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Families covered: Marriott of Alscot, Marriott of Avonbank, Marriott of Horsmonden, Marriott of Spelmonden
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(1) We are surprised at the difficulty we have had in finding information on families with the name Marriott. We are using this page to pull together what we have on various Marriott branches (subject to the normal constraint on having found a connection to someone elsewhere in the database).
(2) Commoners reports that "This family tradtionally derives its patronymic from the town of Marriott in Normandy, whence three brothers Rudolphus, Augustin, and Gulielmus, are stated to have accompanied the Conqueror to England. From them several families have emanated and settled in Yorkshire, Leicestershire, and Kent."
Augustine Marroitt in Yorkshire
m. (05.11.1689) Sarah Tooke (dau of Peter Tooke)
1. Randolph Marriott (rector of Darfield, Yorkshire)
  m. (26.10.1731) Diana Fielding (dau of Basil, 4th Earl of Denbigh)
  A. Randolph Marriott (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson (dau of Christopher Wilson, Bishop of bRistol, by Anne, dau of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London)
i. Randolph Marriott (b 1770, d 09.03.1821, Major General) had issue
  m. Emma Treves (dau of Peregrine Treves, Postmaster General of Bengal)
  ii. Thomas Marriott 'of Avonbank' (b 1773, Lt. General, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Anne Beckett (dau of Sir John Beckett, Bart of Meanwood Park)
  iii. Richard Marriott (b 1777, dsp, Captain, 5th son)
  m. Charlotte Du Cane (dau of Peter Du Cane of Horsham)
  iv. Charles Marriott (b 1781, Major)
  m1. Anne Harris (dau of Rev. _ Harris, niece of General Lord Harris)
  m2. Catherine Griffin (dau of Geore Griffin of Newton House)
  v. Anne Marriott (b 1778, dsp)
  m. _ Yeoman of Whitby (Major)
  vi. Harriott Marriott (b 1782)
  m. William Leir (rector of Ditcheat)
  vii. Elizabeth Hester Marriott (b 1785)
  m. _ Morrison (Brigadier General)
  viii.+ other issue (dsp) - Christoper (b 1772), George (b 1776, d 1800, Commander), Frances (b 1774), Diana (b 1780), Charlotte (b 1783), Jemima (b 1786), Georgina (b 1790)
  B. Thomas Marriott (b 1737, dsp)
  m. Anne Cave (dau of Sir Thomas Cave of Leicestershire, Bart)
  C. John Marriott (b 1739) had issue
  m. Margaret Gawtherne of Nottingham
  D. William Marriott (b 1744) had issue
  m. Jane Capper of Redland
  E. Mary Marriott (b 1732)
  m. John Marriott (Captain RN)
  F. Sarah Marriott (b 1738, dsp)
  m. Harrvey Spragg (rector of Pulborough)
  G. Diana Marriott (b 1740)
  m. William Tucker (Captain RN)
  H. Hester Marriott (b 1743)
  m. Robert Deane (rector of Berwick)
  I.+ other issue (dsp) - Charles (b 1733), James (b 1735), Frances (b 1734), Elizabeth (b 1741), Anne (b 1745), Charlotte (b 1747)
2.+ 6 others



?? Marriott
1. ?? Marriott
  A. Reginald Marriott (a 1714, MP for Weymouth)
  m. Dorothy Pulleine (dau of Thomas Pulleine of Creyke Hall)
  i. James Marriott of Hampton (Middlesex), later of Spelmonden & Horsmonden
  m. Anne Houghton (dau/coheir of Henry Houghton of Spelmonden)
  a. James Marriott (d(vp)sp)
  ii. Anna Marriott, later of Spelmonden & Horsmonden
2. ?? Marriott
A. ?? Marriott
  i. Hugh Marriott, later of Spelmonden & Horsmonden (d 1753)
  BHO identifies Hugh as 2nd cousin of the above James.
  m. Lydia Pearson (dau of J. Pearson son of Sir Vivian (Bart?) by dau of Sir William Hutton of Hutton Hall (Bart?))
  a. James Marriot of Horsmonden (b 24.10.1743, Rev.)
  m. (1767) Catherine Bosworth (granddau/heir of Sir John Bosworth)
  (1) Lydia Catherine Marriott
  m. William Alexander Morland of Court Lodge
  (2) Elizabeth Anna Marriott (b 1766/7, d 27.02.1844)
  m. (13.05.1797) Sir John Wylbore Smith, 2nd Bart (b 19.05.1770, d 29.02.1852)
  Property at Horsmonden passed into the Smith family. Their 2nd son assumed the name Smith-Marriott.
  (3) Harriett Frances Marriott
  m. Rev. Henry Morland
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d Madras 1765), Anne



Sir Thomas Marriett of Whitchurch
m. Lucy Anne (Lucian) Brawne (dau of Sir Richard Brawne)
1. John Marriott of Alscot
  A. Richard Marriott of Alscot
  i. Sidney Marriott (d 28.07.1789)
  m. John Lowe of Denby
  B. Theodosia Marriott probably of this generation
  m. Vincent Lowe of Denby (b c1674)

Main source(s):
(1) For top section (uploaded 07.08.09) : Commoners (vol IV, 'Marriott of Avonbank', p583+)
(2) For middle section (uploaded 07.08.09) : BLG1863 ('Smith-Marriott of Horsmonden') with some support from BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of Kent', vol 5, 'Parishes: Horsemonden')
(3) For lower section (uploaded 18.07.20) : 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 7 (December 1908), 'Brawne', p189)
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