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Families covered: Muschampe of Baremore, Muschamp of Camberwell, Muschamp of East Horsley, Muschamp of Muschamp
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The following comes from Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Greseley, Cantilupe, and Zouche, of Middle-Clayton', p176).
Robert de Muscham(p) ('Seneschal to Gilbert de Gant')
1. Hugo de Muschamp
  A. Robert de Muschamp
  m. ?? (sister of Fulk de Chastillon)
  i. Robert de Muschamp (dsp)
m. Agnes (sister of Almaric de Gassi)
  ii. Hugh de Muschamp (dsp)
  m. Idonea
  iii. Andrew de Muschamp (dsp)
  iv. Isabella de Muschamp (a 1220)
  m. Radulph de Gresele of Claydon (son of William son of Hugh son of Richard son of Ralp of Claydon (temp William I))
  a. Agnes de Gresele --
  m. (before 1228) Hugh FitzRalph de Gresele of Claydon (d 1238-9) --
  B. Hugh de Muschamp



The following comes from 'Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England' by Thomas Christopher Banks (vol 1 (1807), 'Muschamp', p146+).
Robert de Muschamp
1. Thomas de Muschamp
  m. Maud Vesci (dau of William Vesci of Alnwicke)
  A. Robert de Muschamp
i. Robert de Muschamp of Wallovere (d 1249-50)
  a. Cecily de Muschamp
  m. _ O'Donel of Ford
  (1) Isabel O'Donel
  m. Sir Adam of Wygton & Wallovere
  b. Mary or Marjory de Muschamp --
  m. (c1243) (Malise), Earl of Stratherne --
  c. Isabel de Muschamp
  m. William of Huntercombe
  (1) Walter of Huntercombe



The following comes from Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Muschampe').
John Muschampe of Baremore, Northumberland
m. Isabell Manners (dau of _ Manners of Itell)
1. George Muschampe
  m. _ Strangwaies
  A. Edward Muschampe 'of Barmore'
m. (Margaret) Grey (dau of Sir Roger Grey of Horton)
  i. Roger Muschampe (dsp)
  ii. George Muschampe
  m. _ Collingwood of Etall
  a. George Muschampe of Baremore (a 1615)
  m. Elizabeth Selby (dau of John Selby of Twysell)
  (1) William Muschampe 'of Barmor'
  m. Elizabeth Gilborne (dau of Sir Nicholas Gilborne of Charinge)
  (A)+ issue (a 1615) - George (b c1613), William (b c1614), Margaret
  (2) Margaret Muschampe
  m. Henry Collingwood of Etall
  (3)+ other issue - Raphe, George, Henry, John, Robert, Thomas, Daniell, Isabell



