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This section first uploaded 18.06.07.
Elias Delamore
1. Robert Delamore
m. Catherine Wanton (dau of John Wanton)
  A. Peter Delamore or de la Mare of Fisherton, Delamere, Wiltshire
  m. Matilda Hastings (dau of Hugo Hastings)
  i. Wilhelma de la Mare
  m. Sir John Roche of Bromham
  a. Elizabeth Roche
  m. Walter Beauchamp
  b. Joan Roche apparently of this marriage
  m. (1401) Nicholas Bayntun of Faulston (b 1382, d 1422)



This section first uploaded 30.11.10, reviewed 20.01.23 using Nichols.
The following follows the Visitation. However, 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Charnell of Muston', p 295) shows John (a 1461), husband of Elizabeth Charnell and father of Richard father (by Anne Strelley) of Anne & Margaret, as son of Sir Richard (by Margaret de Rempston, he m2. Margaret Frevile) son of John of Warnow (a 1444).
John Bingham of Nottinghamshire (a 1444)
m. Elizabeth Charnells (dau/heir of Norman Charnells of Muston)
1. (Sir) Richard Bingham of Watnow Chaworth, Nottinghamshire (judge)
m1. Margeria Rempston (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Rempston)
  m2. Margaret Frevill (dau/heir of Sir Baldwin Frevill)
  A. John Bingham 'of Watnow'
  i. Richard Bingham of Watnow
  m. Anna Strelly (sister/heir of Sir Nicholas Strelly of Linby)
  a. Anne Bingham
  m. Ralph Purefoy (d 1550-1)
  b. Margeria (Margaret) Bingham
  m. Ralph Rolleston of Rolleston



This section first uploaded 18.04.12.
Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Wingfield) spells this family's name as Lynbury. TCP uses "Limbury" and shows that the Sir John who married Julian Darcy was of Limbury (Bedfordshire) & Ickleton (Cambridgeshire). Visitation VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 6, Parishes: Horseheath) reports on a family of Limburys which appears to be this family. VCH starts with ...
Walter Limbury (d 1263?)
m. Elizabeth (a 1282) widow of Walter, presumed mother of ...
1. John Limbury of Limbury's Manor in Horseheath, Cambridgeshire (a 1298)
  VCH reports that it was either this John or his successor of the same name who d c1336. We presume that this is the Sir John identified by Visitation as father of ...
  A. Sir John de Limbury of Limbury (a 1336, d by 1346) the first mentioned by TCP
  Visitation suggests that Sir John's wife Julyan was dau/coheir of Sir Norman Darcie. TCP shows that she was ...
  m. Julian D'Arcy (d before 1350, sister/coheir of Norman D'Arcy, 2nd Lord D'Arcy)
  i. Sir Philip de Limbury of Limbury & Ickleton (dvmsp 06.07.1367)
  m. Joan (d 21.02.1387/8, m2. Sir John de Clinton)
a. Philip de Limbury (dsp young)
  b. Elizabeth de Limbury (dsps 30.11/02.12.1433)
  m1. Sir Thomas Trivet of Otterhampton (d 06.10.1388)
  m2. Sir Thomas Swinbourne of Hammes, Mayor of Bordeaux (d 09.08.1412)
  ii. Alianore de Limbury named Jane by Visitation
  m. Nicholas Bernak or Bernack or Bernake
  Visitation shows that they had the following daughters.
  a. Elizabeth Bernake
  m. Sir William Wingfeild
  b. Agnes Bernake
  m. William Wymbysh (a 1451)
  (1) Thomas Wimbish



This section first uploaded 06.12.22.
John Nichols (b 02.02.1744-5, a 1810, historian, genealogist & author)
m1. (22.06.1766) Anne Cradock (b 1738, d 13.02.1776, dau/heir of William Cradock of Leicester)
1. Anne Nichols (b 1768, a 1804)
  m. Rev. John Pridden
2.+ other issue - William Bowyer (b 1775, d 1776), Sarah (b 1771, a 1804)
m2. (11.06.1778) Martha Green (b 25.01.1756, d 29.02.1788, dau of William Green of Hinckley)
4. John Bowyer Nichols (b 15.07.1779, a 1810) had issue
  m. (06.06.1805) Eliza Baker (b 11.05.1784, a 1810)
5.+ other issue - Thomas Cleiveland (b 1781, d 14782), Charles Howard (b/d 1786), Martha Sadelbie (b 1782, a 1810), Mary (b 1784, a 1810), Isabella (b 1785, a 1810), Anne Susanna (b 1788, a 1810)



This section first uploaded 12.12.22.
John Fowke of Elmesthorpe
m. Ann Paull (b 07.08.1725, dau of Robert Paull of Hinckley by Eleanor, dau of Barnard Cotton of Dadlington)
1. John Fowke (a 1810)
2. Richard Fowke of Elmesthorpe (b 05.09.1746)
  m. Mary Cope of Grendon (b 26.06.1759)
  A.+ issue - William Cope (b 27.04.1781), Isaac Cope (b 01.08.1784)
3. Thomas Fowke
  m. Mary Orton
4. Elizabeth Fowke
  m. Thomas Chapman Harrison
5. Anne Fowke
  m. Thomas Wilkinson
6. Rebecca Fowke
  m. John Pool
7. Catherine Fowke
  m. Thomas Swinnerton



This section first uploaded 14.12.22.
Richard Lydall (warden of Merton College, Oxford)
m. Sarah Zouch (b 1640, dau of Richard Zouch)
1. Frances Lydall (b 1670-1)
  m. William Walker (rector of Lympsfield) @@ just below
2.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, John, Robert, Sarah, Anne, Catharine, Zouch



This section first uploaded 14.12.22.
William Walker (rector of Lympsfield)
m. Frances Lydall (b 1670-1, dau of Richard Lydall by Sarah Zouch) @@ just above
1. William Walker (b 1705)
  m. Mary Cartwright of London
  A. John Walker (b 1754, d 1807, gospeller of Norwich cathedral)
  m1. Hannah Fortye
  i. John Fortye Walker (b 1780)
  m2. Lorina Scott
  ii.+ other issue - Richard (b 1791), 2 sons (d infant), Lorina, Nathaniel, Mary (b 1795)
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard of Oxford, Frances
2.+ other issue (dsp) - Frances, Prudence, Anna Maria

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(1) For Delamore (de la Mare) : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Bainton)
(2) For Bingham of Watnow : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569, Bingham)
(3) For Limbury : TCP (Darcy) with input as reported above
(4) For Nichols : 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 2, 1804, 'Pedigree of Cradock of Leicester', p1149), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Green and Iliffe, of Hinckley', p709)
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(6)/(7) For Lydall & Walker : History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811,' Pedigree of Zouch of Haryngworth continued', p780)
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