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Families covered: Sibbald of Balgonie (Balgony), Sibbald of Over Rankeillour
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Sir Thomas Sibbald of Balgonie or Balgony (Treasurer of Scotland)
shown by various web sites as father of ...
1. John Sibbald of Balgonie or Balgony (a 1437)
  John's wife and mother of Isabel is identified on various web sites as Joan Livingstone. However, 'The House of Arnot' (p22) identifies her as ...
  m. Margery Boswell (dau of John Boswell of Balgregie & Balmuto (sister of David), widow of John Arnot of Arnot)
  A. Isabel Sibbald (a 1500, d before 02.1502/3, only daughter) --
Isabel's marriages are reported as given in TCP (Angus).
  m1. (by 1446) George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus (d 12.03.1463) --
  m2. (by 1477) John Carmichael, 1st of Balmedie (b c1430) --
  m3. (after 1479) Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven (d Flodden, 09.09.1513)
Probably of this generation also was ...
2. Sir Andrew Sibbald of Balgonie, Sheriff of Fife
  A. Elizabeth or Helen Sibbald
  m. Sir Robert Lundie of Balgonie (d 1502?)
  Although the dates make this look difficult, Andrew may also have been father of ...
  B. Catherine Sibbald
  m. (1538) George Durie, 1st of Craigluscar (b 20.02.1494, d 1575, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, Abbot)
'Fife (P&H)' reports that a cadet branch of Balgony was the family of Sibbald of Over Rankeillour who acquired that estate at the beginning of the 16th century. However it also reports that "Thomas Sibbald of Rankeillour appears as a witness to a charter dated 1466, so that he must have been in possession before that time." In an attempt to find consistency in this apparent inconsistency, we presume that Thomas was tenant rather than owner of Rankeillour. For convenience's sake we show him as fitting here but note that we do not know exactly how this branch of the family connected to Balgony.
3. Thomas Sibbald in Over Rankeillour (a 1466)
  Unsure on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Sibbald
  i. James Sibbald of Over Rankeillour (a 1540)
  a. Alexander Sibbald (a 1540)
  (1) ?? Sibbald intervening generation?
(A) Sir James Sibbald of Over Rankeillour (d c1660)
  (B) David Sibbald (3rd brother of Sir James)
  m. Margaret Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd of Kipps)
  (i) Sir Robert Sibbald of Kipps (b 15.04.1641, d 08.1722)
  Robert was historian of Fife, geographer of Scotland, physician to King Charles II, and the first professor of medicine at Edinburgh University.
  (C) ?? Sibbald of Gibliston uncle of Sir Robert, assumed not the same person as Sir James
3. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Peter Balfour (a temp Robert III who r. 1390-1406)

Main source(s):
(1) For daughters of Balgony : references from elsewhere in the site and as mentioned above
(2) For line of Rankeillour : 'Fife (P&H)' (vol 1, p207)
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