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This section first uploaded 30.12.06.
Sir Thomas Robinson, 1st Bart of Kentwell Hall (d 12.08.1683)
m. Jane Dew (dau of Lumley Dew of Bishop's Upton)
1. Sir Lumley Robinson, 2nd Bart of Kentwell Hall (b 1647-8, d 06.06.1684)
  m. Anne Laurence (dau of John Laurence 'of Westminster') @@ below
  A. Sir Thomas Robinson, 3rd Bart 'of Worlingham' (dsp 21.04.1743)
  m. Elizabeth Hare (dau of Sir Thomas Hare, Bart of Stow Bardolph)
  B. Anne Robinson (bur 29.04.1737)
  m. (06.12.1705) Sir Comport Fitch, Bart (b 18.10.1676, d 30.12.1720)



This section first uploaded 30.12.06.
John Laurence or Lawrence
John is identified as 'of Westminster' in BEB1841 (Robinson of Kentwell Hall) but as 'of Westmorland' in BP1870 (Foulis of Ingleby Manor).
1. Anne Laurence (heir of her father)
  m1. Sir Lumley Robinson, 2nd Bart of Kentwell Hall (b 1647-8, d 06.06.1684) @@ above
  m2. Sir William Foulis, 4th Bart of Ingleby (d 1741)



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The name of the following family is shown in the Visitation as Gonson but it appears that variations such as Gunston, Gunstone, Gonston & Gounston were also used, perhaps also Gernson (though that may have been simply a typographical error).
Christopher Gonson
m. Elizabeth Trussell (dau/heir of Roger Trussell son/heir of William son/heir of Thomas son/heir of John)
1. William Gonson of London
  m. Bennett Walter (dau of Richard Walter, sister/heir of John)
  A. Benjamin Gonson of Much Badow ('of Great Warley'), Essex
m. Ursula Hussey (dau of Anthony Hussey)
  i. Benjamin Gonson (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Baskervile (dau of Alderman Humphrey Baskervile of London)
  ii. Thomazin Gonson
  m1. Ed(ward) Fenton (dsp, captain)
  m2. Christopher Browne of Deptford
  iii. Ursula Gonson
  m. Robert Peterson of London
  iv. Benet Gonson
  m. Thomas Wallinger of Chelmsford
  v. Anne Gonson (Gunson or Gunston)
  m. Giles Fleming of Warley ('of Baddow'), Essex
  vi. Avice Gonson
  m. Sir John Hawkins ("a famous sea capt.")
vii.+ other issue (all dsp?) - William, William, Anthony, Elizabeth, Mary, Largaret, Lucretia, Katherine
  B. Christopher Gonson
  i. Benjamin Gonson
  m. _ Edmonds of Yorkshire
  a.+ issue (d young) - Benjamin, Anthony
  ii. Anthony Gonson
  a.+ issue (d young) - Benjamin, Anthony
  C. Elizabeth Gonson
  m. Anthony Marler of London
  D. Avice Gonson (Gernson)
  m. Thomas Mildmay of Moulsham (d 10.1567)
  E. Thomazin Gonson (Gunston)
  m. Sir Henry Tirrell of Heron (d 1568-9)
  F.+ other issue (dsp) - Anthony, David



This section first uploaded 08.04.15 being an extract of what was originally loaded within Foljambe1
John Thorne
m. Frances Foljambe (dau of Sir James Foljambe of Walton & Aldwarke)
1. Alice Thorne
  m1. Ellis Staley
  A. Zeno Staley
  m. Edmund Woodrove
  i. Ellis Woodrove of Hope
  a. Jane Woodrove
  m. (1642) Peter Foljambe of Steeton (b 1599, d 26.02.1668-9)
  b. Anne Woodrove probably of this generation
  m. George Gascoigne
  m2. Roger Woodrove



This section first uploaded 18.01.16.
Richard Hodgkinson of Preston
1. Ellen Hodgkinson
  m. Henry Chorley of Preston (b c1631, a 12.1664)
2. Elizabeth Hodgkinson supposed sister of Ellen
  m. Samuel Hardward
  A. Catherine Hardware
  m. Matthew Henry (minister)



This section first uploaded 23.01.16.
?? Price of Wales
1. Samuel Price of Lodon (d 21.04.1756, minister)
2. ?? Price of Bridge, Glamorganshire (D 1739)
  A. Richard Price (b 22.02.1723, dsp 19.04.1791)
  m. S*** of Blundel, Leicestershire
  B. daughter
  m. _ Morgan
  i. George Cadogan Morgan of Norwich & Hackney (minister)
  m. _ Hurry of Yarmouth (sister of Mrs. Michael Maurice)
  a. (Sarah Price) Morgan (b 11.12.1784, d 03.01.1820)
  m2. (06.11.1804) Luke Ashburner of Bombay, later in Massachusetts (b 1772-3, d 06.1844)
  b.+ other issue (a 1821) - George in Massachussetts (farmer), William in Bombay (solicitor), Richard in Massachusetts, Edmund (lawyer), Luke in America (farmer), John in London, Septimus (d 1821), Henry in Loindoin (lawyer)
  ii. William Morgan of London (actuary)
  m. Susanna Woodhouse (dau/coheir of John Woodhouse of London)



This section first uploaded 31.01.16.
James Chadwick of Manchester
1. Ann Chadwick
  m1. Joseph Jolley of Manchester (d 1735, son of John Jolley of Buglawton (Cheshire) (by Sarah), brother of Thomas, William & John, m1. Mary (dsp))
  FMG notes that these Jolleys "are supposed to descend from John Jolley of Leak, the elder but disinherited son of John Jolley of the same place". This is possibly either the family shown on Joliffe1 or that on Joliffe2.
  A. Sarah Jolley (d 11.05.1768)
  m. (31.12.1741) George Oates of Leeds
  m2. John Ryder 'of Manchester'
  B. Mary Ryder
  m. Thomas Philips of Singleton

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