay, 7th of Mathers (d before 1520)
  ii. John Auchinleck of that ilk of Auchinleck (dsp?)
  iii. Marion or Mariota Auchinleck --
  m1. George Campbell of Loudoun --
  Auchinleck passed through a daughter of this marriage into the Boswell family.
  m2. (1499) William Cuninghame, 1st of Craigend
2. ?? Auchinleck
  A. ?? Auchinleck
i. ?? Auchinleck
  a. George Auchinleck of Balmanno (d 03.11.1596)
  m(1). Elizabeth Auchinleck, heiress of Balmanno & Polgony (dau of William Auchinleck of Scethin)
  (1) Balmanno is reported to have come into the Auchinleck family through a marriage of an Auchinleck of that ilk with the heiress of Balmanno of that ilk. Accordingly, it is likely that William of Scethin was also of this family, probably a senior branch to this (second?) line of Auchinleck of Balmanno.
(2) It appears that a laird of Balmanno, of around this time, married Eupham Arnot ("Lady Balmanno") (## see here ##).
(1) Sir George Auchinleck of Balmanno, later 'of that ilk' (Senator of the College of Justice)
  m1. (mcrt 25.01.1589) Isabel Melville (d 21.12.1593, dau of John Melville of Raith)
  MacGregor shows Sir George's 2nd wife as Jean Erskine whom we show below as his step-mother. Had Jean been this George's 2nd wife then they must have divorced since both married again after.
  m2. Elizabeth Wemyss
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (A) Sir William Auchinleck of that ilk of Balmanno
  m. Janet Bruce (dau of Sir Robert Bruce of Clackmannan)
  (i) Archibald Auchinleck of that ilk of Balmanno
  (a) Ann Auchinleck
  m. John Carnegie of Kinnoul
  (ii) George Auchinleck possibly the George, younger of Balmanno, who married ...
  m. (mcrt 06.01.1643) Agnes Murray (dau of Patrick Murray, 1st Lord Elibank)
  (iii) Robert Auchinleck
  (iv) Helen Auchinleck
  m. (mcrt 01.1643) Thomas Erskine (son/heir of Thomas of Balhagerty (Pittodrie))
(v) Janet Auchinleck
  m. (06.1654) Sir James Balfour, 1st Bart of Denmiln (b c1604, d 14.02.1657)
  (vi) Margaret Auchinleck
  m. (1650) John Gordon of Braco
(vii) Isabel Auchinleck
  m. Kenneth MacKenzie (brother of Sir George of Tarbet)
  (viii) Elizabeth Auchinleck (d before 11.1665)
  m. (1653) Laurence Oliphant, 2nd of Pitkeathly (d 03.1667)
  (B) Archibald Auchinleck in Dundee (dsp before 02.1648)
  (C) Jean Auchinleck
  m. (1607) Sir James Lockhart of Lee
Not mentioned by MacGregor but apparently another wife of Sir George was ...
  m3. (after 1623, sp) Katherine Menteith (dau of Sir William Menteith of Kerse)
  partner unknown
  (D) Margaret Auchinleck (bpt 04.12.1621)
  (2) Adam Auchinleck
  (3) Margaret Auchinleck
  m. Archibald Moncrieff (d 1633, Commendator of Elcho)
  (4) Elizabeth Auchinleck
  m. Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie
  m2. (mcrt 21.02.1592) Jean Erskine (sister of Thomas Erskine of Gogar)
  MacGregor shows Jean as 2nd wife of George's son George. We follow TSP (Kellie) which shows Jean as married to the George who d 03.11.1596. She married again after this marriage.
  b. Agnes Auchinleck (d 1622) probably of this generation
  m. James Mowat in Redcloak (b c1532, d 03.02.1612)
  c. Janet Auchinleck possibly of this generation
  m. Arthur Douglas, 3rd of Tilquhilly (a 1551)



The following are not mentioned above but should be noted:
  A. David Auchinleck, younger of that ilk (son of Hugh)
  m. (before 09.1499) Catherine Arbuthnot (dau of Robert Arbuthnot of Arbuthnot)

Main source(s):
(1) From George Auchinleck, 1st of Balmanno : RedBookScot (Auchinleck of Balmanno) by Gordon MacGregor
(2) Otherwise : from various cross-references in TSP and elsewhere in this database
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