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Families covered: Avenal of Bickhurst, Avenal of Crux Easton, Avenel of Eskdale, Avenel of Haddon, Avenell of Knipton, Avenal of Sandhurst, Hareston of Hareston
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This page has been pulled together with some presumption, representing an effort to pull together some of the cross-references throughout the database (and elsewhere) to people with the name Avenel or Avenal.
Harold Avenel (to Normandy from Scandinavia?) presumed father or grandfather of ...
1. Herve de Braviard (Biuard, or Biard)
  A. Sigemberg des Biarz (dspm)
  B. Ormellinus Avenel (a 1060)
  m. Avitia
  i. William Avenel des Biarz (a 1081)
  a. William Avenel ancestor of Avenels in France
b.+ other issue - Richard, Robert, Hugh
  ii.+ other isssue - Ranulf (a 1081), Joel (a 1081, Abbot), Walter (a 1081), Herve (a 1106), Translen/Gradin (a 1081)
The above comes from the article on Avenel de Biarz in 'The Conqueror and His Companions' by J.R. Planché (1874) which can be found in http://genealogy.patp.us. It is not clear which of the above was/were ancestor of the following - if in fact any of them were. The following are listed in no particular order.
  William Avenel possibly of this family, of this generation
(A) William Avenel of Haddon, Derbyshire
  (i) Avice or Alice Avenel
  m. Richard de Vernon, younger of Shipbroke
  (ii) daughter
  m. (c1195) Simon Basset of Sapcote
  Robert Avenel of Eskdale, Cumberland (d 1185) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. Sibyl
(A) Gervase Avenel of Eskdale (d 1219)
  m. Sibyl
  (i) Roger Avenel of Eskdale & Abercorn (d 1243)
  (a) daughter --
  m. Sir Henry de Graham of Dalkeith (a 1248, 1283) --
  It is a presumption that the undermentioned Gervase fitted into this family but, since it appears that that name was not particularly common in Scotland at this time, it is thought possible that he was named after his grandfather above.
  (ii) ?? Avenel
  (a) Sir Gervase Avenel
  m. (after 22.04.1299) Johanna de Clare (a 1322, dau of Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, Earl of Hertford & Gloucester, widow of Duncan, Earl of Fife)
  (B) (Isabella) Avenel possibly of this family, of this generation --
(1) Some sites identify her father as 'of Eskdale' but we have not yet seen that confirmed in a traditional source. She may have been of the family shown just below (headed by Ralph) which may have been closely related to this family..
(2) Her father is often named Roger but TSP (The Kings of Scotland) named him Robert.
(3) This daughter is sometimes named Isabell though we have not yet seen that confirmed in a traditional source. That may be just an assumption since she had a daughter by King William called Isabella.
  p. William 'the Lion', King of Scots (b c1143, d 04.12.1214) --
  Ralph de Avenel (a 1223) possibly of this family, of this generation
  (i) William de Avenel (marshal of the household of the King of Scots)
  (a) Sir John Avenel of Avenel in Gamlingey (d 1359-60)
  m. Jane de Holewell (dau/heir of Sir Walter de Holewell)
  ((1)) Sir John Avenel
((A)) Robert Avenel
  m. Juliana Belknap (dau of Sir Robert Belknap, Chief Justice)
  ((i)) Alice de Avenel
  m. John Fastolf
  ((a)) Alice Fastolf
  m. Edmund Wynchingham
  Sir Robert Avenel or Avenal of Sandhurst (a 1166) possibly of this family, of this generation
(1) Sir Ralph Avenal of Sandhurst (a 1178)
  m. Maud de Redvers (dau of Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon)
  (A) Sir Ralph Avenal of Bickhurst, Kent
  m. Margaret
  (i) Sir William Avenal of Bickhurst (d 21.04.1236)
  m. Aline parents of Cecily, possibly also of ...
  (a) ?? Avenal father or grandfather of ...
  ((1)) Sir Nicholas Avenal (b 1260, a 1302) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. (1296) Juliane FitzMaurice (widow of Sir Thomas Clare then Adam de Creeting)
  ((2)) ?? Avenal presumed intermediary generation, could be Sir Nicholas
  ((A)) Sir John Avenal (b 1303, d c01.08.1359) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. (1353) Margery de Badlesmere (d before 22.10.1363, dau of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, widow of William de Ros then Sir Thomas de Arundel)
  (b) Cecily Avenal (d 10.08.1301) H
  m. Sir John de Musegros of Charlton and Norton (b 10.08.1232, d 08.05.1275) H
The following comes from VCH (Hampshire, vol IV, Crux Easton).
  William Avenal (a 1302)
  m. Joan (heir of Philip Croch of Crux Easton)
  i. John Avenal of Crux Easton, Hampshire (d 1360)
  a. John Avenal
  (1) John Avenal
  (A) Robert Avenal of Crux Easton (d young 1387)
  b. Sir Edward Avenal of Crux Easton (dspm 1383)
  ii. Alice Avenal
  a. Philippa
  (1) Alice
  (A) Agnes
  (i) Isabell
  m. Thomas Bradfield of Barrington, Cambridgeshire
  (a) Alice Bradfield
  m. Thomas Bendish (d 1447-8)
The following, which was added on 21.02.23, comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of the Lords of Hareston, Ancestors of the Earls of Scarsdale', p217).
  A. Robert FitzRalph
m. Avelina
  i. William de Hareston (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  a. Robert de Hareston of Hareston (d 1248-9)
  m. Isolda
  (1) Richard de Hareston (a 1248-9, dsp)
  (2) Sir Peter de Hareston of Hareston (a 1366, dsp)
  (3) Luce de Hareston
  m. Sir Richard Grey of Sandiacre (d 1295-6)
  ii. Gilbert de Avenell of Gnipton (Knipton)
  a. William Avenell of Knipton (a 1220?)
  (1) Gilbert Avenell of Knipton (a 1252, 1255)
  (A) Gilbert Avenell of Gnypton (Knipton) (a 1252, 1255)
  (i) William Avenell (a 1334?)
  (a) William Avenell (dsp 1346-7)
  (b) Gilbert Avenell
  ((1)) Isabel Avenell (a 1376)
  ((2)) Alice Avenell (a 1385)
  m. Thomas Stonesby
  iii.+ other issue - Ralph of Gnipton, Robert
  B. William FitzRalph

Main source(s): various web sites and as reported above
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