The following comes from CTG (vol 3 (1836), 'Family of Muschamp', 148+) & Visitation (Surrey, 1531+1572+1623, 'Muschamp', 2 sections) with further input/support as reported below.
William Muschampe of Camberwell, Surrey
1. Thomas Muschampe of Peckham, Surrey the first mentioned by CTG
  m. _ Welbeck (heir)
  A. William Muschamp of Camberwell
  m1. (sp) Agnes Scott (dau of William Scott of Camberwell)
Visitation (Surrey) shows William m1. Agnes Scott (sp), m2. Elizabeth Sands (mother or Raffe & John), m3. _ Harman (mother of William plus other issue "as in London"). Visitation (London, 1598 (account of 1568), 'Muschamp') shows his wives as m1. _ Scott (sp), m2. "wydowe of Nynnes" (mother of Rafe 7 John), m3. _ Harman (mother of Edward, Thomas & Christopher). The order we show follows CTG. However, it appears that this confusion on the order of the marriage may also have led to confusion as to which wife was mother of which child. More work on this is required.
  m2. Elizabeth Harmonde (dau of Henry Harmonde of Crayford, widow of Nicholas Minne (alderman of London))
  i. Thomas Muschamp of London (goldsmith) mentioned by CTG & Visitation (London)
  m. Katherine Rose or Louday Rose according to CTG & Visitation (London, 1568) but Louday according to Visitation (London, 1598 (account of 1568))
  a. Jane Muschampe (bur 13.11.1604) some details on CTG (vol 3, p164)
  m1. Thomas Grymes (Crymes) of London & Peckham
  m2. Sir Thomas Hunt of Lambeth Dene & Folsham
  b. Susanna Muschampe
  m. Henry Topsfield of London & Sussex
  ii. Martha Muschamp mentioned by Visitation (London, 1568 (within 1598 account), 'Muscham') as sister of Thomas
  m. Robert Pease of Springfield
  iii.+ other issue - Sir Matthew (dsp), Edward, Christopher mentioned by CTG but not by Visitation
  m3. Elizabeth Sandys (dau of Richard Sandys)
  vi. Ralph Muschamp shown by both CTG & Visitation as son of Elizabeth Sandys
  m. Isabell (bur 29.08.1584)
  a. Francis Muschamp of Peckham
  m. Edith Burton of Carshalton (bur 12.11.1602)
  (1) Francis Muschamp of Peckham (bpt 23.08.1579, bur 16.04.1617, youngest son?)
  m. (19.01.1597-8) Alice Worsely (bur 14.09.1652, dau of Hugh Worsley)
  (A) Francis Muschamp (bpt 05.11.1598, bur 27.07.1632)
  m. (07.03.1618/9) Jane Byne (bur 02.01.1626/7, dau of Sir John Byne of Rowdell)
  (i) Elizabeth Muschamp (a 1623, bur 25.05.1694)
  m. John Pearce
  (ii) Mary Muschamp
  m. Edward Eversfield
  (iii)+ other issue - Edmond (bpt 28.08.1621, a 1623), Francis (bur 13.01.1626), Katherine (bpt 16.12.1619, bur 22.12.16196),
  (B) Thomas Muschamp (bpt 08.11.1603, bur 06.05.1637, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Naylor (dau of Thomas Naylor of Standish)
  (C)+ other issue - Benjamin bBpt 22.01.1599-1600, bur 14.09.1602), John (bpt 21.06.1601, bur 04.09.1602), Susan (bpt 08.09.1605), Mary (bpt 28.02.1607/8, bur 05.03.1608/9), Elizabeth (bpt 21.07.1609)
  (2) Katharine Muschamp
  m. (22.01.1595-6) Francis Fromonds
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt 18.01.1568, bur 24.05.1569), Mathye (bpt 15.02.1569, bur 02.1570), Margaret (bpt 22.10.1562, bur 04.11.1562), Sence (bpt 15.10.1564, bur 25.11.1565), Fraunces (bpt 22.05.1566), Jane (bpt 20.07.1567), Agnes (bpt 01.08.1571)
  vii. Christopher Muschampe of Carshalton (b c1599, d 01.10.1660, Baron of the Exchequer)
  a.+ issue - Christopher, Henry
  viii. John Muschamp of Mitcham, Surrey
  Visitation shows John m1. Helen Gaynsford (mother of John, Edmund, William, Elizabeth & Jane) m2. Anne Fresbye (mother of Thomas & Ann). Provisionally, we follow CTG in showing the wives the other way around but with the children remaining with the order of the marriages rather than being of the same mother.
  m1. Anne Treby or Fresbye of Surrey
  a. Edmund Muschamp (2nd son)
  m. Mary Norris of Aldingbourne
  b. Elizabeth Muschamp
  m. Thomas Hodgkin of Kent
  c. Jane Muschamp
  m. Sampson Hawse or Hauke of Kent
  d.+ other issue - John, William
m2. Ellen (Helen) Gainsford (dau of Robert Gainsford of Carshalton)
  f.+ other issue - Sir Thomas (bur 15.09.1618), Anne
  ix. William Muschamp of Unsted & Godalming, Surrey had issue
  m. Mary Agmondesham (d 1620, sister/heir of John Agmondesham of Rowbarnes & East Horsley)
  The following comes from VCH (Surrey, vol 3, 'Parishes: East Horsley') & Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, 'Muscamp').
  a. Agmondesham Muschamp of Rowbarnes & East Horsley (b c1580)
  m. Mary Bellingham (dau of Edward Bellingham of Newtimber)
  (1) William Muschamp of Rowbarnes & East Horsley (bpt 04.11.1593, bur 07.11.1660, MP)
  m. Frances Lisle (bur 26.02.1677, dau/coheir of Thomas Lisle of Bridlesford)
(A) Agmondesham Muschamp of East Horsley (b c1619, dvp 1648)
  m. Hester
  (i) Ambrose Muschamp of East Horsley (a 1701, dsp?)
  (ii) Denny Muschamp (Mischamp) of Horsley (MP in Ireland)
  VCH reports Denny's marriage to Frances, Viscountess Lanesborough. TCP (Lanesborough) confirms that that was his 2nd marriage. His first wife appears to have been ...
  m. Elizabeth Boyle (dau of Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh)
  (a) Mary Muschamp
  m. Sir Thomas Vesey, 1st Bart, later Bishop of Killaloe then Ossory (d 06.08.1730)
m2. (before 1698) Frances Sackville (d 21.01.1721/2, widow of George Lane, Viscount Lanesborough)
  (B) William Muschamp of Rowbarnes
  m. Jane Browne (dau of Sir Ambrose Browne of Bettesworth, Bart)
  (i) Ambrose Muschamp (b c1652, a 1662)
  (C)+ other issue - John, Frances, son, 5 daughters (1 dvp)
  (2) Mary Muschamp
  m. John Waterhouse of Whit Church
  (3)+ other issue - Francis, John, Agmondesham, Elizabeth (dsp)
  b. Anne or Susan Muschamp
  m. Thomas Darell of Boley
  c. Anne Muschamp
  m. Drew Pickes of Bromblety
  d. Elizabeth Muschamp
  m. William Soughton of Worplesden
  x. Edith Muschampe
  m. Henry Berry

Main source(s): as reported above
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